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what is your legend
In the book The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, Paulo Coehlo explores the concept of what is your legend.  As the main character, Santiago travels through desert and mountains to find his legend.

He encounters his heart at every step of the way. Until finally he realizes his personal legend, his story, his being, is tied to his search for mystery.

And then he is shown that the mystery is his own heart. How many of us take the time to realize we are chasing something illusory? That all along our metaphorical backyard is truly deep inside of us. So what is your legend?

How much of our lives is spent chasing shiny lights, only to not feel a sense of fulfillment? If I do this, then this will happen, kind of two-step dance.

The older I get, the more I am realizing the simplicity of that question. Indeed, it is so beautifully simple. The adage of all we need is in our backyard is the ironic cliche of truth. How often have we heard that cliche and totally disregarded it?

Except that it is not in the backyard, it is deep inside our hearts. It is the beating heart of our own symphony. It is the love we choose to share and live. It is the beauty of being.

The idea of having our own legend is not egocentric. It is heart- centric. Each moment is a gift of feeling simple love and connection.

our own legend of our heart

For instance, this morning I looked out into the winter scene and instead of thinking how cold it is, I was awed by the beauty of how the light played on the bare tree limbs.

And I felt that shift of joy, that choice to see the beauty.

So here is a meditation to help us to be in that place of feeling our connection to your own legacy.

MEDITATION for what is your legend?

Looking for our own legend means that we are willing to open the channels of listening to the heartbeat of our soul. It is the place where truth is the ruler, and heart is the guide.

Let’s try this meditation to acknowledge our own truth, and legend.

Please do get yourself into a comfortable position. If you are comfortable in a sitting position on the floor or sitting in a chair. It does not matter.

Just be comfortable. So you can focus on this process.

Take three breaths to cleanse your body. And slowly exhale on each breath.

When you are ready, fold your hands in your lap.

Now, take one more breath, and visualize this next breath going deep into your heart.
See the breath enter your heart. Feel it in your heart. Notice the sensations. How does it feel? Warm? cool? comfortable? Does it have color?

As our breath is traveling deep inside our hearts, feel a sense of opening and expansive growing.
In this space of expansiveness there is a great opening, It is our heart merging with the Universe.

This moment is where we enter our own legend.

The legend of living in our own heart.
Take another breath and say:
I am the heart beat of the Universe.
Say this 10 times.

Feel the changes happening in your body.

Visualize how connected we are to the Universe.
Feel your heart beat in unison with the Universe.
“I am one, I am my own Legend.
I am the love and the heart beat of the Universe.

I am my own Legend, for I walk in love.”

Let me know how this works for you.
I have found just saying these words takes me to heights and inner joy that I am so grateful to experience.

choosing our legend


Legend has been defined in many ways. How do you define it? “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist .

The question is are we willing to live our own legend?

Scott Dinsmore of Live your Legend, was very young when he realized that Life was not just following and creating wealth. But instead it was about creating your own legacy of legend.

So he began the site Live your Legend. And although he sadly died young. He did more in his young life that most do an entire life. He lived life with zeal and zest.

And he advocated community at the center of success. He believed that when we could inspire each other to find our passion and connect, we were changing the world as well as changing ourselves.






Dinsmore found out that those that are inspired found these 3 things in common:

1. Become a self expert and do self discovery. Embrace who you are and become a self experimenter. What do we like, what do we do best. Use your own compass, what is driving you and most important. What are your natural strengths.

The more time we spend on our strengths the more we grow. Values, strengths, experiences. What has inspired you. Write down what inspires you. Once you write down all the ideas then you can put together and see the path more clearly. You can grow your life and legacy. Defining your own success comes when you know your own strengths.

2. Do the impossible. Make progress. Do simple things, like lose weight. Knowing you can do this, you can then create things that you thought was not possible. Give ourselves a chance to show what we are capable of. When you start small and then build you will be amazed that we can do things we did not think we were capable of.
3. Surround yourself with inspiring and passionate people. If you are around people who are high performers it changes the way you show up for yourself.

So what is your legend? What do you want from the moment, this life?


7 STEPS TO DISCOVERY of Living Your Legend

1. The courage to listen to your own inner voice

2. Taking time to sit with yourself

3. Learning how to be in the present

4. No attachment to outcomes

5. Experiencing from a place of love

6. Determining how YOU inspire Yourself

7. Discovering the soul of the world is you

heart and soul of the world


1. Create Community of like-minded people who support your Purpose
2. Seek out new experiences

3. Be of service

4. Make Change happen starting from within

5. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and into your Heart-centric place

pushing yourself out of comfort zone


Creating our own legacy and legend is truly having the courage to know who we are. It is the step by step walk to inner growth and understanding. And we all know how it feels to be around inspiring people. It lifts us up within seconds.

We can be that person to ourselves and others. When we are willing and knowing, we can make this happen.

And how inspiring is it to know we are that person?

So let’s do this. Let’s live our legend.

Forge our own path and see how our heart-centric living paves the way for our own growth and those around us.

Are you in? I want to hear how your journey is shaping up. What is exciting you? What did you learn about yourself and your strengths?

I am so happy you stopped by.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder and CEO: success-full-living.com,

living one heart-centric moment at a time!

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  1. The Alchemist is certainly one of the best books ever, period.

    Years ago my girlfriend did teach me how to meditate. At first, it was very hard and I almost dreaded doing it. However, within a couple weeks of doing it, I started to notice that I was much calmer in my daily life. Now, I actually look forward to it.

