Why Kids Don’t Like School, Some Thoughts

Why Kids Don’t Like School, Some Thoughts

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Hmm, having this problem with your kids? Why kids don’t like school never has an easy answer does it? Well let’s look at some options that just might be what is happening with your child. 

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Remember those days when going to school was just not what we wanted to do? And our parents would most likely say, no choice here, go get ready. I think there are so many reasons why kids don’t like school. 

For one, I think our educational system does not teach, but rather trains. And does not show how we can learn to think. Also so many of us learn differently than the simple look at the black board approach.

For me as a former teacher, I always got that experiential learning, meaning really hands on, helped kids to integrate and enjoy learning. 

And I felt like it was my mission to really make a change in the lives of the kids that just did not like school.

Because ultimately we all learn in different ways, but when we find the key to that learning that makes sense, we become life long learners. 

kids learning to love learning

And it is truly important to understand why kids don’t like school. Are they having problems academically, or emotionally, or physically?

Do they not feel comfortable at school? Are they feeling vulnerable and insecure? So many reasons why kids don’t like school. 

For those of us whose kids don’t like school, here are some options.

why dont kids like school


As adults, we look back on school as a time that we could’ve made better use of. And also wonder why sometimes we did not like school as kids. And then we wonder why kids don’t like school?

We could’ve made more friends, we could’ve learned more things and we cherish those memories and keep them close to us.

However, it goes without saying that we’ve all had times where we just didn’t want to go to school. We’d throw tantrums, fake being ill or even complain to our parents and make up stories just to avoid going school.

As we grow older and start having our own kids, these same issues that we had with our school experience will appear in our children as well.

They’ll get angry over seemingly nothing, they’ll refuse to do their homework or even go to school and they might even lie to you just to avoid heading to classes.

kids not liking school

Learning why kids don’t like school will help to make this experience so much easier for both parents and children. 

We’ve put together a couple of great pieces of advice to help you get a better understanding of why your children are acting like this.  And why they do not like school.

why dont kids like school

Get to the Bottom of the Situation

There are plenty of potential reasons for why your child refuses to go to school and it’s important to get to the bottom of the situation.

For instance, your child might be experiencing bullying in school. If you feel like that’s the case, then take a look at this post from Parents.com to learn more about how you can teach your child to deal with bullies.

This is, admittedly, one of the better reasons for your child refusing to go to school because there is a clear problem and potential solutions.

Things get more complicated when we consider the possibility of there being mental health issues.

meditation in motion for children? This might be the perfect time to introduce meditation for focus, clarity and mental ease. Have your thought of trying

Did You Know? 

There is a condition known as school refusal where children will refuse to go to school due to emotional distress. This is entirely different from regular truancy where children refuse to go to school because they would rather do something else such as play sports or video games.

If you feel like this might be the case for your child, visit CompassHealthCenter.net today for more information on the behavior and how you could help your children deal with their fears.

The condition affects around 25% of all children so it is surprisingly common. It typically happens between the ages of 5 to 6 and can happen again between the ages of 10 and 11.

how to get kids to like school

Make School More Fun For Your Child

If you feel like your children are refusing to go to school because they would prefer to be at home playing games, then make sure their “sick days” aren’t full of fun and games.

Knowing whether or not they are really sick (or even if you’re not sure) then make sure they stay in bed for most of the day or do a bit of catch-up studying at home instead of playing games.

They’re healthy enough to sit in front of a screen, then there’s healthy enough to go to school!

Try and convince your child that school can be more enjoyable.

Teach them the joys of learning. And make fun activities revolve around study and education instead of pure fun and games such as a video games console. This will help your child associate learning with enjoyment.

how to get to like school


Why kids don’t like school is a tricky subject that we as parents often have to address. And getting to the bottom of the dilemma is a search.

We have to be able to determine if there are mental health problems, physical problems or learning dilemmas. There are many services at school that can help the kids that don’t like school.

Take some time and speak to the child psychologist and the school counselor as well as the child’s teacher to ask for their observations. Having this information could be really useful . 

And of course  you also have at your disposal the options to call a team meeting that would help pin point all that might be occurring at school.

If there is a dilemma you will then have the option with the team to write an individualized education program (IEP). Coming together to do this means the team has a plan to follow through with and will report back to you with results. 

Do use your school as the resource that it is. They want your child to do well also. No one wants to hear that kids don’t like school . So know there are many options to figure it all out, without feeling like you are pulling out your hair. 


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