What’s Your Toothache Remedy?

What’s Your Toothache Remedy?

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Ouch toothache pain, it can be truly debilitating and painful. So how you do you handle it? Do you have natural remedies that work for you? Do you take care of it, or ignore it? And how do you deal with the pain?

The other part of having to deal with toothpain also means that we are possibly going to need to see a dentist. And so many of us do not look forward to that experience. Does that stop us from getting it taken care of?

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So, you’re about to drink a warm cup of matcha tea, but as soon as the hot liquid hits your mouth, you feel a sharp pain in your teeth.

You try to ignore it, and orientate the liquid as best as you can towards the teeth that don’t seem to hurt. Ultimately, it feels as if you were avoiding one side of your mouth, hoping for the pain to go away.

But throughout the day, when you least expect it, it manifests itself again to you, when you have lunch when you take a piece of gum, and even as you grind your teeth during a meeting at work.

Ultimately, toothache is never fun. While most cases disappear as easily as they’ve come within a few hours’ time, sometimes the pain lingers for days. How do you best deal with a toothache is not just a nice thing to know. It can become a life-changing skill when you’re in excruciating pain.

How to deal with a toothache?

I use what I find in the kitchen

A lot of people prefer to use herbal remedies, as Mother Nature is known to have the best and least harmful healing methods.

All over the world there are natural remedies that people use, from pieces of tree bark to chew on to clove oil, and coconut oil. 

  1. did you know you could cut off a piece of potato and place it on your sore tooth for 15 minutes?
  2. wheat grass is an excellent mouthwash to get rid of toxins
  3. Asafoetida grounded in lemon juice cures dental ache.
  4. chewing guava leaves
  5. Put a pinch of pepper and 1/4 tsp of common salt on toothaches.
  6. chewing raw onion for 10 minutes (just don’t kiss anyone lol)
  7. Lime prevents tooth decay

So, naturally, if you don’t like the idea of popping a pill to get rid of the pain, you might want to find relief in plants that are available in your everyday home.

Using an ice pack for topical application on the cheek to ease the pain can help you throughout the day. Some like to apply clove oil for their teeth. This article, https://www.livestrong.com/, explains how to use clove oil to calm the pain related to nerve decay in a tooth.

While this is a useful method to sooth immediate pain, it shouldn’t be used for an extended period of time.

I have also heard that coconut oil swished in your mouth for 20 minutes a day prevents tooth decay and promotes tooth health. Have you heard that also?

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I trust an expert

If you’ve been in pain for a few days, you need to get in touch with a professional. There is a variety of reasons for a toothache, from bacterial infection to a broken tooth.

An infection, for instance, can lie in your tooth, jawbone or even gum and while herbal treatment can soothe the pain, it needs to be treated rapidly before it spreads.

A dentist, such as http://howardsilverdds.com/, can help you to get rid of the underlying cause of your ache. Ultimately, healthy teeth shouldn’t cause you any pain. So you don’t need to wait for the pain to go away to see your dentist!

Book a appointment with your dentist

I try to ignore it until it goes away!

If you’re one of these people who try to withhold pain while hoping it will go away, here’s a sad truth in life: Your problems don’t disappear just because you pretend they’re not there.

Are you like me that sometimes it is mind over matter? Well if so, there are certain things that do indeed still need to be attended too, yes? 

If your toothache is the result of a cavity, chances are it will not fill itself up without medical attention. Similarly, an exposed nerve will not heal without the appropriate treatment.

Ultimately, while the body has an ability to self-heal, it can’t fix damaged teeth or safely get rid of an infection without help. Ignoring the issue puts you at risk of losing your tooth.

So do yourself a favor and take care of your teeth. They are the only ones we have! And even if it is a problem to get help, find ways to get it anyway. There are always free clinics and teaching dental schools that will give you subsidized care. Don’t let not having the money to seek treatment stop you. 

The bottom line is that, while herbal remedies can be a great help, you need to get medical attention for your toothache. A checkup could save your teeth in the long term.


There are so many natural remedies that are being used all around the world. And many of these do indeed work. The question we need to always ask ourselves is what do we need to heal this tooth. 

And the question is not always an easy one to answer. It might be a case of being able to afford seeing a dentist or just not wanting to go.

Whatever the reason, our teeth are not replaceable so whatever it takes to keep them in our mouth and healthy is probably the best way to go forward. 

And we all just want beautiful healthy smiles, yes? 

So from whatever country you are in, what is your remedy for toothache? And how does it work for you?
I would really like to hear your thoughts. 

In peace and gratitude,

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  1. Dear Ariel,

    In my country (India) there is a saying “If we lose our teeth we will lose our words”. It very important to pay our attention and the best thing is there are lot of natural remedies. Thanks for the post.

    Your Friend,

    1. REally? What a great saying! I like that. We do indeed have to pay close attention to all parts of our health. thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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