What is Your Soul’s Purpose?

What is Your Soul’s Purpose?

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what is your soul's purpose

What is your soul’s purpose? LOVE IS OUR SOUL’S PURPOSE

Whenever I hear that sentence, love is our soul purpose, it brings me clarity and focus. And honestly, it just fills me up. Does it do that for you too? What is your soul’s purpose? 

I mean here we are living in a disenfranchised world, and yet I know now more than ever, living in loving ways is always the answer.

Did you ever have a moment when that becomes so clear? When we really get our soul’s purpose

I did the other day.

what is your soul's purpose

Last Saturday I was feeling in need of connection. I am going through a relapse of my autoimmune and neurological stuff. And have ended up back in my wheelchair.

And its been an unexpected sense of a bit of heartbreak.

Not a happy camper about it. I worked so hard to teach myself how to walk again. I just did not expect a flare up. But such is the nature of living with chronic illness. And each day I am getting more comfortable with the idea of good days and days that are not as good.

And its on me how I want to live it..,yes?

I am not defined by whether or not I am a wheelchair user.

And I just have to learn that again too.

what is your soul's purpose

So back to last Saturday. I felt pushed to just get outside. And what a beautiful day. I had no agenda or plan of what to do.

So, I took off tootling around town and finally ended up unexpectedly at a free outdoor arts and music festival.

Wow, how very cool.

I found myself a place to park where I was inconspicuous and in the shade. (Notice key word inconspicuous?)

To my surprise this man in a lovely straw hat pulled up alongside me and parked his wheelchair.

In my head I was wryly giggling, oh welcome to “crip “ corner!

He looked at me and shared this huge encompassing smile. His blue twinkling eyes literally grabbing my full attention and heart. He just drew me in.

And so began my lesson in simple loving compassionate ways.

what is your soul's purpose

We spent the next two hours talking. We talked living with dis-ease and spirituality.

And were busy watching people dancing to the north African fusion music. Really amazing.  I could feel my self responding at the cellular level.

You know how music just take us to places of such lofty vision and comfort?

He leaned over to me and said, “its so weird. I so want to dance. And when I think about it, I am dancing. I remember exactly what it felt like.  And I don’t feel like I can’t dance anymore. I am no longer confined by this body.”

And I said, I get it.

what is your soul's purpose

He closed his eyes for a moment and I could see him dancing in his head.

So I looked at the crowd dancing and said to him, why not dance now?

what is your soul's purpose

And he looked at me, looked at the crowd and hit his speed stick and off he went. He just jumped into the crowd of dancers.

I watched him dancing in his wheelchair. Sheer exuberance and abandonment. Completely in the moment. He just radiated.  And I could feel his joy.  And thrilled that I could watch joy in action.

Realizing that I was just being the observer , I thought, why not join him?

what is your soul's purpose

So I gave up my perceived need to be inconspicuous and traded it for sheer joy-abandonment.

(As an aside, did you know that there are competitive wheelchair ballroom dancers?)

I too danced with him, but mostly with myself. I took his cue and dived into the gloriousness of the moment.

I loved the feel of the wind and the beat of the  percussion instruments bouncing energetically off my body.

You know how when you really “feel” the music? We become the music?  It fills up huge spaces and there is nothing else but the music ? Yeah. That was this moment.

And my body just moved in ways that were so healing and fun.

I did not care how I looked, or who was watching me. I just was.

We did circles and be bopped in our chairs And it was glorious fun.

He had this gift. A very extraordinary gift . He lived fully and surrendered in the moment.

So very present. And he savored it as if it was the elixir we were all looking for. His passion just lighting his way.

He was totally aglow. And vibrating this energy of pure love.

And he offered me the permission to share that compassion-love.

I felt completely embraced and loved.

Is that what I can only call Universal love of the present?

As we were dancing, the words came to me:

Love is the soul’s mission.


That is the magic potion.

What is your soul’s purpose? 

And life is so simple when we just live in loving compassion.

This man showered me with his so strong and giving present of joy of life and love. His blue eyes just radiated such goodness.

I wondered if he was an ascended master. Here to ensure we get that love is all there is.

Being in his presence was captivating and heart opening. Contagious and gorgeously uplifting.

what is your soul's purpose

I really felt like I was in this magic bubble of divine love.

And I will probably never see this man again. But the gift that he gave was huge. Showing me this loving path of inclusion, possibility and sheer abandonment to the present moment.

For me, when I live in a wheelchair it does feel confining. The idea of living far beyond the physical is truly knowing, we are spiritual beings just having a physical experience.

And love is very much the soul’s purpose.

I am so grateful to this perfect stranger.

In those moments he, we, illuminated the goodness of all that can be.

We changed the vibrational energetics to flowing love and acceptance of what is. We made those around us comfortable seeing people in wheelchairs live joy. Without construct or label or categories or disabled illness.

Life is so simple when we live it in connection and love.

That is all there is, yes?

Why then do we make it more difficult?

So I am asking, please live this moment. Live it in love.  Shine your own gorgeous light.

It not only changes you, it changes everyone around you.

what is our soul's purpose

And isn’t that love our soul’s purpose?

Do you know what your soul’s purpose is? 

Light the path, its so worth it!

What do you think?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO Success-full-living.com

living one heart- centric moment at a time

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