The Spring Cleaning Of You

The Spring Cleaning Of You

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Hello, this is a great topic! The spring cleaning of you, something to think about yes? As we approach this new season we do not want to carry old heavy baggage. So here are some ideas of how to make this transition to letting the new bloom.

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As winter is nearing its end in the northern hemisphere, it’s not uncommon to come across magazine articles suggesting the best way to approach your spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning, naturally, relates to preparing your home to the warm weather, namely, making sure that the garden is ready to welcome flowers and buzzing bees, storing your winter wardrobe into the closet until the end of the year, and polishing the ice-cream maker for decadent scoop flavors.

You will also receive plenty of advice on the best kind of interior decor for the warmer months, and the kind of colors and shapes that you want in your living room to maximize the summer feeling.

Spring cleaning is, ultimately, the transitional period from a heated home to a ventilated house that lets the sun come in.

But just as you need to prepare your home for the start of a new season, you need to help your body move from winter to summer too.

How are you doing after the harsh winter?

At the end of winter, it’s essential to go through health checks, especially as staying indoors for a long time can affect your body functions.

If you work on computers a lot, the unnatural light from the screen might affect your eyesight and your eye health.

This is a really important aspect to look at. When we spend long hours on the computer there are some problems that might happen. We might start having more headaches and eye strain.

When or if you are having any of these dilemmas,do take action please! First off change your screen to night vision or orange screen That takes away the harmful blue light and eases your eyes.

Secondly if you are having some dilemma there are ways to cut down on the harmful emissions. Check out Basic Reset for options!It has made a huge difference for me.

Even if you can still see perfectly, it’s essential to test for eye pressure regularly to limit risks of complication.

Additionally, let’s be honest: Winter is a season of food indulgence.

So as we march into spring, now is the best time to really evaluate what we have been eating. Is it giving us more vitality more nutrients, more body health?

The sugary treats of the festive periods in December might have damaged the enamel on your teeth. Your health checklist needs therefore to include eye, teeth but also hearing, cancer, heart and cholesterol check. Don’t take chances!

Leave the winter mood behind

The lack of direct sunlight in winter can have a strong impact on your mood. In fact, already in 1981, scientists warned in the about the importance of sunlight in the human biology.

The SAD syndrome, so typical of the winter months, might not have been identified by name but it was already known.

You can also use natural mood boosters, such as the plant remedies from, to help your brain adjust to reduce sun exposure.

Indeed, darkness is connected to an increase in depressed and stressed feelings.

Do find ways to life your mood and sunshine intake..even short walks, and looking at pictures of the beach! And taking vitamin D.

Using plants sourced for their soothing benefits can guide you back to a sunny mood.

I so love my plant people. They are always giving gifts and lifting my moods. Yesterday my hibiscus bloomed a gorgeous huge red flower! It just sent me into a happy grateful state of awe…do you know what I mean?

So do consider having more plants in your living space..good for all more oxygen and cleaning the air..and of course just the sheer beauty and joy..

I also love orchids and they seem to continually give gifts..and I am so grateful for their joy and determination no matter what to grow and gift us with their beauty..

I bet a flower never worries about its own health or beauty, because it just does what it knows it is here for,yes?

Clear up your mood from winter blues

Finally, your home in winter might be hit by a clutter epidemic: Gloves, hats, scarves, warm blankets and jumpers can accumulate in every room.

You might not notice it, but clutter affects your mind, clogging up your thoughts and pulling your mood down. If you want to welcome spring with a happy base, you need to clear up your home of the remains of winter.

I am not sure about you, but clutter makes me feel uncomfortable. As if it is stimulus overload. So I try to not ever have piles or clutter, because it is not in my best interest, does that impact you also?

With every wintery item that disappears from your sight, your happiness becomes closer. Rapidly, you’ll feel lighter and more alert; ready for the buzz of activity and excitement of the warmer months.

Are you ready for another spring in your step? Want to do what I am doing? Click here for a fabulous adventure!

It’s time to leave winter health behind you and to clear up its negative impacts on your soul and body. Look after yourself and welcome to sun back into your life. Spring is just around the corner!


So are you ready to do the spring cleaning of you? Doesn’t it just make sense though as we transition to a new season that we want to be in the most healthiest place we can be?

So do please, take into consideration all that we can do to insure no extra baggage carrying over! Meditate more, exercise, sing, dance and laugh more!

What do you think will be your spring cleaning of you process?

In peace and gratitude,

4 thoughts on “The Spring Cleaning Of You

  1. Love this, Ariel. As the confines of winter get re-opened, it is a great time to inventory winter’s effects and impressions on our bodies and souls. Getting back outdoors, more air, more sunlight…AHHH, I am just breathing it in as I think about it! It sure makes the idea of spring cleaning energized for me! Thank you for your inspiration!

    1. Hello Annie, I so adore how you write and speak! Yes the idea of our own internal spring cleaning is pretty amazing and so well worth it. I am so awaiting another lovely sunny day here to just get out and savor nature. Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Dear Ariel,

    Yes I do love gardening and plants are great friends.

    “I so love my plant people. They are always giving gifts and lifting my moods. Yesterday my hibiscus bloomed a gorgeous huge red flower! It just sent me into a happy grateful state of awe…do you know what I mean?” I can feel the pleasure its really a great thing.

    Your Friend,

    1. Paul, it is I think the simple things that keep us loving life. And my plants are definitely feeding me. And I am so glad you agree also. IN peace and gratitude,ariel

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