Six Spring Health Checks

Six Spring Health Checks

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Ahh the joy of spring. Who doesn’t feel a more sense of aliveness and joy? It is the moment of new birth and possiblity and utter beauty isn’t it?

I love spring. Well in all honesty, I adore all the seasons. For the changes they bring and the gifts they bestow upon us.

But spring is the most hopeful, isn’t it? So let’s take a walk to see what spring cleaning we have to do to take care of our own internal spring cleaning.

Ready? Here we go!

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As a season, Spring is a time for replenishment and renewal – it’s traditionally a time for a huge home clearout and Spring Clean which is all about getting out the old and bringing in the new.

Spring is a time for home renovation and repairs, yet, something that often gets overlooked at this time of year is doing the same with our health!

Unfortunately, we aren’t immortal and it’s important to keep things in regular check as our bodies, just like our homes, go through a process of wear and tear as we get older and occasionally need servicing.

It’s therefore a good idea to have a check-up from time to time and this article covers a number of quick and easy tests you might want to consider.

The great thing nowadays, is that you can do a number of tests from the comfort of your own home, as much of the equipment required (e.g. blood pressure monitor) is reasonably inexpensive, simple to use and to interpret the results.

Of course, there are times you should seek professional medical advice rather than rely on home testing, and it’s important to consider recent innovations within healthcare.

As an example you can now learn how to navigate medical marijuana without the taboo of legal implications once faced.

Similarly there are a number of holistic therapies available that can have a healing effect on your health, but the first step is to check out your current state of health.

Here are six recommendations:


The majority of people today, particularly given the intensive use of computers, televisions, and mobile devices we all use require a little help to correct their sight.

As we age the health of our eyes can start to deteriorate so it’s good to have a check-up, not just for glasses, but to confirm your overall optic health and rule out conditions such as glaucoma.


The good news is hearing evaluations are one of the less invasive tests required, yet so many of us begin to lose the edge of our ability to hear others, which leads to severe and totally unavoidable communication issues.

The ability to communicate is so important, and if you are struggling with your hearing, then it’s a good idea to get a quick test – as it’ll be over in a jiffy and could save a lot of embarrassment down the line.

The other thing to note is that some hearing aids are now totally hidden within the ear itself.


Many of us fear visiting the dentist., And perhaps this is for good reason on the basis that nobody likes the invasive feeling of having fingers crammed into one’s mouth.

And sharp implements prodded around the gums resulting in the inevitably metallic taste of blood .

But it’s much better to keep your oral health in check, rather than be searching for emergency dentists at the last minute because of a dental emergency such as toothache.  I

Indeed, toothache can be one of the most excruciating and intimate pains as it’s in such a sensitive part of your body that’s full of nerves and can be aggravated by stimuli as simple as breathing in and out.

The thing with oral health is that as long as you keep on top of it, it’s actually pretty inexpensive -.

However, if you allow a small problem to turn into a big problem you’re likely to not just be up all night with the pain of toothache but the financial pain of having to cover huge dental bills.

The best advice, therefore, is to visit your dentist regularly and keep on top of your oral health.


We all feel a little timid to get sensitive parts of ourselves tested; particularly for something as significant as prostate cancer or breast cancer; but there’s no benefit in burying your head in the sand – as, unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss.

According to statistics, from cancer research, as many as 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives.  If you have reason to suspect anything, the best thing to do is to book an appointment and get checked out

As the likelihood is you’ll have the all clear and benefit from a greater sense of peace of mind; but if something does come back positive, at least you are in the empowered position to treat it promptly; which is likely to stop it in its tracks.


Given the processed diets we often find ourselves living on, out of convenience, a lot of us suffer with high levels of cholesterol where the arteries begin to clog up, become furry, and eventually harden.

This is a major cause of heart disease, and if you do have high cholesterol, it’s something that should be addressed by a change in diet, sooner rather than later.

You can even order self-testing kits to measure your own cholesterol levels online.

If you are ready to become a writer and want to do what I am having the time of my life doing, click here.


High or low blood pressure can lead to serious problems so it’s a good idea to know where your blood pressure level is, in order to make any necessary adjustments and keep yourself in tip top shape.

Spring is the eternal reminder of all that is possible. In this way of thinking we also need to know that we are making sure that our new things popping up in our bodies are being looked after and cared for.

Do take the time to see a dentist, eye doctor and have your annual physical. It is the best time to spring into lovely new action of great health, yes?

What will you do for your spring fix up?

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  1. Dear Ariel,

    I do love spring season. Yes I do agree with we need to know our body and doing the above check ups you mentioned is really a great advice.

    You are proving very good food for my mind and great advice and great tips. Keep up the great service.

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