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inner power
Interesting word power. What does that truly mean? Are we in a space of being so powerful within our selves that we can actually step into our own power? Yes. Indeed, we can. And I can prove it. Are you ready to hear this? Because if you are, the power of your life is ready to open new doors for you.

And it is so simple. Or perhaps I should say simple complex. Because it seems if you are like me, we thrive on making things so much more complicated. Right? OK, stop laughing. We are going to make this a new path for us.

For one thing, it is knowing that at any moment of our conscious life, we can make choices and changes that bring us into the space of thriving. The question is, are we willing to take that responsibility? So what is inner power?


consciousness of choice


Inner power is the where our core truth lives. Deep within our hearts. It is the beating heart that is connected to the Universe. It is the small voice that we hear that warns us at times. That we choose to ignore way too often! And it is the space that grows each time we know we have chosen to live in our power of heart.

For instance, when we are in a group of people and conversation turns to a place that is not in our highest good. What are our choices here? We can participate in a way that diminishes another is one choice. Or we can simply decide to not participate and instead send love in the unseen. That sounds like a possibility, yes?

Sometimes choosing silence is the best choice. For in our stillness and silence, lives a world that is so full and good. We do not need to interfere in another person’s process. And that leads us to the space of determining our thoughts.
Our inner power is the ability to determine choice by our own inner thoughts rather than by external forces. It is knowing and living in that place of deep comfort.

We each have to power to live stressful lives or lives that are easy and calm. That is our inner power of choice. It is the power we can choose to step into at any moment of our lives.

“Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is — no matter what form it takes —you are still, you are at peace.” – Eckhart Tolle

inner peace

And that to me is incredible inner power. No matter how rocked the ocean becomes around us. We are still in a place of peace. Think about this. How powerful is that knowing that at any time we can use this power. That means that even if we are in the middle of chaos, we are not the chaos. We are the peace. Talk about power!

So how do we get to that place of such deep peace.? Try these steps.


1. Completely letting go of externalized thought. OK this one is the toughie. It means that everything we have been taught is not belonging to us. And we have to let it go. Otherwise, we are not living in our own power.

2. Live in heart centric space, not ego. When we live in the space of our heart, there is no longer a tug of internal strife. We are literally living in space that is loving. And not the blissed out love of being in love. But the very soft and enveloping love of just connecting to ourselves and our world.

3. Discern awareness. Living in awareness rather than being led, gives us the power to choose what is most healthy for our lives. Teaching ourselves to notice what is really speaking to our inner truth. And than listening to it. There is no judgment. There are no labels in this space. We are fully aware and conscious of our love.

4. Stay in positivity and gratitude. Although this sounds at time hokey to us, it is the proverbial brass ring. When we are in positivity we are not judging, we are not criticizing we are not thinking we have to fix. We teach ourselves to see the world in terms of the good. And we foster that good in all we do. We simply say, I see your love. And that brings us gratitude, the ability to be thankful for this beauty, this moment. It changes our bodies on every level.

5. Living in the present.This is the key! When we choose to live in the present, we have no yesterday or tomorrow. It completely frees us up to savor and just be. That is the ultimate gift of living. For we see with our hearts.
Trying this meditation gives us the perspective of inner power and stillness. Let me know what you think about how you feel doing this exercise.

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looking our window


You know that feeling when we look out of a window and see something that completely captivates our attention? That is truly being in the present. So this exercise is about just doing that. Eckhart Tolle suggested this meditation.



Find a comfortable place to sit and look out a window.
What do you see?
Focus on one thing outside of the window. Perhaps it is a tree.
Look at the tree. See it.

Then you have a sense that something changed.

You can feel everything go quiet.

That is the stillness.
In that stillness there is the present.
That is the power of you. That shift that happened as you relaxed and allowed your attention to focus on that simple beauty or object, is your being so present.
How did that feel? Can you see how easy and comfortable it feels to be in that space?

And that is our power. At any time we are free to choose this.


Let’s turn that adage of a little bit of power goes to her head on its heels. For the power of our hearts and soul is the power that I always want to live in. It is my light that than shines.

The adage needs to be really looked at in a different light now. For when we take on and truly live our power, everything in our life changes. This is not the power of coercive behavior. This is the power of simple loving. And living in the present. And nothing is more of an aphrodisiac than being in the loveliness of this moment. Without labels or constructs.

being in the moment

Each time we choose to just be, we add to the layers of possibility for going forward in joy and ease. It sounds so simple. And it is not always that way. For we are indeed human, and moment by moment we have to be willing to accept these changes as a process.

It is in our willingness to make these choices of letting go, that we fine tune and live in the power of our life.

So how does that look for you? Are you ready to make that leap to peace and comfort?

If so, let’s do it together. One moment at a time. The power of our life starts now.

Thank you so much for being here. I look forward to hearing if you are wanting to step into your own power. And how you are choosing to make that happen.
Do tell!

Wishing you great comfort and joy always!
In peace and gratitude,

Founder,, one heart- centric moment at a time!



  1. Hi Ariel, I was very impressed with your site. It is very eye opening. I am going to revisit your site soon when I have more time to spend on it. Thanks for creating such an interesting site. 🙂 Frank

    1. Hello Frank, So many thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the site. I do hope you will drop by soon again and we can chat. In peace and gratitude,ariel

    1. Hello Jeremy, Thank you so much for stopping by. I would like to hear how this new journey goes for you. I am glad we get to meet. In peace and gratitude,ariel

  2. I like the idea about living in heart centric. We as humans are in constant competition with ourselves and our peers. We should put our ego aside for just one moment to see what we can achieve just from being ourselves, to see how far we can get. I already know the answer to that! It WILL be far. Thanks for an eye-opening post I needed. Cheers.

    1. Hello Brandon, I am so delighted you stopped by. Thank you. I agree with you. Heart-centric living is the way we truly want to live, isn’t it? I wish you great success in your life and heart. And do stop by again and let me know how your heart-centric living is going. In peace and gratitude,ariel

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