What is My True Self?

What is My True Self?

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Hmm, what is my true Self?  Is it who my family says I am? Is it who the world thinks I am ? 

true self

Knowing our world is happy to define us at times does not leave much room for self exploration. At some point we realize that hmm., something just doesn’t feel quite right. After all, I think I made all my life decisions based on what someone else thought I should be.

Then we move into the space of the search for true self.  And this journey leads us to amazing places, yes?

When I hear this expression, everything we need is deep inside, I feel a sense of comfort and strength .

So, what is my true self ? What is our own true self?  I think that finding our true self is the essence of living. It is the curriculum of life. It is our job to find that space where we resonate and know that our deepest heart lives.

In reality, it was not always like that.

I think, like many of us, we are on auto pilot much of our life. With all our responsibilities and daily logistics. Barely giving us time to sip a cup of coffee. Do you think that is true?

For me though, as I get older and being less in the daily grind, it gives me more freedom to fully understand the process of self.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not always a fun process. And it probably needed to be more fully explored in my younger self.

It was not a walk in the park or a toss of the hair. Grin. It has been though, a journey of great satisfaction. The idea of self exploration is key to the human struggle.

At some critical point in our lives, we are driven to really go deep inside and have a look around. And yyou know what? It’s not scary at all. But it does take courage.

Argh, it is a process? 

I have a friend that says his true path it to completely understand his own inner true self. He is really good at being courageous and examining the do’s and don’t of his life.

I think that if we decide to make this choice to do this, the steps to loving have to be dealt with also. For in this process of self examination we cannot be less than loving to ourselves,yes?

Because it is what I would call a huge internal cleanse.We might also decide to just view it without any sort of judgment.

When we take on the judgment we lose the value of self truth. For we can no longer see it for its passing through. We end up holding on to it instead.

And one exercise that I found really helpful was what I call looking at the rooms of our house. For instance , which room holds more baggage? The basement or the living room? And in each room what is really needed to hold on too?

Exercise for looking at what we really need to find this lovely space of self 

We can do this two ways. In our imagination or on paper. What ever works best for you. So if you are visualizing keep the images strong. If you are writing it divide the paper into different rooms of the house. Living room. bedroom, kitchen basement. etc.


Let’s start in the basement. Oh no ,that scary dark place that holds way too much stuff! And better known as our root chakra. This is where it gets good. Look around make sure your flashlight is on full mode.

What do you see? Loads of stacked boxes?Piles of miscellaneous unused gadgets? Wow it is almost overwhelming, isn’t it?  Get the metaphor yet? LOL.

So imagine  we have a huge garbage truck at our disposal. What will we get rid of? What will we keep? Will we keep that old album of a marriage that no longer exists? With its cobwebs of unresolved issues?

Will we keep that bag of clothes we have not worn in ten years because it reminds us of another time? And yet that time was not really so perfect was it?

When you have finally gone through all the rooms in your metaphorical emotional and physical house and body, look at all the things we are willing to dispose of. Whew1 Great job yes? We feel so much lighter yes?

And the reality is that we know we carry around so much that is just holding us back. So let’s move into the concept that we can forgive and move on. We did the best we could at the time. With the information we had at the time.

Now perhaps we have more wisdom. And using this wisdom we can turn true north into the heart of our own beautiful  true self.

We are not our minds. We are not our thoughts. WE are love and divinity.


Mine started with my meditation process.  It taught me to open up to both the Universal laws of thought and my own inner vastness. Eckhart Tolle refers to it as “Inner Spaciousness.”

I really love that term, as it feels like that. When we go deep inside there is such a vastness, the containers or walls are no longer there.

You know the expression everything that is outside is inside? That is what it feels like .

There is this huge universe inside of us just waiting for us to ask for the navigation tools.true self

When we tap into it, we can actually feel the flow.

Have you felt that before?

On some levels it is comparable to the ease of floating on a raft. You know you don’t have to control or steer it. That the water will guide you.

Getting to a place of allowing the flow to be the guide is a bit of a challenge at times. After all…I don’t know about you, but don’t I need to have control??? Argh!


Nope, in fact I think the beauty of living a life that is true to you, is completely letting go.  Whew, that is really living in faith.  Sounds great, let go, let flow. Sounds also way to easy, after all, we love complicated…grin.

But complicated is not flow. If I choose fully to be in my true inner flow I can feel the difference. It feels so easy. It is almost a shock to the system. No longer holding on to containers that do not suit me or thoughts that hold me back.

And I am sure you have experienced this dear reader?

That moment when everything is so clear, in focus, colorful and easy. Its a joy to be there. Its not always easy though to stay there.


I know when my heart’s intention speaks to my deep inner universe I am connected to my own divinity. And therefore everything that is deep within, my own courage, creativity, strength and loving compassion.

There is nothing I cannot accomplish. For, there is only peace, joy and love for myself and my outer world. And this space is such inner spaciousness that once there, well its better than being at the beach!

Are you thinking you might be ready for this new journey? Letting go and letting flow? true self flow

How do you get to this deep place of connection to yourself?

Would love to hear about it. Please comment below. I will respond.

Oh and if anyone ever says to you may I be honest with you? Just say no. It is their opinion. It has nothing to do with you. Ok? Deal!

Wishing you great flow this lovely new moment.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder of success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at a time!

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