The Low-Down on Essential Vitamins and Minerals That Our Bodies Need

The Low-Down on Essential Vitamins and Minerals That Our Bodies Need

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We often hear that we are what we eat. But do we truly get what we need? Here is a look at the vitamins that are essential to a healthy body.  How much of these are you consuming?

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We all hear the term ‘vitamins and minerals’ and know that having the right ones can help us to be healthier. Our bodies can repair and we can give our bodies what they need to be healthy and heal.

But what does that term mean?

And on a practical level, how can we make sure that we are getting the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies do need? First of all, you need to make sure that you are getting a diet with as many whole foods as possible. But as for vitamins and minerals, here is the low down:


Vitamin A

When we have a diet that is filled with vitamin A, then it is going to help our bodies in many ways. It can help with healthy eyes and vision, as well as growth and development.

So if you have children, then it is a great thing to have plenty of in their diet. It can also be good for teeth and skin, so it is a winner all around. If you don’t want to have a diet full of supplements, then you should have a diet full of orange foods like carrots, sweet potato, and cantaloupe.

Pretty tasty, right?



B Vitamins


So we’ve started with vitamin A, so it makes sense to move onto B vitamins now, right?

It can be good for energy production and help to give your body a strong immune system. So if there is anything that you need to have around winter or allergy season, then it is plenty of B vitamins.

How do you get those vitamins, though? The best natural sources to get them are from whole grains, particularly things like lentils, bananas, beans, yeast, and molasses.

Vitamin C


Getting your vitamins, it seems, is as simple as A, B, C! Vitamin C is best known to be found in foods like oranges, and other citrus fruits. But foods like strawberries, sprouts, kiwi, and peppers.

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy boy as it can help to strengthen your blood vessels, as well as helping our bodies to absorb iron and keep our immune system ticking over nicely.


Fatty Acids

In order for our bodies to function normally, then we need to have some omega-3 essential fatty acids in our diet. Deficiencies in these fatty acids can lead to a host of symptoms and disorders including issues with our liver and our kidneys, as well as a reduction in growth rates, decreased immune function, depression, and even dryness of the skin.

So it is something that we need to get plenty of in our life. Taken through a supplement, or through foods like salmon, avocado, or other oily fish, it is a must in your diet.



Calcium is great for our bones and teeth to help them grow healthy and strong. This isn’t new information and we’ll naturally presume that we can get our calcium from dairy products.

But if you don’t eat dairy, then you need to make sure that you’re having plenty of tofu and black molasses instead.

I hope this really helps in determining how you are staying healthy and keeping on top of your necessary vitamins. We are all wanting vibrancy and health..cheers!

In peace and gratitude,

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