    Little things that used to bother me didn’t really seem to bother me anymore.

    However, I was reading your article and the part where you talk about ways to enhance your own legend. What are some good ways we can push ourselves out of our comfort zone, though? I mean we don’t want to do something that’s really scary to us and then never do it again. Also, are there any tips you can give us about when we do something out of our comfort zone and things make us feel really uneasy?

    1. Hello Garen, I know, the book is the best metaphor ever for truly finding your own inner truth. How wonderful that you let go of how you felt and instead followed through with meditation. It is hard at first. So how amazing you are that you did not let yourself down. For me it has been my door opener to my heart and the Universal song.
      Great questions about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. It is a hard one to really know. And we can only answer that for ourselves. For me I have found that when I am in a space that is not working, it is up to me to figure it out and make the change. If I do not make the change, that means I am willing to live in the discomfort. And to me, that is not worth it.

      As for tips, I think it comes down to living in your own heart space. Asking your inner truth what it needs and then doing it. If it does feel uneasy that to me is a hint that something else really good is coming. That I am allowing myself to be and hear something new. I wish you well. I look forward to hearing how you deal with expanding your comfort zone. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. So much good in one post! I’m a massive believer in only seeing the good in both things and people because in the end your reaction only affects you. The 7 steps to discovery are particularly insightful and a great, not to mention simple, everyday practice.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hello Jake, Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy you stopped by. And I think you are right, it is about what we can do in our daily practice to enhance our world in ways that are so beautiful and good. I do hope to chat with you again soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Thanks for Great Article. I always believe in the fact that I am not the body I am a soul. Listing to our own voice and not becoming judgemental is the key. It is important to spend some time with nature and listen to our inner voice and enjoy it.

    1. Hello Arun, I am so happy to meet you. Thank you for stopping by. You are so right it is about listening to our own voice and knowing we are not the body. I wish you great joy in your journey. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi, thanks for your article. I realized largely that you should be in harmony with your inner self and know what your motives are. Many people do not reflect o. What they really want, who they are and what their destiny is.

    I’m a Christian and believe that finding our peace with ourselves comes also if we find peace with God. And he gives us the strength to find our destiny.


    1. Hello Oscar, I hear you. And I think that is so true, when we find the peace within, everything else just flows. Thank you so much for stopping by. I wish you joy and peace. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. These 7 Steps to discovery of my legend are quite reassuring. In fact, I practice some of them, and others I need to work on. I surely need to listen to my inner voice more. So many times I don’t and then have regrets. I think I need to try deep meditation. Do you think this will help me with my concern?

    1. Hello Carol, It is amazing how we have been taught NOT to listen to our inner voice. But when we do, amazing things happen. And you are so right, it feels like we have betrayed ourselves when we do not listen. I know that mediation has truly brought me peace and inner direction. So, yes I do think it will help I wish you sweet peace and success with doing this. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. So happy you stopped by. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Hi Ariel,
    For me, what resonates the most today from your article is to stay unattached to outcomes. That can be so sneaky, as the hopes for specific outcomes from my actions creeps into my consciousness.
    That focus robs me of my present mindfulness, puts a future value measurement on what I am doing, and my intentions, and that robs me of peace and joy in the moment. Alternatively, of self-awareness and self-accountability as I take responsibility for my screw-ups.
    Thank you for this.

    1. Hello Annie, wow great comment. Thank you. I so agree when we let go of any expectation that unexpected joys that come are beyond phenomenal. And when I stop the process by having expectations, I am knowing that i lost the gift of the flow. So I agree with you. That focus is one that does indeed rob of us this present of moment. In peace and gratitude,ariel

  7. Great article, Ariel. I enjoyed reading the Alchemist. It is a ‘deep’ book and one that you only grasp when you are ’emotionally-ready’ to embrace its teachings. You know as they say, ‘the teacher comes when the student is ready’. Yes, it is all about the journey and getting there, to smell the roses along the way and to remember the memory – hold the lesson in place.
    Yes, we all have a legend within us and it will unfold once we embrace it.

    1. Hello Michelle, the alchemist is one of my fav books. I love the message and the potential of hope. And yes indeed, I am always so grateful as the teacher steps into my life. And finding our legend is not an outside of us journey , it is the most beautiful inside job ever, yes? As always so happy to have you stop by. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. Ariel,
    Believing in yourself is one of the hardest things to do in life. I like most people beat up on myself more than others.
    I have just started setting some time each day for meditation. I think that involving your 7 steps with my meditation time will help.
    I thinks with daily meditation, I will get a better sense of direction for my daily routine. Do you think this will help with my organization of my day and get things done.

    1. Hello John, thank you so much for stopping by! Yes indeed you are so right, believing in ourselves seems to be at times a steep climb doesn’t it? But when we get to that space of just simple loving, our world just flows so much easier, yes? Do let me know how the meditation works for you please. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  9. Hi Ariel, nice article, I try to be optimistic and positive. For me, I have a favorite verse I think relates here, I can do all things through Christ Jesus, who strengthens me, from Philippians 4:13. This has helped me through good days and bad and to be positive and to find me. At work, they will tell me something is impossible, just to get to me to find a way to make it work. It is pretty rare that something is actually impossible. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Tara, and its also about our choice to see things as challenges or obstacles, isn’t it? So it seems you having that amazing ability. What a gift that is.. And yes optimism and joy is what we are here for and to share it and love more..yes? thank you so much for stopping by! IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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