The expense of healthcare, it pays to be healthy!

The expense of healthcare, it pays to be healthy!

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THE EXPENSE OF HEALTHCARE, it pays to be healthy!  So what are we doing to be healthyWe all know that healthcare can be incredibly expensive. 

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Even with all of the necessary health insurance, you will still find that there are a few expenses you might need to cover, including the insurance premiums.

There is one way to bring down the cost of your healthcare, though – you just need to try and stay as healthy as possible. After all, the less you spend on healthcare, the more you can save. Not only that, though, but once you have had certain medication or treatments, you might find that they push your future premiums up slightly.

That’s because you will become a bigger risk to insurers, and they will charge you more for your cover.


So, which are the most costliest medical treatments? Here are some of the ones that might end up pushing your insurance premiums right up so, as you can see, it’s always best to try and stay as healthy as possible!

it pays to stay healthy

Heart Transplants


The most expensive treatments are those that are very intricate and complicated. So, that means that anything to do with the heart – whether surgery, medication, or other forms of treatment – tend to be the most expensive.

They are dealing with one of the most important organs in the body and any mistakes could prove to be fatal, so it makes sense that they are the most sophisticated treatments and require a lot more attention when being carried out.

So, one of the most costly heart treatments has to be a transplant. Thankfully, you will only require this if you really neglect your heart and it ends up in very bad shape. The best way to look after your heart is to regularly exercise and eat heart-healthy food including whole grains and oily fish.


Pneumonia Treatment

it pays to stay healthy

Pneumonia is a fairly common condition, especially amongst the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. However, that doesn’t mean that it is cheap to treat. In fact, it is actually the opposite as this illness can prove to be very costly. 

Patients that suffer from this health condition will have inflamed air sacs in their lungs. It can cause breathing and other respiratory problems. One of the main reasons why this condition is so expensive is that the treatment process can take quite a while. In fact, the average hospital stay with pneumonia can last anywhere up to a month, and will normally cost an average of $10.000.

And if you are getting symptoms of pneumonia, there are ways to herbally deal with it. From sage and thyme to turmeric and hot peppers. Just know there are options out there.



A tracheotomy is, more often than not, an emergency procedure. It involves an incision being made into the throat so that a tube can be inserted to aid breathing. This can be either a permanent or temporary measure, and is often carried out at the site of accidents whenever patients are having breathing difficulties.

Performing a tracheotomy can get them breathing again so that they can survive the journey to hospital. However, usually it is carried out in the emergency room in a sterile environment.

Generally speaking, any procedure that is carried out in the emergency room is going to be quite pricey, but the costs related to a tracheotomy tend to be exceptionally high.

Intensive aftercare is often required, which will add to those costs. In some cases, the cost of having a tracheotomy and then staying in hospital afterwards can sometimes add up to just over $200,000. Unfortunately, this will definitely push your premiums up by quite a bit!

it pays to stay healthy

Fertility Treatments

Lots of married couples who would like to be parents are often hindered because of various fertility issues. Unfortunately, some fertility problems can not be prevented, and there might be nothing you can do to make yourself more fertile.

For instance, the condition endometriosis can reduce a woman’s fertility. No one knows what causes it, though, and there can be nothing a woman can do to prevent it. Thankfully, though, there is a wide range of fertility treatments to help couples overcome these issues and become parents.

Some of them can be costly, although you can sometimes get special insurance that covers IVF costs and other fertility treatments. If you get quotes from different fertility clinics, you might find that you can get the treatment cheaper from different ones. So, it’s always a good idea to shop around for this treatment and try to find the best price for you.

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it pays to stay healthy

it pays to stay healthy



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Unfortunately, the expenses don’t stop once you do finally get pregnant. There is then the childbirth to contend with! Giving birth can be a very stressful and painful experience, and it also comes with a huge bill at the end.

One way to make sure you don’t have to pay for this all yourself is to find health insurance that covers pregnancy and childbirth costs. Not all insurances automatically cover this, so you need to look in the small print of the contract.

Some will give you the chance to add this option at a later date if you do decide that you want to start a family. Just remember that adding this extra cover will bump up your premiums.

it pays to stay healthy

Stroke Treatments

Strokes are quite common in elderly people. As they are often an emergency condition, they will end up with you in ER, which we already know can be very expensive!

But don’t worry, though; there are some things you can do to stay healthy and effectively prevent a stroke. First of all, if you know you have high blood pressure, you should work on reducing that. Your doctor will be able to give you advice.

Losing weight and exercising more can help you with your blood pressure, but they are also known for being able to reduce an individual’s risk of a stroke as well. Getting rid of any bad habits, such as drinking excessively and smoking, will also bring down your risk of a stroke too.

Hopefully, you never end up needing to use any of the medicines or treatments for any of the conditions I have mentioned above. Staying fit and healthy will certainly help you with that!

And to keep that blood pressure lowered do consider meditation twice a day. There are many forms, from just simple breathing to walking meditation. Do try it. you will be amazed at how sere


Sometimes in life there are not any ways to prevent having to deal with major health issues. And when that happens it can impact our finances. So its important to find out options and what kind of financial support there is. Possibly through the hospital or physician office.

And we are so responsible for our own health, aren’t we? It is our choice what we eat, and how we live and what choices we make. These factors can also impact our being healthy. And it pays to be healthy. To do whatever it takes to keep us there.

For instancce CBD oil is so beneficial for all of our physical symptoms. And its so much less expensive that prescriptions and doctors appointments.

It pays to stay healthy means we can take charge of our lives so that hopefully we are not in the position of needing hospital stays and huge medical bills.

I wish you ease, comfort and vibrant health!

What are your thoughts on  health and expenses?

In peace and gratitude,

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Living one heart-centric moment at at time

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