Was I Kind Today?

Was I Kind Today?

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was i kind today

Was I kind today? 

I found myself in  the early morning before the dawn arrived, faced with that question. Do you know that feeling? Did I do my best? But most importantly, was I kind today? Did those around me know how much I love them? How grateful I am they have chosen to be in my life?

And it dawned on me, these are not empty words to me. Not luv ya. But true deep for real honest vulnerable words.  Words that change hearts and open paths. Action that allows us to grow and thrive. And find our own vibrancy.

It is the only legacy we truly have. To live that kindess and love. To me its the ultimate legacy. For if we are kind and loving we have chosen to light this path.

was i kind today

And so I asked myself again, was I kind today? Did I make sure that anyone around me knew they were cherished? Did I do something that also enriched my own heart?

I remember asking my children when they were small, were you kind today? Did you do something nice for another ? 

What if we each started and ended our day that way?

I heard it explained as instead of a life review, its a daily review.

What did I do on this day to better the world? 

What did I do on this day to better myself? 

What could I have done better? 


And that is the key. Because when we decide what we could have done better, its not a scathing critique. It is the ability to expand and transform the way we also see, isn’t it?

And then the real test. How can I possible do better or love the world if I have not yet chosen to be loving to me?

WAS I KIND TO ME TODAY, the start of a great love affair? 

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that loving self is the start of a great life long love affair.  At first I thought well my mother would have said that is just conceit. But I know that is not the truth.

For when we can honestly say I was kind to me today, I was loving to me today, we set the stage for a huge wave of sea change. Because when I am loving me, I have no time for criticsm of anyone else. And that changes our interactions, doesn’t it?

I think that what I should have added to those questions to my kids was  were you also kind to yourself? Did you see what you did well? Did you leave those critical voices in your head behind you? Were you able to be  your own champion?

was I kind today

Remember that line in Eat, Pray, Love, where he turns to her and says,what you need is a champion? I don’t know about you, but for me, that was life altering, down on my knees, tears running down my cheeks, heart stopping, oh my goodnesss that is it, light bulb moment scene.

Because it said what we all need to thrive, didn’t it? And I took that loving affirmation a step further.

Tell me if this makes sense to you?

We all need to be our own champions. Yup! We do! We need to be the cheerleader we are looking around for, the hugger who makes us feel seen, the one who sees  all our flaws and still loves, the friend who gives and really stays there with you with empathy not sympathy.

That is the ultimate kindness isn’t it? Because it means we are totally connected with the Universal law of simple love. And it changes everything !

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We are all familiar with the Gandhi quote “be the change”.. and this is my mantra. Let me be the change to me, so that I can be the change for those that I so love.

But if I am not willing to be that for me, there is no way that love I am giving out is true and authentic.

So at 3 am while I am writing this, with an open heart and tears streaming, I ask myself what is my service? What is my kindness? What is my legacy?

The answer came easily. It is love. That is all that I can give. That is everything that I have to give. I give it freely to others.

In truth, I do not give it that easily to myself. Does that resonate with you too?

So today in my new daily ritual of  “was I kind review”, I will have to add, was I kind to myself? 

That’s a hard one, isn’t it at times?

And the drum roll begins, and the silence deafens… the truth rolls in.. if I want a revolution, not only does it start with me, I have to be willing to be fully participatory internally. Ouch!

But just think if we are willing to go on this journey, the entire world changes with us.

was i kind today

Its’ that simple complex, isn’t it? So not only is the question was I kind today so relevant for massive global change, it creates an earthquake inside of us. The virtual tsunami of true authentic change.

And the other part of that question, is did I truly live my legacy and revolution today for me too?

Have you read Mark Nepo’s book, The Book of Awakening? Its poetry for our soul. The words he uses are that of a love poet. Its gorgeous You can buy it here, if  you haven’t yet treated yourself to it.

There are many amazing quotes in there.. but this was works here.. “The spiritual life is about becoming more at home in your own skin. ” Parker J Palmer


So the revolution begins. I am on this journey to find that space of great intense vulnerability that sees and says I am my heart, my heart is me. I am the connected universal bridge.

And each step of walking that path allows more and more layers to fall away. The construct of old stories that no longer work. The obnoxious critical roommate that lives in my head is asked to immediately vacate the premises. The language of doubt must also make a hasty exit.

