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meditation in motion

Since I have begun walking again, I never seem to tire of seeing my feet just go one in front of the other. Something maybe, most of us take for granted. For me, it is an exercise in gratitude. Each time I walk I feel like my body goes to a very special place. So when a friend of mine brought up the term meditation in motion, it clicked for me.

At any moment in our daily lives we are meditation in motion. It is the ability to be in motion while in complete alliance with the Universe. Do you know what I mean?

For instance, have you ever found that just being in nature, you are in a much different contemplative state of heart? So aware of the present and our surroundings? That is an entry point to high awareness and a state of meditation. We are pulled into the universal peace.

Even in a more inorganic state, such as walking a treadmill, we can be in a meditative state. In fact, I just found myself in that place. I was walking the treadmill, (because it is too cold outside this morning) and after a few minutes, I realized I was in this space of expanding consciousness.

I felt my entire body relax. And a mantra started echoing in my head. I felt the colors change and a glow started to surround my body and grew to include the entire room.

walking meditation

I felt so much lighter and a sweet sweet sense of over all peace.I knew that somehow this motion was providing me with a moment to walk into pure consciousness. Have you experienced this?


Any time we are in motion, except for possibly driving, grin, the idea of being completely aware of our breath is one way to unite the physical and the soul. When we do this, we find ourselves in a place of peace and ease. Everything that we have been holding on to is let go. If you are walking your pet, be aware of your breath. Find yourself letting go of any thoughts. Visualize peace. Visualize calm.


1. Exercise, meditation in motion is another form of healthy exercise

2. Lettting go, when we are in a meditative state we let go of attachments, constructs, perceptions and expectations

3. Less stressbeing in a meditative place that is soothing and peaceful dissolves stress

4.Lowering blood pressure, in this state it is allowing your mind to be at rest thereby lowering blood pressure

5. A general sense of calm and well being, the most wonderful state, yes?

For more information about meditation and how it can change your life, please click here. Today is the day to see how your world can be one of peace, contentment and joy. Just click here for more information. 

WALKING THE LABYRINTH, Here is how it works

Walking the Labyrinth is an ancient ritual. It is not known exactly where it was started. But all cultures have some form of  walking this contemplative labyrinth.I have had the experience of doing this. Have you?

It is incredibly soothing and peaceful. It takes you deep inside to a place that is very loving. As we take each step it is very intentional. We walk in calm and peace. That truly sets the tone.

And then the more that we walk this ancient design, the more connected we feel to inner truth. It becomes a very spiritual experience, that defies words.

Please do watch this video. It talks about the process of walking a labyrinth. Have you ever done this before? If not,  do try it. It is amazing how contemplative and peaceful the experience is.


Whenever we are in motion we have the capacity to become very aware and conscious of each movement. Many times during our day we are so rushed and hurried that we are not even sure of how we got from one point to another. I know we all  know that feeling!

mindfulness and meditation in motion

Making a very conscious choice to be aware of our movement is indeed another way to promote our own sense of calm and peace.

Decide what form of motion you are going to choose.

Walking is my choice.

Start the motion, and take some deep breaths

As you find yourself getting into the motion, feel the lulling of the constant consistent  motion.

Feel it as it becomes automatic, yet still be aware.

Allow yourself to let your body take over and your mind to let go.


Say: I move in peace, I move in love, I move in joy, I move in gratitude

Just keep saying it over and over until it starts to becomes no longer an effort.

Feel the change in the vibrational energy.

Feel the lighter effect of your body.

Feel the tenseness in your muscles loosen.

You might even start to feel and see colors that are radiating.

At this point, you are in an altered state of high awareness and peace.

Everything will feel peaceful and possible.

When you are ready to end the motion, thank the Universe.

Take three breaths and stop moving.

meditation in motion

How did it feel to do this meditation?

Do you think you might consider doing this as a daily/weekly practice?


Choosing to be in the space of meditation in motion is another form of meditating. It has the same benefits of meditating with the added bonus of movement. There are many forms that  can be used, such as walking, running and the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth.

The idea behind this practice is the awareness of movement as meditation. It brings calm, peace, lowers stress and lowers blood pressure. Probably the most important take away is stepping into the awareness of the movement in a way that connects us to our inner truth of peace. And brings us into this very moment of being present.

Each step we take into the motion brings us that much closer to our space understanding how we are connected to the Universe and our own divinity.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. And that you will share your experience if you try your own meditation of movement. I look forward to hearing from you!

Oh and if you want to do what I am doing, writing for a living and loving every moment. Do join me!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, Success-full-living.com, one heart-centric moment at a time!


  1. Even though I never heard of mediating in motion or thought that it was even possible, I realized that I have done it in the past without intending to. I thought my mind was just drifting off, but now I know that I was actually meditating! Also, UFO crop circles could actually be walking labyrinth instead!

    1. Hello Rachel, Isn’t that so amazing that we had done it without even knowing it? And how restorative it is to the soul. That is a thought that crop circles could have been labyrinths. I love that! So happy you stopped by. I look forward to chatting again soon. In peace and gratitude,ariel

  2. Ooh, I love this! I thought I had never experienced walking meditation but reading your description, I definitely have…. naturally, organically, every time I get the chance to walk on my own. You have inspired me yet again, Ariel. Thank You!
    And oh yes, I have walked a labyrinth. And one of my dreams is to walk the Camino de Santiago sometime, hopefully with my son. Join us?

    1. Hello Lauren, I am getting that airplane ticket ready right now! Yes, my backpack is ready! It would be quite an amazing experience, straight to the heart! I have often thought of even doing part of the Appalachian trail since I live so close to it. Enjoy your walks. My walks are my space of soaring my spirit. I am so happy to chat with you again. When do we leave?

    1. Hello Randy, I am so happy your stopped by. That is a great question that I have a suggestion for. When I teach classes on meditation, it is so hard at first to let our thoughts go. So I suggest literally plucking the thoughts away. I teach people to take their thumb and pointer fingers and literally pluck the thought away from our heads.We do not need them. Although it seems silly. It really works. And I also suggest that thoughts are not belonging to us. So we can just observe the thought without giving it credence, and return to our breathing and meditation. It helps to just have the brain understand that we are not giving time for thoughts. Do let me know if this works for you. And be gentle with yourself. I look forward to chatting again soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Love the meditation in motion concept. There have been times where I have been doing something similar to that and they have been the most relaxing moments, helping me absorb each experience to the fullest. I’ll be sure to slow down and utilize it once more! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Hello Antonis, I am so happy you stopped by. Many thanks. It is amazing to know that at all moments in our lives we can use it as complete mindfulness and meditation. I look forward to hearing how your slowing down shows in ways of more meditative processes. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. When I think of meditation, I always assume that you have to be sitting in silence for fifteen or so minutes. You just sit there and try to clear your head. I never thought that you can be active and meditating. That never occurred to me.

    It is probably the best option for people who cannot sit still. They can feel like they are accomplishing something and relieve themselves of stress. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hello Alex, So happy to see you back again here. I hope you are doing really well? I know it is really amazing to know that anything can become meditative if we allow that to happen. So enjoy your own process of meditating..even washing dishes can be so very meditative! I would like to hear what ways of meditating in motion come to you! Thanks for being here. I wish you great joy. In peace and gratitude,ariel

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