Using Medicine To Boost Your Confidence

Using Medicine To Boost Your Confidence

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When we get the news of an illness that will be chronic, it is truly about the grace and compassion we can choose to have about the situation. And the questions  also begin to arise, do I want to be defined by this illness? Or is this just something that is happening to my physical being?

Having lived through a very life altering illness, I can say that the challenge is the choice of thought and self compassion. Then not letting the changes impact truly who we are. No matter the situation, our hearts and souls are still vibrant and ready to soar. 

Once we get past the stage of figuring out how to live with this altered state, we start to see the gifts. 

I do hope you find this article useful. Dealing with an illness can be a life altering experience.

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Having a medical issue is never a pleasant experience to have. Impacting almost every aspect of your life, this sort of problem is something most people will want to avoid, and it can be very shocking to find when you have your own to deal with.

From the time you have to spend at the doctors to the physical discomfort you could be feeling, you will have to start making compromises throughout your entire life.

Of course, though, there is one area which should never have to be treated this way; confidence.

When you need help from other people all the time, it can be hard to feel confident in your abilities. For example, you may have someone pushing you around in a wheelchair most the of the time, and wouldn’t feel safe supporting your own weight in it.

It wouldn’t take long for this sort of action to be possible, but few people get the confidence to try it, leaving them to be stuck in a position which makes them feel bad.

Thankfully, regardless of the extent of your issues, there are almost always ways to solve this in the modern world. With the field of medicine having the room to become much more compassionate, the last couple of decades have changed this a lot, and there are loads of different ways to change the impact medicine has one you.

Below, you can find some examples of this, along with some extra tips to help you to overcome your illness. This sort of approach is great for almost any affliction.


There are loads of different conditions out there which will impact your appearance. Whether you have hair falling out or your complexion is changed, there are loads of different ways to help with this.

To start, it will be worth talking to your doctor to see if they can help. Companies like Moody Orthodontics specialize in helping people to solve medical issues in the discreetness way possible.

Options like this exist for almost every product and treatment out there, making it well worth doing some research.

Motor Skills:

Being unable to control your motor skills properly can be another embarrassing issue to have. Eating out, using public toilets, and loads of other little jobs will be made impossible if you feel self-conscious.

When it comes to areas like eating, there are loads of products out there which are design to compensate for erratic movement. A great example of this is the Steady Spoon.

Being designed for those with Parkinson’s, this sort of device can keep even the shakiest hands from spilling their food.


With all of the pressure you will feel in life, it will be easy to let your emotions go out of control, having a big impact on the way you feel.

Your happiness is just about the most important thing you have, though. Without it, it will be impossible to feel confident, and a lot of people make the mistake of ignoring this part of their condition.

To help you out, therapy can be a great way to form an understanding of the way you feel.

And also, don’t forget the things that you truly love to do..and then figure out how to do them again. That pleasure is still there. 

In fact before I was ill, I had a small taste of incapacity, as my daughter and I were in a car wreck. Thankfully my daughter was not as impacted. But I ended up with both arms in casts . And talk about humility and having to ask people to help. 

But when those casts came off, wow, I had such a renewed sense of capability. I started drawing in ways that I had not done before. And it was a great sense of freedom. 

And that was also a sense of learning what it meant to lose my physical independence for that year. But in the end it prepared me for what I did not know was coming. 

If you would be interested to do what I am doing while going through this illness, do click here. You would have the opportunity to find a way to support yourself and help others.


Finally, as the last area to consider, a lot of people find that their independence will directly impact how confident they feel in day to day life.

Having to have people do everything for you will make it feel as though your own abilities are nonexistent. In reality, though, you will be surprised at what you can do for yourself, with loads of people only being helped because it makes it easier for careers and medical professionals.

Even when you are in hospital, you should be working to do as much as you can for yourself.

When it comes to a normal and healthy life, confidence is one of the most important aspects for someone to have.

Without this, it will be very hard to make the most of social situations, to get new jobs and opportunities, and it may even be too big of a challenge to go out each day. Of course, though, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort, most people will be able to turn this part of their life around.

Along with the things to try and achieve, there will also be a couple of things worth ignoring when you’re trying to work on your confidence. There are loads of situations which can lower someone’s personal assurance.

To help you with this, there are a couple of examples of these below. It will be worth considering what has made you feel bad in the past while working on this, as this will give you the chance to avoid it entirely.

Along with dealing with independence is learning how best to use your energy so it is not draining. And those are the times we learn when to ask for assistance.It does not lessen us, it shows our strengths and caring for our selves. 

Too Much Thought:

One of the worst things you can do when something is making you feel bad is thinking about it too much. In reality, the way that you feel about your condition won’t be reflected by others, and it can be easy to trick yourself into thinking the situation is worse than it is.

Most people will just want to help you, and this will become clear if you open your eyes to it.

Negative Environments:

Of course, while most people are good, there will always be those willing to make fun of people who are different. In most cases, this will only be skin deep, and what they say won’t mean anything.

It won’t be as easy as this to ignore it, though, and it will be best to simply avoid going to places where you may find people like this. In most cases, there will be a lot more people willing to help you than to make you feel bad, and busy areas can often be the best.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into boosting your confidence when you’re dealing with an illness or medical condition.

Life isn’t about worrying about the things you have wrong with you. Instead, as a much better approach, it’s best to focus on the good side of things.


Dealing with illness is never easy. But the choice is our as to how we view it. There are indeed so many options for help and added life quality. Do check out all the resources available. And know that you are not in this alone.

I wish you peace and comfort. How are you dealing with a new situation of health change?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time!


2 thoughts on “Using Medicine To Boost Your Confidence

  1. Great article, Ariel.
    First of all, I hope you are recovering well and you are in the best of health. Yes, as they say, if you have all the riches in the world and don’t have your health – what good is it? We need to be mindful of those not in great health that we come in contact with – strangers and those we care about – we need to remember how they feel and how e can make them feel by making a difference in their life.
    Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  2. Dear Ariel,


    You said it well “Life isn’t about worrying about the things you have wrong with you. Instead, as a much better approach, it’s best to focus on the good side of things.” Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

    Your Friend,

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