VIBRANCY synonym… is that you? Can you feel it?

VIBRANCY synonym… is that you? Can you feel it?

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ViBRANCY SYNONYMadj alive, colorful, excited, interested, full of life….happy!


Wow these words just jump out!

Does it describe you?

Are we living in vibrancy? 

Have we found our happy place?

Do we make the concerted effort daily to jump into vibrancy?


Is  it yet another journey? Is it yet another process?

What does it truly feel like to live in vibrancy?

I have had friends think  its a silly idea to use the word vibrant.

But I am a confirmed believer that vibrancy is the key to holistic living. Because its the idea that we can be ‘living vibrancy”.

It is the concept that if I choose to be in a space that makes me feel alive that is a gift. And I can see the difference daily in my choices.

In a world that deals in not so positive images and news, what do we do to thrive in our own vibrancy? How do you not buy into the catastrophying of the daily news?

Start your morning with another way to think and be!Click here for the wonderful Morning ritual mastery meditation.

I have made a conscious choice of not being tied to news feeds. Instead I choose to focus on what I can do to inspire myself and others.

That way I feel like I am breaking the cycle of thinking in terms of oh -when- is- the- next- crisis- approaching…grin.


So I start my day in a gratitude practice, I have a lovely cup of tea, and I smile and take in my mountain view! It provides me with my first dose of awe.

Then I take my morning walk and say good morning to everything I encounter, the sun, a squirrel, the birds, I even talk to the sidewalk in thanks for making it easier for me to walk! This is my second dose of feeling alive.

And then I practice smiling hugely at each passing person.

It starts my day in connection.

And I just love the unexpected return of smiles! It seems to change me at my cellular level. I feel that warm, wow, you saw me and I saw you, feeling.

You know the feeling…yes?

And this is my third dose of I am really happy to have this day, this moment.

So off you go!

Do your vibrancy dance today.

Please share it with me! I want to hear how you describe vibrancy.


Enjoy this moment!

in peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,, 
living in one heart-centric moment at a time

15 thoughts on “VIBRANCY synonym… is that you? Can you feel it?

  1. Beautiful reminders, Ariel. My vibrancy is smiling. That is how I bring vibrancy to myself and out into the world.

    Thank you for your inspiration and for the beautiful meditation as well.

  2. Hi Ariel,
    I love the words “Vibrancy Dance”. I googled them and find no any explanation, clearly indicating that you invent these words. So smart. What is your description of Vibrancy Dance?

    1. Hello Anthony, hmmm well to me its the choice to live in vibrancy.. loving life, being in compassionate grace, simply and mindfully living. And that each moment we see the joy and goodness. Does that make sense Anthony? Thank you so much for dropping by. Do let me know how your vibrancy dance is going! In peace and gratitude, ariel

        1. Hello Anthony I am such a big believer in vibrancy. Thank you for the idea.I am so grateful that you are here. I will indeed work on that book!
          I hope you have seen my 3 other books on Amazon? In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. I feel I live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

    I am definitely in a happy place in my life. I do not dread getting out of bed every morning, I actually quite like it.

    I like to smile, laugh and have fun, and not a lot is getting me down.

    So yeah, if that is classed as vibrant, I am on board 🙂


    1. Hello Chris! Well it seems you do indeed fit the criteria1 Yay you. So happy that you dropped by. Thank you!
      Being in a happy place so changes our world, doesn’t it? Happy dance indeed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Loved this article, Ariel. Vibrancy – just the word alone gives you energy. Then again, it is a fact that ALL words are vibrational and if we take the time to say them, we can create little miracles.
    Especially when we tune into them and use them as mantras.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love and light,

    1. Hello Michelle, you are so very right! I so do like this word too. And as you said all of life is vibration! And each day does indeed show us these beautiful little gems of miracles and love.. So glad you are here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Hi Ariel,

    I stopped reading and watching the news a long time ago. I can’t even remember when I stop doing so. But know for sure that I do not want to see or hear any news that brings negativity to my daily life.

    Shall I literally create a VIBRANCY Dance? You should do it!

    Thanks for the good read,

    1. Hello Sharon, I so do hear you. And its important to determine what we really need in our lives, isn’t it? Thank you for being here.And I am thinking of now writing a book about our vibrancy dance, what do you think? In peace and gratitude.

  6. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. We take so much for granted in our lives and only miss things when they’re taken away by accident, design or the trials and tribulations of life. I like your gratitude practice, Ariel, giving thanks for the small, apparently unimportant things in life that would in fact be greatly missed if they were taken away from us. Food for thought.

    1. Hello Gary, I am so happy you stopped by. Thank you . Isn’t that so right about taking things for granted? I am glad you liked the gratitude practice. I hope you have one of your own too? I think the gems we miss most are the simple ones indeed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Gary, so happy you popped by. Oh glad you like the gratitude practice. Do you have one that you use? You are so right. I don’t want to miss the beauty of any moment. In peace and gratiutde, ariel

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