What is Love Worth? A Primer to Thriving and Vibrancy

What is Love Worth? A Primer to Thriving and Vibrancy

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connection with love
Did you ever wonder why some people have lives that just sparkle?

It has certainly piqued my interest. So I started looking into what makes the difference. The answer was really right there in front of my face. And it is the most basic and profound of all needs. It is love. Loving. Living in connection. So what is love worth to our lives?

I think we have all had moments in our lives when we knew that sense of longing. When it seemed that we were not very loved. Or loved ourselves. And when we spiral downward into not feeling loved our entire make up changes. It is amazingly profound how much we need that connection.

Have you heard the expression about failure to thrive babies? It is when the infant has not had that close intimate holding and vibrational energy of being loved. Without that closeness, the infant starts to shrivel, it won’t eat, will not grow, it will not interact.

So if we do not have that as the basic start to our lives. We do not thrive.
How do we find it and keep it in our lives?


When we are feeling loved this is what happens:

1. Better relationships

2. We feel better about ourselves

3. We feel healthier

4. Everything in our world is better and changed for the good

5. We participate in ways that lift our endorphins

6 We are much more compassionate and living in gratitude

7. We are exuberant about our lives and that is contagious

8. We become much more thoughtful and kind

9. We want to share this joy

10. Everything feels possible and is.

11. It is the acknowledgment that we are in the connection of something much larger than us.
12. We are much more self compassionate. We do not judge ourselves. And that in turns leads to no judging of others.

13. Be prepared when you step in your soul’s purpose to feel and live in a complete natural high.
Learning how to surround ourselves with supportive, caring, giving thoughtful people is the answer to thriving. Because that in turns changes how we are thinking about ourselves. And although thriving is an internal mechanism, it is started by a simple act of love.

simple act of love


For me it began when I was willing to be willing, to hear something new. And that is a vital component. If we are not in a space of openness and willingness we might just miss this life changing opportunity.

For instance, when I started this blog, I just had a feeling pulling me to do this. I had not a clue what might be coming forward. I just followed the pull. In doing so, I have accessed an amazing global community and felt support in ways that I could only dream about.

And as I traverse this forest of words, (an expression I just heard, isn’t it lovely?). I am astounded by the growth and inner love that is just flowing forward and jubilantly sharing.

And in this process, I found my true voice. The voice of my heart. I am in complete gratitude, that, each day feels like a high, a sweet buzz that is just naturally flowing. I am completely amazed by this transformative walk that happened just because I was willing to listen.

what is love worth
That is the most major component. That I walked out of what was, to walk into what could be. Huge step! And it happened because I side stepped my own lack of, to step into my abundance basket of love.

I was able to walk into my soul’s purpose of love because I have a community that offered me the chance to see it. Which in turn made it 3D to me. And that is where the thrive and love become the reason to live.

It’s a feeling that is unlike anything else. It propels us to climb beyond mountains. It allows us to see to new Universes. It brings us the connection of more gifts of our own universe.

beacon of light
In this connection, we feel the expansiveness of joy, gratitude, and love. What better way to live is there?
And when we live in this space, we share this light. And that changes the world. Incredibly powerful, yes?

This is not hyperbole or empty words. This is truly living in our soul’s purpose. And when we are willing to reside there our lives changes in a snap.

this being human is a guest house
Because when we love our life, we are changing the surrounding energetics. Our immediate world changes. We are actually the love that is giving the young infant the ability to thrive.

You know what I mean, I know you have had the experience of feeling like we are living on a mountain top. So what would it be like if we lived there every day?

Now how else would you want to live your life?


if we teach meditation in schools

Being in a loving space:

First off wrap your arms around yourself and literally give yourself a great big hug!

We are striving to thrive in love. So with this meditation we are going to find that piece of us that is awaiting our love.

Find a comfortable place to be.

Please take 5 deep breaths and exhale slowly.

Then begin to say :

I breathe in joy

I breathe out love

say this at least 7 times.

Feel the changes as you utter these words. Notice how your body is becoming softer and more relaxed.

If you do this twice during your day, you will be seeing great changes in your world. It will allow you to be in the space of thriving and loving. And much more at ease.
Let me know how this works for you.

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What is love worth? Everything. Priceless. It is the elixir of life. It is the soul’s purpose. It is the search that we each engage in. And it is not necessarily the romantic love. It is the love of self and possiblity. It is the magic salve of connection, of being part of something much larger than us .

So how do we foster this kind of loving life? By opening our hearts. Letting go of any distractions that are laced in drama or old stories. Allowing ourselves to be the change agent and to shower others with the light of love and thrive.

The joy of being of service, feeds us also in ways that are palpably growing our hearts. So go inside and be your own thriving mechanism and then spread it and share it. It will be an most amazing journey.

Do let me know what you think of all of this please. What are your experiences to what the power of love is?

In peace, joy and gratitude,

Founder of success-full-living. com, living in one heart-centric moment at a time.

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8 thoughts on “What is Love Worth? A Primer to Thriving and Vibrancy

  1. Great article!
    Being of service to others is something that always makes me feel better about myself and society after I’ve done it. I am constantly hassled by the inherent need to explain myself or the things that I’ve done. But, once I start trying to explain myself, it seems like I am never satisfied with myself or others. But, when I put others first and just listen instead of trying to explain, I always feel better about myself and others. I think one reason might be because whenever I truly listen to someone else, instead of thinking about my response, I come to find that they have a lot of the same issues I have. And, by just listening, not only does it make me feel connected by having the same issues, but I feel that I have helped someone else by giving them a platform to relieve some of the pent up stress that they may have so that they may now fill that space with positive energy.
    Great article!☺

    1. Hello Howard, so happy you stopped by! I hear you . Active listening is indeed a gift. I am thrilled you liked the article. I hope you stop by again soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hi Ariel, It is a very nice article and gives us insight into life and love. As you described “Breathe it all in, Love it all out”, indicating the entire life and loving process in the human life. Since the first breathe after born, a baby receives all the loves from the mother and all love him/her. Love brings young life into mature adults, who again transfer the love and life from generation to generation. That is all about human and human history.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Anthony, thank you for such a lovely and thoughtful comment. Love is the elixir of our soul and our lives. Doing love well means we are caring for and being compassionate. Amazing way to live, yes? So happy you stopped by. Thank you! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. I like your comment, What is love worth? Everything. Priceless. That sums it up for sure. No doubt that we were all born to love. When we love and feel loved, it soothes our souls. I always like to do an act of kindness randomly and ask that person to pass on the kindness.

    1. Oh Lisa, I so do like that. a random act of kindness and then pass it forward. I think I will do that also. I always hope people just do it anyway. Thanks so much for being here. It is so true love of self and others is beyond priceless. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Excellent article and video Ariel. This is such an important and unfortunately overlooked topic. We should all be grateful everyday, Live a life of gratitude.
    Wish you the best success,
    Jim (wolf)

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