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The Guide to Inner peace, starts with us!

Oh yes, where is that template to our inner peace?

If you, like me, are wondering if there is a magic potion, I am thinking there indeed might be.

And it might be simpler than we thought. What are the steps to inner peace? Dr Wayne Dyer said, “eradicate judgment, criticism and labeling from your world. ” That sounds like a phenomenal place to start. The guide to inner peace is not just available for us to access, it is within our grasp.

And it is a choice that I am sensing, we truly have the option to step into. Choosing to not be involved in that which is wreaking chaos, but instead brings peace. A true peace of comfort. One that we can feel deep inside our bodies and hearts.


Living in inner peace is an acknowledgement and acceptance that everything that is happening around us, is not personal. It is not mine to take on.

I can be part of this world but not necessarily of it.

I do not need to be a participant in that which is just a distraction.

But we live in a world that is 24/7 news cycle. With information pouring into our world and bombarding us with bytes of information. We are constantly juggling our technology, even driving while texting.

We are putting ourselves at risk for physical accidents and the oxymoron of dislocation of connection with each other.

Have you noticed we do not do much eye to eye contact anymore?



In this modern day setting, it is notable that so many of us are asking deep questions of ourselves.

Such as, is this really how I want to live the rest of my life?

Who am I really?

And how do I find comfort within?

Am I willing to live in a heart-centric space AND Inner Peace?

Deciding to truly take care of ourselves, inside and out, is the truest way to inner peace. There is a guide to inner peace and it is within us.

It is also the steps of accepting ourselves warts and all.

Without any judgment. Whew, that is the big one!

To learn to interact with ourselves without the inner obnoxious critic that lives in our head. To honor ourselves by not criticizing or labeling.

And the Universe brings us examples of how we can choose to see where we can be inspired to change. The Universe  actively works through our own paradigms to allow us to see our own beauty.  And to let go of the conditionality of how we think we have to be. Rather than allowing us to just be, without any conditions.

The journey is about our willingness to unleash our own truth. And it is our choice.


inner peace and rumi


Wikipedia uses this definition,”Inner peace refers to a deliberate state of mind that is peaceful and calm despite the presence of external stressors”.

Whereas in some cultures inner peace is a state of enlightenment and higher consciousness. The Dalai Lama says that we will not ever have world peace until we have inner peace in each of us. That includes compassionate awareness and tolerance.

Ram Dass says that identification with ego and then moving it into the spiritual heart is true awareness.Click here for his amazing book

Saying, I am loving awareness, brings us into that realm of consciousness.

It is a heightened awareness of consciousness. Deep inner peace is completely immune to the comings and goings of all the sea of motion around us.

There is no longer a sense of highs and lows. Only peace and calm. As Eckhart Tolle defines it.

inner peace tolle

The Taoist answer is self acceptance. The path to inner self acceptance is as simple, or as difficult as we choose to make it. Deepak Chopra opines, that choice is the basis for inner peace.

Oprah talks about peace as an emanating force field that vibrates through all things. And brings us stillness and peace

Click on link to hear her speak about it.

So how do we choose to step into our own Inner Peace?

HOW DO WE ACHIEVE IT, simplify! Really? Yes!

“The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life. Peace Pilgrim

That truly sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

In reality, we have been programmed to be anything but internally peaceful.

We have learned from very early on that we want to please others. So we begin to adorn ourselves with masks. The one that mommy will love, the one that daddy will love, the one that grandma will love.

And as we get older we keep those masks, even when they are no longer effective.

Until we finally realize we have become the mask. We can no longer see where we left ourselves. That is when we begin our search for simplicity and inner peace of our true self.


In essence the idea of simplicity is very comforting. It means we no longer have to multi-task.

It means we choose to be completely present in the moment. It means to me, we let go of anything that is not directly feeding our peace. That does not mean that we let go of our responsibilities. But we learn how to deal with them in ways that do not rock our boat.

For instance taking out the sense of hurry-ness, we have in our daily lives. When we are busy bustling about, there is no simplicity. There is just rush and anxiety. We cannot even hear our inner hearts beat.

Agreeing to step into simplicity and simplify our lives, is then allowing what is truly important to filter through our hearts and consciousness.

After all, do we really need to be in a space of 24/7 connection to the outside world?

Is that where we are truly being fed?

I don’t think so.


The place where our inner truths and hearts are being fed is where the peace is. Can you hear it when you are choosing to listen for it?

How do we know when the Universe is trying to tell us something?

Embracing our inner peace, is the foundation of how we change our life. The question though is, how do we let go of all the noise that surrounds us?


