Stay Healthy After 50

Stay Healthy After 50

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Stay Healthy after 50, the way to a  glowing life!

It so does seem that with our lives extending way beyond our grandparents, we have this extra time to truly find ways to live in our own vibrancy and health after 50. In fact 50 is no longer even considered old! So what are we going to do to insure our bodies and minds are well connected and cared for?

After all once we get to our golden years, we want that glow, yes?

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We are now living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Improvements in diet, medical advancements and leaps forward in the standard of living now mean that life in our later decades isn’t what it once was for our grandparents or even our parents.

healthy after 50

We can now lead healthy, active lives well into retirement, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be enjoying life to the fullest during our 50s. In fact, many people find that these years are somewhat of a renaissance.

As grown-up children leave home, meaning there is time to rediscover hobbies, devote to the community and cover other interests. The key to enjoying this time is really to make sure that our health is in balance.


Laying the foundations to this starts early though – in your 30s and beyond. You can start with health prevention to ensure that you preserve the stamina and wellbeing that you’ve enjoyed on into future decades.

Preventing any issues means that you can look forward to more years of an active, healthy retirement, making those years much more enjoyable. Here’s what you can do to make it the best time possible:

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Ensure Quality Sleep

Sleep really is the key to good health, and never more so than when you start to age. A solid 8-9 hours a night is a building block that supports the rest of your wellbeing.

From helping you to to maintain stamina and a sharper mental focus to even being linked to the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and keeping your weight down.


So prioritising getting some shut eye – and eliminating any causes of broken sleep- should be at the top of your list.

Diet, sleep and health are all interlinked.   S o try to cut down on the crutches of caffeinated drinks and sugary or refined carbs to get you through the day.,

As that can disrupt sleep at night. If you want to push your body and get the most of a healthy, active retirement, improving the quantity and quality of sleep is crucial.


Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep is when the body repairs and rebuilds itself and the brain processes information.

So getting more of it is important for healing and good health. Good sleep hygiene means making sure that the room you sleep in is well ventilated, dark, the correct temperature and quiet.

You may want to look into blackout blinds or curtains or a sleep mask if it’s not sufficiently dark.

healthy after 50

Make sure that you invest in the best quality mattress and pillows that you can, and if you have trouble falling asleep, an aromatherapy diffuser or a white noise machine can really help.

Also make sure that you ban any electronics from the bedroom, as the blue light they emit is highly disruptive to the body’s natural circadian rhythms, that control the production of the sleep hormone, melotonin.

And if you find that you are having symptoms from the emissions of your devices. Here is a solution that truly made my world easier and more adaptable. Its called Basic Reset. A

healthy eating

Control Your Nutrition


Making sure that you eat the right, nutritious foods most of the time has a great range of benefits. From ensuring that your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to function optimally, protects and supports your immune system, and gives you the energy to exercise and pursue an active life.

As we age, the body can struggle more to process refined carbs and sugars, so we need to ensure that we take more care over nutrition.


healthy after 50

Similarly, weight gain is a lot harder to avoid and tackle as we get older and our metabolisms naturally slow down. It’s easy to find the pounds creeping on, so it could be time to address that – whether that’s a matter of a few extra pounds that can be addressed. 

By incorporating some more exercise and cutting down or treats, or it’s a more substantial problem you may find yourself searching for lap band surgery or some medical plan to help you lose the weight.


But a nutritious diet doesn’t have to be dull, or overly restrictive. There are lots of gentle ways to improve your intake, from finding powdered super greens that you can add to daily smoothies.

To adopting some healthier substitutes into the meals you like, such as courgetti, butternut squash noodles and cauliflower rice rather than starchy alternatives.

Try to ensure that you are ‘eating a rainbow’ of different coloured vegetables and fruits each day to benefit from a broad range of antioxidants and vitamins.

healthy after 50

Avoid Causes of Stress to Stay Healthy

One of the great things about getting a little older and wiser is that life is more secure, finances and jobs tend to be more stable and causes of stress are fewer, but that’s not to say they aren’t present at all. And learning to manage causes of stress becomes more important as we get older.

Stress places your nervous system under a huge amount of strain, and increases toxic hormones in the body, making you more susceptible to illness and disease. You’ll also find that recovery from any ailments of exercise is harder as well, so make sure that you build in time to decompress.

Find something that relaxes you, from painting to yoga to gardening and spend at least an hour a week doing that. Make sure that you take regular breaks from social media and emails as well, and learn a few simple deep breathing techniques that can help you decompress at the end of the day.

Mindfulness podcasts can also help you to find a new focus and switch off from any outside pressures.

Another way of truly staying healthy and loving life, is using your creativity ! Come join me making a living writing! And learning new things after 60 is a life changing experience. I am loving my life! You can do this also. 

Tailor Low Intensity Workouts

Intense exercise is great, but it’s also highly stressful on the body, with everything from your nervous system to your joints taking a pounding. So make sure that you are interspersing heavier workouts such as intense weights, circuits or sprints with more low-impact exercise.


This can include slower-paced cardio, body weight exercises and classes such as Pilates followed by sessions in the sauna or using a foam roller to relax your muscles. This approach will ensure that you have energy for your harder sessions and also that your body is able to recover and repair itself.


As we age we know that taking care of ourselves is a must. What choices we make now will definitely impact our world going forward. I have noticed that my sleeping pattern is changing. So for me its figuring out how to get the best night sleep.

And exercise is so vital. Even just walking at least 30 minutes per day will change your body and your outlook. And raise your endorphins.

What things are you learning about what works best for you as you get older? And keep that vibrancy and love of life?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

living one heart-centric moment at a time


4 thoughts on “Stay Healthy After 50

  1. Hi Ariel,
    This is great information as our babyboomers reach into their 50’s and 60’s. Sleep, good nutrition and positive outlets for healthy brain activity all work together, as you say. As one of the leading edge of the babyboomers, I can attest that 50 and 60 are not old at all…just numbers. If we take care of ourselves, that will ensure a long and positive second half of our lives! Or thereabouts…

    1. Hello Annie, i so agree.numbers are just numbers.. I am loving how vibrant and thriving I am feeling now at 65! So I know the rest will be even better, yes? And we are the generation that has so much more freedom and leisure time than previous generations. So hope we use it wisely. Thanks so much for popping by. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Excellent article Ariel, I will need to take better care of my health, sleep and nutrition are on the back burner, while the burn at the candle at both ends with the day job and assisting Shawn to get up and running online. 50 really isn’t old anymore, with social media we see people in their 70s that are healthy and look young and vibrant and fit! Definitely something to attain too.

    1. Hello Tara, I hear you! And once we get into the space of truly finding balance, patience, health and good habits. I think we are on our way to amazing joy! Thank you so much for stopping by. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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