Seeing your doctor? Speak up!

Seeing your doctor? Speak up!

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speak up

Ahh, did you see your doctor recently? And then speak up?


Getting people to go to the see a doctor in the first place is hard work. No one wants to bother their physician when they have better things to do. Besides, it’s probably nothing and it’s expensive.

You’ll be fine in a couple of days. When you do finally see a medical professional, it’s because things are getting worse or you aren’t improving. As a result, patients are receptive to everything the doc has to say. They take the advice, and the drugs, and get out of the surgery ASAP.

Listening to an expert is important, but the key to a healthy interaction is not to be passive. It’s time to get on a level with your doctor, and here are four tips for your information.

Speak up when talking to  your doctor. This is your life, your health, your body. Do not just accept that the word of the doctor is the final word. After all you are the one who lives in your body. And although these wonderful professionals have studied long and hard, they are after all just practicing. They do not have all the answers.

What I have learned is that we have to be our own advocates. IN fact, bring someone with you to the appointment. It helps that another ear will hear things too.

And that gives you also a talking partner to figure out and disseminate any information you might have to make a decision on.

speak up

So be prepared to speak up!


Talk To Them

For the most part, doctors will speak and patients will answer with monosyllabic grunts. Even when you have to describe the problem, they tend to take the lead.

Usually, this encourages people to sit and listen. Again, this is healthy yet it’s also dangerous because it implies you will withhold information.

If they don’t ask you about something, you’re not going to open up, especially if it’s embarrassing. This is why it’s essential to explain the symptoms in detail, from what they are to why they might be occurring now.

speak up

Ask Questions speak up, you matter!


It takes between seven and ten long years to become a licensed medical professional. Along the way, there are complicated procedures to understand, reams of text, and jargon.

So, there’s a possibility the doc might not speak your language. This doesn’t make you dumb; just not a doctor. Therefore, ask questions when you don’t understand to get a better idea of the treatment and how to move forward.

It might about hearing FAQs or back pain, but the rule is the same. Speak up and improve your knowledge to help recover quicker.

speak up

Be Prepared, Have Questions, and Be ready to Speak up!

Because of their expertise, patients tend to turn up to an appointment without doing their research. Doing your homework can help the doctor to do their job more effectively.

And, no, this doesn’t mean using Google and diagnosing yourself. Instead, it’s about writing down your recent health history and making a list of your current medications.

If you have access to them, don’t be afraid to take a look at your medical records as there might be nuggets of info which are vital to your recovery.

Of course, write down the questions you have too. And don’t forget to speak up!

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Take Info Home, so you really take time to understand 

Docs always have leaflets and pamphlets which they distribute to their patients. For the most part, people decline, or they take them and throw them in the trash.

What’s wrong about is this the fact these brochures contain valuable information. And, it’s in easy-to-understand English so there’s no need to rack your brains to follow steps.

Aside from handouts, you can ask for a copy of the doctor’s notes also. In fact, some people use their phone to record the interaction and listen to it later. After all, it’s not hard to forget things after the fact.

speak up

Summary, How’s your relationship with your doctor?

This is really a great question. How many of us do really have a relationship with our doctors that is comfortable? Or that we feel we are being heard? It is vital to establish this relationship so that it works for you.

You are the customer and patient here. YOU deserve to be heard. So do speak up! Say what you need, what are your worries and questions. And if you are not getting the answers, find out where you can get them.

I have learned we have to be the contractor of our own health. Stand up , speak out, Don’t accept decisions as gospel. Sometimes its the doctors perception rather than what is going to work for you.

What do you do to get ready for your doctor’s appointment?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

living one heart-centric moment at a time!

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