The Backbone of the Family, is that You?

The Backbone of the Family, is that You?

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backbone of family

The backbone of the family, is really the heart of our family, isn’t it? So what does it mean being the backbone of our family? And how well do we do it? Let’s talk about it. 

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It’s easy to get into bad habits and routines with your family. And it’s even easier to forget how important it is for you to be the supportive family member that your close relatives need.

It doesn’t have to be difficult for you to make changes to your family life . Changes that result in your loved ones feeling better supported by you.

Here are some of the changes, as one that is the backbone of their family, should be making as we all want to make this so heart centered and loving, yes? 

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Acknowledge Their Achievements as the backbone of the Family

When a close family member does something positive and achieves some sort of success, it’s only right for you to acknowledge those achievements. It’s something that can go a long way and show your family that you really do care about how they do and what they’re aiming for in life.

It’s all about reinforcing the positive things rather than dwelling on negatives.

And even if it something that you might not see as an achievement it is for your family member. That truly counts, And we never want to diminish another. 

Dig Deeper Without Being Overbearing

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Sometimes, you need to dig below the surface to find out what’s going on in your family. Unfortunately, people aren’t always forthcoming with their problems and they can need a little prodding and encouragement before they’re willing to open up.

 Becoming adept at getting your family to open up with you without being too overbearing about it is another fabulous skill to work on. Isn’t it?

Encourage Them in Their Passions as the Backbone of the Family

If there’s someone in your family who has a particular passion or something they want to achieve in life, you should be there to encourage them to pursue those things.

People can be easily deterred when they get a knock back, but those things should never stop them from achieving what they want to in life. You can be there to make sure they don’t give up.


Understand How You Felt When You Were Your Kids’ Ages

the backbone of the family

Your kids’ adolescent years are among the most difficult they’ll go through, and having empathy for them at that time will have a big impact on how they cope. It’s not always easy to get parental support right when they’re going through this, but it can be done.

Whether you’re helping them get braces from Beach Braces Orthodontics or helping them with teenage love issues, it won’t be easy but it can be done.

holding hand the backbone of the family

Pay Closer Attention, as you are the backbone of the family

Often, it’s a simple case of paying closer attention to your family and taking more of an interest in the things that are important to them.

It shows you care if you’re willing to share their interests rather than focus on your own all the time. You’ll make those family bonds much stronger too, which has to be a good thing for you all.

So don’t stay insular; think outwardly and pay more attention to those around you.

There are many ways to insure that your family members are also ready to be together in activities. From hiking to day adventure, to game night. And one way to build active listening and compassionate grace is through mindfulness.



Being the supportive person your family needs you to be is not always easy, and it’s important that they return the favor too.

And this is a fabulous life skill to learn. How to be supportive to each other. So being able to see this in action, means that each member will in turn deal with others in that same way.With consideration and kindness.

And that is how we change the world, yes? 

When you’re all working to support one another in a positive way. It becomes so much easier for you all to feel fulfilled and confident when you each have a support network around you.

In today’s young families there are so many wonderful practices that are happening. Ways that support children dealing with their own emotions as hand in hand parenting. And of course the family bed has its roots in full bonding for each child.


Being the backbone of the family, means that we are willing to truly be there for our family members. It does not mean we take away independence or thought.

But it does relate to offering a space of safe refuge where family members know that they are being loved, heard and validated.

There is nothing more important as we raise our families to be the backbone in a way that support, loves and helps each member to thrive.

To mean that means, patience, great listening skills and no judgment. And also teaching each child that they can and do have the freedom to express themselves.

Finding ways to enjoy each other is also such a sweet bonding time. From playground times, to just simple holding hands. The concept is just empowering the vital connections of bond.

So does this make sense to you? What is your way of being the backbone of your family?

I would really like to hear your thoughts.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

Living one heart-centric moment at a time

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