When I feel Good Myself

When I feel Good Myself

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For me knowing that when I feel good myself, my world just seems to flow easier. Is that true for you? So what do we need to do to stay in that space of feeling good? Here are some thoughts and options. Would really like to hear what you think. 

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We get to a point in our lives where we can feel that is enough is enough. It may be that you feel zapped of energy, you feel bloated and lethargic, negative and  less confident. It is all there to make you feel less than adequate. However, you can change the way you feel and start to feel good about yourselfwhen I feel good myself






You May Change your diet

One of the first things you can consider doing is changing your diet. This is when you consider a more balanced diet, ensuring that you eat the full range of the food groups. What you put into your body is ultimately what you get out of it.

Furthermore, a complete diet change could be on the cards if you feel it will help. People often turn to vegetarianism or even things like a vegan diet which is completely plant based.

There are many things you can consider doing with your diet, and changing it can see you witness improvement to your energy levels, to your skin condition and even the quality of sleep you get.

I have said this before, but i am truly a huge proponent of we are what we eat. I know for me as I developed auto immune problems, that it was going to be food that would make the changes. And within just a short period of time, I was in less pain . And feeling so much more energetic and alive. 

That example alone convinced me to be really diligent about what I choose to eat. Because I don’t know about you, but I want to feel good. 

Give up alcohol

feel good myself

Alcohol is one of those things that many people enjoy when socializing or relaxing in their home. A small glass of wine here, a bottle of beer there, it can all seem harmless.

While there is nothing wrong with indulging in a few alcoholic beverages here and there, you may find that if it becomes more regular or you feel that you can’t go a day without enjoying a drink, then sober living could be the way forward.

You may start to see mega improvements with your health and lifestyle just by making this simple change.

Start exercising more

walking to feel good myself

Exercising is a great way to ensure that you feel good about yourself. After all, by taking the exercise you get a sudden rush of endorphins which gives you that triumphant and happy feeling.

However, if you are new to exercising on a regular basis then you may find that this is when things can feel difficult and you are less inclined to feel motivated to do it. Start off small, by just making the decision to be a little more active.

This might mean walking somewhere or joining a gym perhaps.

For me, walking is my go to comfort. I do at least 2-3 walks per day. It relaxes my body and I also feel stronger and more capable. And the best part, is that it clears my head. Does that happen for you? 

Also trying tai chi can make a huge difference too to when I feel good myself.

tai chi to feel good myself

Focus on your mindset

Finally, focus on your mindset. This is the biggest tool you have and the mind is powerful. It can hinder your chances of doing anything such as changing your lifestyle or exercising due to a negative thought process.

Work on your mind by focusing on positive thinking and feeling grateful for all the things you have going well in your life. It can make a huge difference to how you feel and can even be the one change that has the most impact. To feel good myself I know that I have to focus on gratitude.

And realize  we are not our thoughts. They are just what pop around in our periphery. We do not have to give them credence or time. When we are in our thoughts we are not living in our hearts. And for real change to come we have to switch gears and conscious awareness. 

Here are some options to help change our thinking. 

I hope that these tips help you to start feeling good about yourself.

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As we go through this thing called life, we are made aware of what things are going to be needing more attention and change. When we decide we need change, many times it may be our diet, our need for exercise or changing our mindset. So knowing that we can make these changes will impact when I feel good myself.

When we feel good about ourselves, incredible changes happen. We feel more vibrant, alive and ready to truly fall in love with our lives.


In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO, success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time

10 thoughts on “When I feel Good Myself

  1. Lovely post, Ariel,
    Theone I liked most was my mindset – this is where it all begins – for sure!
    If you feel good about yourself from the inside, then it will show on the outside.
    Of course, it is a combination of things – diet, exercise, all the things you mentioned – it a full-package deal.
    Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    1. Hello Michelle, it is always so lovely to have you pop by. Thank you! I agree, it is our mindset. And it is up to us to make all the changes we need, yes? In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. What good and sound advice, Ariel, I couldn’t agree more. Personally my way of feeling better is through writing – blogging for me (and that’s how I came across your website) is my way to ‘voice out’ my happiness, it’s a different way from the daily talk I do at work when it is business related.
    I would like to spend a few words on your suggestions to change your diet or reduce alcohol intake. Many people of object to your ideas. I happen to agree. When you mention diet, it doesn’t have to be a diet aimed to loosing weight, but simply a detoxing diet which will make you feel better and more energetic. Likewise with drink – sometimes switching from alcoholic or fizzy drinks to simple water, and reducing the intake of caffeine is easier than we fear.
    Thank you ever so much for your suggestions, Ariel, I am sure they will inspire many.

    1. hello Giulia, so happy to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. I hear you about writing, it works for me too.Thank you for your suggestions. Great idea. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. With the summer around the corner here in New York, this post has to get in the hands by most of my friends and co-workers here, including me.

    You describe the steps in the right format that we should take, eating right and changing our diet can do wonders for our well being. This will get us ready for the next step you mention, the one that is so hard to begin, EXERCISE. Most people need the drive to go to the gym that is the reason I love the position you placed it.

    For me, I started with the brisk walking to get me ready for the gym, this best work for me, and I glad that you included it here. Would love a little more on what they focus on Tai Chi? Is it the same as yoga? thank you for sharing this article.

    1. Hello David, wow so glad you liked this post. Great idea to start with a brisk walk. There is a post i did on Tai chi on my site. I wish you great joy and endorphin rush. Thanks so much for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the detailed post and very helpful. The information on doing exercise is great “Exercising is a great way to ensure that you feel good about yourself. After all, by taking the exercise you get a sudden rush of endorphins which gives you that triumphant and happy feeling.” Thanks for sharing!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, so true about the endorphins. hope you are living in great endorphin space. Thanks for being here. in peace and gratitude,ariel

  5. As we get older the points you covered here are very vital in helping us to feel good about ourselves. A long time ago I pretty much gave up alcohol, with the occasional exception of a bottle of beer. Regular exercise and a a new mindset focus help us to feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves our lives are so much more enriched and fruitful. One good feelings are contagious so by our attitude we can help others by letting them see the joy overflowing from our lives.

    1. Hello Craig, I so agree. REgular exercise keeps my body working so much better.And I feel better, too. do you? Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude,ariel

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