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Ah, she asks so glibly! What is the meaning of life for you? Take a breath, don’t think. Go deep inside your heart and see what comes to the surface. Anything?

This is hard question. And it baffles most of us. Are we in search for really deep meaning or just ready to put on our ice skates and glide along?

dalai lama on life

The definition of life has so many interpretations. From philosophical to just surviving, from biological to humanistic meaning. This word, Life, carries weight. Tons in fact. Whether we are talking religious interpretations or existentialism, it is a topic that is baffling, isn’t it?

And yet, why is that? Why do we see, or need to define the meaning of life? What is it that we are seeking? Or needing from this thing that we are in a seemingly constant pull and tug space?

So rather than deal with definitions lets deal with how we are living our life. Because that is where we find our true intentions and integrity.

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Our mind is the compilation of all that we have learned. It holds our societal teachings and our perceptions of what we think we should do. It is the vessel of externalized thought and ideas. It allows us to use our thoughts as truths, when actually our thoughts are at times, not even ours.

So when we ask the question about what is the meaning of our life, from our minds, we are apt to get an answer that is superficial and not original. Do you know what I mean?

This is a concept we are not eager to embrace. We are  so used to leaning on our thoughts. But it is our thoughts that take us on a detour rather than the truth. You know the sensation of having a conversation that just keeps bringing up beautiful questions of how we see life? But in reality, it is just an exercise in futility. Or perhaps just toying with our philosophical angle.

I agree that at times just having this discussion with others is tantalizing and sometimes takes us to a territory of lofty thought. But there it is, just lofty thought.


So where do we go to see that which is the true definer or our truth?

And how do we decide what meaning is our truth?

I think it is in the deep inner place of our self.


Our inner self is what was here before our thoughts. It is the true north of our compass. It is the connection to the Universal divinity. It is the flow and ebb of all that we really know. In the depths of inner self, we can see the stillness. Feel the electric charge of life coursing through us. And ask the questions we are so wanting to ask.

It is a journey of courage to this place of inner self. It is the willingness to know that nothing else is real. It is all constructs, contrived for purposes other than truth. The constructs become distractions.

In our inner self, there are no labels, no constructs, no definitions. There is only complete freedom. Expansive areas of expression that needs no language.

This is the space where we truly reside.

Accessing this space allows us to live in our heart and takes us on a journey where the path does not even need to have a path. Externalized expectations have no air here.


Living a heart-centric journey means to me that I am free from societal constraints. I choose therefore to live in a space that flows without expectations. i allow my joy to be my compass and my compassionate grace as the rudder.

And is that easier said than done? Yup! Because we are often confronted with our daily lives and interactions.

I am learning though that letting go also means the willingness to be the giver and the receiver. And do to that without expectations or judgment. And that is what allows me also to live in a space that feels alive.


Here is where we get to some fun. Aliveness vs living is the ultimate challenge I think we face in our daily moments. We are most alive when we are not beholden to that which our thoughts keep bombarding us with.

In fact I am learning that letting go of my thoughts provides me with the joy of being completely present. I do not have to respond to those thoughts.

Whereas living, to me is a heaviness. It is carrying burdens that do not belong to me. It is thinking in ways that are judgmental and limiting. I am choosing not to live in this space.

I can go through my interactions with people in my daily life without taking on what is happening to them. I think that when we make it personal we lose the present of the present moment.  We cannot hear what is being said, and we think we then have to react. When in reality mostly everyone just wants to know they are being heard.

So perhaps when we learn that we are not our thoughts, we free up the space to soak in the aliveness of now. And our purpose become clearer.


It’s interesting that so many of us look for our purpose and significance. We want it defined and handed to us on a platter with our name so boldly emblazoned on it..yes? I know I certainly did.

But here is what I have learned. Purpose is another word for truly seeing the authentic inside of ourselves. It does not need definition. It just is. It is given wings by the love we give it. Not by the thoughts we imbue.

So finding our purpose is a bit of an oxymoron. Because it just comes down to the moment when we realize that just our being here is enough. That is our purpose.

When we know who we are in our purpose, it is easy to be of service. For we are being of service at all moments, when we are living in our own truth.  Purpose is the knowing.

Significance is the labeling that perhaps we truly do not need. We are only significant to ourselves. My significance is not determined by externalized affirmation. It is a notion that we must have significance. We are only who we are. That is what is significant. In our being our true inner self, there in lies our significance. And that idea of being significant is not truly needed.

The aliveness of life to me is in the service. The choice to serve. Not to fix. Not to render judgment. Not to be in belief. Just the pureness of simple service. If we know someone is not doing well, a simple hug, card, phone call to just listen or let them know we are hugging them.

So service is just the ability to give and the accepting to receive. In receiving we are allowing others to see their own beauty.


So how do you see life? What is your meaning? What gives you great joy and vibrancy?

Life is becoming more and more clear to me that the journey is in the letting go. Finding the freedom of not being participatory in all that was yesterday. That my thoughts are not mine. They are just what float through. And I have no need to participate in them. For they are not my truth.

That in this moment as Mooji says, we are in the present of the Presence.   And that gives me a great sense of letting go, joy and ultimate freedom.

Does it for you?

We are now willingly knowing we are divinity. We can then shine our love light to ourselves and others. Making each day a passage of exchange that feeds our inner selves. We are no longer slaves to yesterday or thoughts. Instead we have created an amazing path to aliveness. May we all dance in that joy!

I look forward to your comments. Thank you so much for being here.

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