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I love this word thrive! To me it holds the magic of hope, possibility and building a life that just shines. I see it as the ultimate in health and inner knowing. My friends often tease me that I am also believe in the Good Fairy, And perhaps that is true.

But here is what I know about thriving. When we are thriving beyond belief, we are allowing ourselves to grow in every direction. There is no room for deflated balloons that crush our hearts. This state of being is encouragement and loving life. We live in our own sense of wisdom and joy. And we bring people along in our journey because thriving is contagious.


1 :to grow vigorously :flourish. 2 :to gain in wealth or possessions :prosper.

In every step of our lives is that not what we want? To grow and expand our horizons, to flourish, to gain in wealth, to prosper. I say Amen to all of this!
So what does that look like for our daily lives? Great question.


Did you know that just thinking positive thoughts completely changes our neuropathways? This is a new science for neurologists. They have found that through meditation and a sense of well- being our brains work differently. The changes are astounding. Consider changing our thoughts daily will bring immense ease to our bodies and our brains.

Arianna Huffington says this about the state of thrive:

“We need a third leg–a third metric for defining success–to truly thrive. That third metric, she writes in Thrive, includes our well-being, our ability to draw on our intuition and inner wisdom, our sense of wonder, and our capacity for compassion and giving.” Arianna Huffington
Can you imagine living then in a constant state of thriving what that means to our energetics and our lives?


  • In every way we change our lives as we move into thrive.
  • Because we have let go of yesterday to make room for this day of thriving.
  • We are free from the past.
  • we are happier
  • we are lighter
  • we are more open to new experiences
  • we are living in a state of higher frequency and love
  • we connect to people in a positive easy way
  • we learn easier
  • we use our intuitive ability more often
  • we use our wisdom
  • we live in awe



When I was in the throes of being so ill, I wondered what it would take for my body to meet my soul and find a way into ease. That is how I discovered what I now refer to as the Inn of Thrive. I see it in my mind as a place where I can go for ease and comfort. Oh, and incredible joy!

And I wrote this on a day when the meditation show itself so visually.

Today I am taking myself to the Inn of Thrive

the place of healing

the place of teaching

the place of creative creating

the place of oneness

the place of service

the Island where compromise of self does not exist

For today,

I am on
sacred ground

Universal Self.


When I go to this place deep inside of me, I know I am growing and thriving.

I wish this for everyone!

The state of thriving is our way to step into our own truth and sense deep peace.
May each day bring us closer to our truth and living in THE INN Of THRIVE.

I would love to hear how you describe thrive and how you live it.

In peace and gratitude,

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