And all that is left is the observation of loving. And that is neutral. It just is. It has not one construct or story, or critical damaging thought. It is just the observer of seeing without thought or definition.

No matter what happens. Does that stop us from experiencing heart break? Probably not.

Does it allow us to see heartbreak in another light? Yes for sure.

If my heart feels like its breaking, I have a choice. To just feel that or to critique it.

Now I give myself permission to just feel it. Not wallow. But truly see the sacredness of it. And thank the experience for deepening the cellular structure of how much more I can love.

In gratitude to internal kindness, a gift from the divine universal that we are indeed connected and loved.

I am learning that enlightenment is not some out there theory. It is the total meshing of how we live in our spiritual divinity with our own humanness.

Allowing the kindess to be our light on the path. To me that is enlightenment. Know why? Because we are truly illuminating every part of ourselves and our world, in simple kindness.

was I kind today


Ahhh, are you ready for this one?

Start with doing three breaths. And as you inhale say in with love and on the exhale  say out with joy..and  inhale in with love and out with joy..

Long ago a friend told me about this as she was recovering from heartbreak. And I found it to be really helpful for me too. Even in times of joy I use it also.

What it does is raise our vibrational energy to that of love. And we can actually feel the difference in our bodies.  It reaffims all that we truly know is good and guiding. Did you feel it when you tried it?

Now simply take your arms and wrap them around yourself. And sit like this for a few minutes. Feel the connection to your heart, See the love whirling around your body internally and externally. See the kindness.

Does it take on a color for you, or a form?

Take a deep breath into the depths of  your own connection to self and your beautiful heart.

And say I am loving kindness. I live loving kindness, for I am love.

Feel the lightness and joy that resonates?

Do this at least 2x a day. And you will find that how you see yourself and your world completely alters. Because we are choosing kindness to ourselves and others. That is really potent, yes?

It is the reminder of all that we truly are. Yes?

Please do tell me what impact this has on you. And what do you do in your quest for internal and external kindness?

If you want some other meditation to try, how about meditation in motion?


Was I kind today? Getting better at it each day, You too?

” This night will pass, then we have work to do, everything has to do with loving and not loving”. Rumi

IN peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO Success-full-living.com

Living one heart-centric moment at time




4 thoughts on “Was I Kind Today?

  1. There’s a lot of selfishness in the world today and, I suspect, a lot more of it being seen as a dog-eat-dog world than it was when I was a kid. With that kid of mentality, it’s harder for someone to be kind. Others see kindness as a weakness and one to be exploited. “No good deed goes unpunished” is an adage I’ve often heard, even from people who are predisposed to helping others rather than looking out for themselves.

    But because we’re an (allegedly) intelligent species, we each have the choice to follow the dog-eat-dog path, which really ultimately leads you down a dark path, or we can take the path of light and be kind to those around us as you talk about. It’s often the more difficult path because of the setbacks, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. And I think if, hand on heart, you can say “I did my best to leave this world in a better condition than I found it”, you have achieved something worthwhile and notable in life. How much better things would be for all of us if more people followed that path.

    1. Hello Gary, You are so right. with our hand on our heart. We do change the world. And that is I think why we are truly here yes? And each day I wonder did I raise another? Did I also feed myself in a way that models to others the joy of simple kindness.
      I am guessing you are also one of those people. I so like your words of thoughtful commpassion. I am so glad I get to know you. To me that is all we have is kindess. I choose not to participate in anything else. No matter what the world is doing around me.
      In fact when people do act out..mostly they are saying please just love me..
      Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude,ariel

  2. Hi Ariel, I love this post! It really resonates with me. I do lots of self reflection because I feel that is how we grow. I often ask myself if there are situations I could have handled better, and did my interactions with people show kindness today? Am I proud of the way I behaved today? If the answer to that question is ever no, then I need to remedy that.
    I love the point you make about being kind to yourself as well. It’s so important that we’re kind to ourselves so we can stay mentally strong. It’s when we’re kind to ourselves and in a good place mentally that we best support others too.

    1. Hello Melissa, I so like that .. am I proud of myself today? And if not what do I need to fix. For me I have found it is not genuine my caring about others if I am not willing to do that for myself also. It means I am not respecting the creation of beauty that I live in.
      You are so right, how can we possibly support others if we are not kind to ourselves. I relearn this lesson every day!
      So happy you are here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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