The Things to Listen to When All Else Seems Lost

The Things to Listen to When All Else Seems Lost

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Listening is a true form of communicating. It means we are willing to hear others without judgment or labels And sometimes we just might need to hear what is being said.  And especially for young adults finding their way in the world. It is  reassuring to know there are those you can depend on that are only vested in your best interest.

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Sometimes we humans lose our way in life. Sometimes we become people we never thought we would, and people we don’t necessarily like. Sometimes we give up on dreams to tend to the happiness of others. Sometimes we do things in life that don’t make us happy, but we do them anyway.

Sometimes, all else can and does seem lost. But, when things do seem lost in this way, there is a way to find yourself and your self worth again — that way is simply to listen.

Yes, listening to others and other things in life can can give your life the kick start it needs to get back on track. Listening to different things in life could provide you with the importance to find yourself after becoming lost in life’s muddy waters.

To see who and what you should be listening to, make sure to read on.


Your parents

Your parents are the number one source to turn to and to listen to when you need to find a new direction to take in life in order to find yourself once again, that much is for certain. These people are the number one source of help because everything they will tell you to do will absolutely have your best interest at heart because nobody can love you like they love, not even your life partner or even your own kids.

And, everything they tell you will be clear and concise because parents, no matter their age, always seem to have an added insight on their child’s life that nobody else seems to have, not even the child themselves.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have your parents in your life, especially if it is both of them, then make sure you are asking for their advice at all times and then heeding it when you need to find yourself again.


Your gut

Your gut (metaphorically, of course) can also be a great source of help when it comes to deciding what is best for you in your life. It is a great source of help because, quite frankly, it always seems to know exactly what it is you want to do in life as well as how you want things to be done.

So, when it comes to making big, life changing decisions, make sure to value your gut’s input over your brain’s.

As a note for more information about this, The Heart Math Institute has discovered the heart is 5000 times more powerful that the brain. Click here for more information.


The earth and the stars

Whether you believe in horoscopes and mythologies or not, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to allow the earth and the stars to talk to you and for you to then listen to them when they do. Whether this means taking the fact that something you have long since contemplated doing is constantly being advertised to you as a sign that you should get up and do it now.

Or, whether this means taking heed of potential divine intervention, such as seeing the angel number 555 appear everywhere and then taking that as an apparent sign that change is needed.

Whatever you do in regards to letting the earth and the stars tell you something, just make sure you are not too hasty to dismiss what they tell you.

The next time you feel lost, make sure you are listening to whatever the sources above have to say. Doing so might just improve your life tenfold.

Are you ready to try out new listening skills? Who are the people in your life that you are willing to trust and listen too?

Please do comment. And let us know how you are going to be more present in your listening ability.

In peace and gratitude,

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