This is the ultimate question on our quest for inner peace. After all, how can we possibly consider being in that space if everything around is pulling us into that centrifugal force? We all know how it feels to try to quell the noise around our daily interactions.

For instance, whenever something is seemingly chaotic around us, do we participate in the chaos? Think we have to control or manage the chaos? Or rather not participate?

The first step is acknowledging that no matter what is happening around us, our first priority is to take care of ourselves. And that is truly a choice.

As an experienced meditator, if you are one, I know you have experienced this. We can meditate in any circumstance.

In fact I remember going into a meditation in the middle of a rowdy, busy, noisy carnival. When I was able to do that, shutting out the world around me, I knew then that I could find my own inner peace.

And that has been my benchmark of what state I am in. That being rocked by external factors did not have to be the norm. I could observe without participating.

Do we find that as a battle or an option to our own Inner Peace?

It is not a luxury by the way.

Needing to take care of ourselves first, provides the well of compassion and nurturance that guides us.

And being in that space of inner peace is the most nourishing thing we can do for ourselves. It is healing, grounding and uplifting.

We can then hear, see and respond in loving compassionate ways.

There are times in our lives when we truly have to be willing to step into the changing of our thinking.

Or as Mooji puts it, “Recognizing the evolution from person to presence is the evolution of consciousness. When we recognize our presence, the mind loses it influence. Your mind should not be your master, or your boss. The mind is not where we search for who we are.Mooji

One of the first steps is to acknowledge that we all need quiet and stillness. In this space we can rest, look deep within and be able to hear the answers we need.

And this space is always available! It is just knowing at any time, that is where we choose to live. Then we shed all the external factors that no longer guide us.

As our consciousness expands, the lightness is our guide and our comfort. . The darkness is no longer our nemesis. The sense of being alone is only fed by fear not by light.

We no longer have to be pulled into the everyday drama that some of us have become accustomed to being in. We do not have to participate in something that is less than loving. We do not have to give an opinion. We do not have to do anything but provide peace and love to ourselves and the ones we care about.

When we are in that space, our world changes. Peace becomes the norm and people around us are actually vibrationally impacted by our peacefulness. Just think of it as an exponential experiment in calm. We can walk into a room and change the energy, because we are the calm in a seeming storm.

It is choice to participate in our deepest truth of peace, not in our mind of chaos and drama.







Peaceful outlook

LETTING GO of stories and yesterday

The Present and presence of Now


Try these words while you are meditating.



Feel the difference they make in your body.

Use them as a mantra. Do this twice daily.

With each day, be conscious of the changes happening around you and inside of you. You might experience the letting go of heaviness in your body.

This is good. It means all the no longer needed attachments are dissolving.

And freedom is yours to step into. Your freedom of complete inner peace.

I can see it working for all of us already!


“Loving yourself does not mean being self-absorbed, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart.” Margo Anand

When we have made the decision to decide our inner peace is the most important choice we can make for our way of living, we are creating new paths of joy. love and simplicity.

Inner peace is not just the realm of ascended masters. It is there for all of us to step into. It is the natural way of living. I think it is truly the way life is meant to be lived.

Inner Peace is not some unattainable concept. It is”

  1. the drive to let go of external distractions, judgments and categorical thinking.

2.  the choice to step into peace.

3. the knowing that we are not alone in this gorgeous Universe.

4.  accepting the shadows as well as the light . Seeing it and letting it go. There is never peace in the judging.

5.And that no matter the circumstance we are tethered to our own divinity of peace, it is there for the taking.

Are we ready to make that leap or choice for our own Inner Peace?

Imagine creating a world where peace is the norm, because we all decided it starts with each of us.

I wish you great insight on this journey. There is nothing more fulfilling and creative internally than finding your inner home.

I hope to hear your comments below.

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  1. Beautiful post Ariel. Inner peace is seemingly hard to find in a world of constant distraction.

    Simplifying my life is a work in progress. Less stuff, less worry. In a life filled with consumer mentality I found ditching the TV helped immensely. It’s making simple life easier to attain.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Isn’t that the truth? But the other part of that is choosing not to participate in the distractions. I am so grateful for you being here. I hope we get to chat again soon. Best wishes for great inner peace and joy.

  2. This is a beautiful post. I could really relate when you talked about the news cycle. It comes at us 24/7 now that we not only have the news media, but also the internet.

    1. Hello Melinda! So many thanks for stopping by and your encouragement. I so do agree, about the news cycle. But we do have the power of the off button!
      I wish you great success. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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