Staying Healthy, Fit And Happy (When You Work 60 Hours A Week)

Staying Healthy, Fit And Happy (When You Work 60 Hours A Week)

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When we are working a very intense schedule it is so important to figure out what we need to stay strong and healthy, And it is a choice that we have to make. Our life is not just about work.

After we never heard some one say I wish I had spent more time at the office on their death bed!

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Do you work all the hours under the sun? If you do, you might find it difficult to stay healthy and happy under budget.

In fact, your happiness is probably very low down the scale, and because you work too hard, you end up reaching for the sweet treats, and you don’t exercise as much.

So, how can you stay healthy, fit, and happy when you work 60 hours a week?

And this is a choice that is important to our health. We need to decide how we can keep up our schedule while still caring for our selves..we cannot lose sight of our our self care!

Know Your Schedule

It’s much easier for you to plan ahead when you know exactly where you’re going to be in three days time, four days time, and so forth.

If you know your schedule, you can plan ahead and pre-pack lunches, saving you the temptation to reach for sweet treats. In fact, by knowing your schedule means that you can map your life out accordingly.

If you work 60 hours a week, there is little room for freedom. So the best solution is to map your life out to a T, and this includes scheduling in downtime.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain a sense of balance, but it’s necessary for you to work this much, having a proper schedule is going to be the key.

Ingrain Certain Habits

It’s the little things that will keep you fueled, and you need to know what they are. Firstly, hydration is one of the most beneficial things.

However, so many of us forget to drink the adequate amount of water, so, buy a bulk of the best bottled water available, and always have one on your person.

Secondly, have the right snacks available. Nuts, seeds, and fruit are always handy additions. These will keep you feeling fuller and will reduce the temptation for those doughnuts.

Habits take a while to form, but once you’ve made the steps to integrate these into your life, you need to keep at it for at least 21 days.

Fuel Your Brain

If you’re working 60 hours a week, it’s not just your body that needs to be fueled! To make sure that you are doing everything to the best of your ability, it’s time to make sure that you are putting the best ingredients into your body that fuels your brain.

It’s not just about the right diet, but it’s about making sure that your mind is calm and focused enough to accomplish these tasks.

I know from growing my own business, that it is vital to know when our minds need a break. And it is so important to listen to our own bodies when they tell us something.

Meditation, focus exercises, and any act of mindfulness under pressure, including box breathing, will help you to create an aura of calm.

This will stop you thinking about the magnitude of the work you do. And if you do work 60 hours a week, that’s a hell of a lot of hours!

Would you like to do what I am doing?and not work 60 hours? Well click here to find out how!

Workout Fast

When was the last opportunity you had to work out? Probably a long time ago. Instead of scheduling in 3 or 4 days a week at the gym, which includes traveling to the gym, the workout, and traveling home.

Instead, it’s time to embrace high-intensity interval training and weight training that is done quickly.

There are various workout routines you can take advantage of, but going intense with your weights is one of the best ways for you to feel the benefits quick.

There are many workout routines that you can take advantage of, such as Body By Science (more on which below), or 5 x 5, but it’s worth finding the right one for you.

What does suit you for your exercise routine? For some of us it may just be a wonderful 15030 minute brisk walk. Or it might be a jog, or aerobics. Figure out how your body is most happy with exercising. And then stick to that.

Staying fit and healthy and happy when you work 60 hours a week is one of the biggest challenges anybody could ever undertake, but it’s not impossible.

In fact, when it really matters how we treat the temple of our body, we will indeed make every effort to cherish it and keep it strong and healthy. After all, this is the only body we have!

It’s more about tackling it with a proper plan, rather than buckling under the pressure.


When we are working on a high demanding schedule it is so important to work in time that gives us a chance to breathe and takes breaks.

These breaks do not have to be long , but they do indeed have to be about self care. And that is the choice we must make in order to stay healthy and fit.

So to our health and long life..and loads of joy!

What will you do for you ?

In peace and gratitude,


9 thoughts on “Staying Healthy, Fit And Happy (When You Work 60 Hours A Week)

  1. Good article, Ariel. I am not sure I want to completely schedule my day…perhaps a block for fun in each day will be enough, and that gives me the room for spontaneity. What I do is to completely schedule, precisely, my work time.

    I do think that having an online business provides the most flexibility and benefits for hours invested, we are in agreement! With this I can work 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week….and get full-time benefits. Pretty cool. Folks should check it out as you suggest!

  2. If it was 60hours for me that would be great. here in New York, my daily hours are 14 daily, 7 to 7 and 8 on Saturdays. This is a big problem staying healthy here, and your suggestions are well received.
    Preparing my lunches in advance works well for me, and using fruits and vegetable is part of my daily schedule. I may not get the full exercise routine for the week, but brisk walking during the course of the day is part of my routine.
    Happy to know from your list that I am on track with my healthy living and taking care of my body the right way.
    Today the world is becoming more health conscious with lots of organic stores opening in my part of the woods. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  3. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the useful tips and I do work for long hours and I work for 6 days in a week so your recommendations are really helpful.

    I got a new information on keeping the habits “Habits take a while to form, but once you’ve made the steps to integrate these into your life, you need to keep at it for at least 21 days.” Will follow for 21 days.

    Your Friend,

  4. Ariel,
    I don’t work 60 hours a week, but my husband does. I like the idea you mentioned about exercise. You said embrace high-intensity interval training and weight training that is done quickly. Very good advice. Cuts down on the time it would take running back and forth to the gym.

  5. Hello Ariel,
    Yes, 60 hours a week and not enough focus on your health sounds like a recipe for a ‘break-down’. We have to mindful. Love the idea and reminder that no one will say on their death bed. It’s all about focus, wisdom, and execution. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Michelle, well i think we all have to find our happy medium. NO matter how many hours we are working. It is about balance. Certainly not something i have yet learned! LOL. And you are so right, it is about focus and execution. Hope I will get better at it. Thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Although I don’t even work 20 hours a week, I do have a full schedule with other responsibilities, so planning ahead is crucial.

    I make every effort to pack a lunch because as diverse as New York City is, there tend to be a lot more fast food places in the boroughs of New York than places where you can get a healthy lunch on the go. And if you do find something nutritious, it’s over-priced!

    It was also just revealed to me that although I consider myself to be an “early bird”, I mat start exercising in the afternoons instead of mornings!. My energy tends to fade rather quickly, but instead of engaging in movement, I tend to sit for hours at a time, making me less inclined to exercise. So, it’s time to make some changes!

    1. Hello V, i hear you! And that is why I do exercise in the early morning and then right as the sun goes down.
      And it does make my body feel so much better. Let me know how it goes for you. And great for packing lunch. So glad you are here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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