Where To Turn For The Healthiest Inspiration

Where To Turn For The Healthiest Inspiration

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 Where do we get our inspiration from? And how do we insure that it keeps us healthy and vibrant? As we go through this process of our daily life, there comes a moment when we wonder is this all there is?

And that is the moment that we are ready to expand our world and be truly inspired and inspirational.

I know that I have many sources for inspiration. Community, friends, my work,my family, and also nature. That is to me the best inspiration.

When I am writing, I also get to look out at my mountains which provide me with such a sense of well being and huge doses of inspiration.

Have you noticed that no matter what. the mountains always stay standing? Isn’t that just so amazing? And to me that is great metaphor for how we can live also. After all, we might be having to deal with challenges, but that does not mean we are no longer standing, yes?

What are your sources of being inspired?  Here are some ideas on where to turn for the healthiest inspiration.

Do let me know what you think about these ideas.

And I would really like to hear what your favorite ways to get inspired are too!

This is a contributed affiliate post. That means there will be links to other products. Will not cost you one extra penny. And it also means that Ariel did not write this entire post.

We all need a little inspiration in our lives every now and then. This inspiration can keep us going as we make our way on the journey to become the best selves we can be.

By being our best, we will end up very healthy and fit, and this will increase our chances of being able to live a long and healthy life.

However, inspiration isn’t something that comes all that easily. In fact, if you are all out of inspiration, and don’t know where to turn for some new sources, then you will find your motivation could wane and you might end up falling into some unhealthy habits.


So, think your life could do with an injection of inspiration? Here are the best places to turn.


Health Professionals

Of course, some of the best people to turn to when you need a little help and motivation are the health professionals who you regularly see.

These will include the doctors and nurses at your local surgery. If you have a long-term condition, then you will probably have a specialist who is assigned to you.

These health experts will be able to give you plenty of tips and advice to help you get even healthier and more fit!

Fitness Blogs

There are lots of great blogs out there, such as the Feed Your Mind, that have a focus on health and fitness.

These are packed full of articles on how you can improve your own physical and mental well-being, and how you can extend this wellness into the professional workplace.

One of my favorite blogs is Tiny Buddha.com and also there are so many on mindfulness. So take a moment and look around the net. There are amazing stories out there to inspire and prod us on our journey.

You’ll also find lots of blog posts about empowerment and self-confidence as well.


Inspiring Role Models

There are lots of people out there who have done something truly amazing against all the odds.

For example, lots of people have trained for marathons and half marathons even when they have been quite ill just so that they can raise as much money for a charity as possible.

There are lots of other stories of inspirational people who have battled illnesses or jumped over huge hurdles to set up their own businesses.

These inspirational stories of role models should be enough to inspire you. If they can get out there and become their best then so should you!

As a member of my community at Wealthy Affiliate, I cannot tell you how many times people have really been incredible role models.For how to interact, how to build relationships and how to be so compassionate.

So do find yourself a place to be that truly brings you great inspiration. It changes lives.

Friends And Family

Are there any people who are more motivational than your nearest and dearest?

Our friends and family know us better than anyone else out there. They will certainly know how to cheer you up and help you push yourself to the next level.

And to me there is nothing better than a family dinner to laugh and be together and create yet more wonderful memories. So arrange a meal with friends or family or a new group and see what joy comes forward.

And be bold, find others that have similar interests and start a potluck get together once a month. It is amazing what comes from these kinds of sharing times.

Plus, they will always be there as a shoulder to cry on or there for a chat whenever you need some advice. There’s definitely no better inspiration than that which we can get from all our lovely friends and family!


If you have been feeling a bit down lately or feeling like there isn’t much point trying to stretch yourself, turn to some of the absolutely fantastic sources above. You’ll find some great inspiration, that’s certainly for sure. Good luck!


As we travel through this process we call life, there are so many ways to engage in healthy inspiration.And I think this is truly vital. When we are inspired we not only change our life, but also those around us. So exponentially we are truly making exceptional changes.

The tips offered in this post are simple to implement and can change your world. For instance finding ways to participate in volunteer work, or join a group that is inspiring us to do more with our lives.

In this world, we get to choose how we want to live our lives. We can just go through the motions, or we can truly be the change we are seeking. So the choice is always up to us.

Get out of our comfort zone, and thrive in vibrancy or just stay stuck. And honestly, I can tell you that my journey has indeed proved that being stuck is not the way to live.

And since we have every kind of information right at our fingertips through our devices, there is really no reason to not be part of something inspiring. Even if we do arm chair inspiration. That is truly worthy. Who knows what impact we might have on someone else’s life?

Just a simple word of encouragement can make the next person give that some gift to another. And then exponentially we are changing the world, one heart at a time.

So perfectly simple and inspiring yes?

I wish you great adventure, and amazing ways of inspiration. Create this life as you want it to be. You are the CEO of your world, your life. How do you really want it to be?

The choice is in our hands, isn’t it?

Do please let me know what inspires you and drives you to great heights and love for life.

In peace and gratitude,

founder, CEO, success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time!

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  1. Dear Ariel,


    You are correct when you said “There are lots of other stories of inspirational people who have battled illnesses or jumped over huge hurdles to set up their own businesses.” Of course you are one among them Ariel… You battled your illness and came with flying colors winning it. You inspire and motivate me. Keep up the good work!

    Your Friend,

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