Picking Up Bad Vibes, Erasing Negativity

Picking Up Bad Vibes, Erasing Negativity

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This is a contributed post. Which means that ariel did not write it.

bad vibes

Ahh, vibes. Bad vibes or good vibes. Do they really exist? Yup. You know how you meet someone and instantly you know their vibe? It is a real thing. We share our energetic vibration.

We are after all just a particle and a wave, yes? So what happens when we are around more negative than positive vibes? Bad vibes?

When you hear the term “negativity,” your mind probably thinks of a person with wild hair and crystals speaking in tongues. All of that bad vibes nonsense is for the carnies and the gullible suckers that believe in spirits and crystal balls.

You’re an analytic person that thinks in modern medicine and the things you can see and feel. Bad vibrations are just a corny take on the Beach Boys song. No way; not having it; pull the other one and leave.


Do you want to hear something which might rock your world? Science says bad vibes and negativity are real and they impact health. Whoops! Apparently, research proves a tiny dose of negativity leads to a weakened immune system.

Living in a bad atmosphere can make you more susceptible to death at an early age. Then, there’s the effect on your intelligence. A lack of positivity leads to changes in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with reasoning and decision-making.

And that is so not okay!

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It’s clear that picking up bad vibes is a thing and it needs dealing with ASAP. The problem is you don’t know the causes because you didn’t believe in it thirty seconds ago. So, what can you do to erase the negativity and save your health?


Bid Them Adieu

bad vibes

Typically, an individual doesn’t wake up in the morning and vow to be miserable. If anything, there is hope and excitement as soon as the eyes open. It’s when you come into contact with others that things begin to take a turn.

Negative thoughts and feelings are like bacteria – they’re contagious. So, someone that is moody and temperamental might cause you to follow suit.

bad vibes

The solution is as simple as it is elegant: remove them from your life. As drastic as it sounds, it’s the only option because they will continue to infect you for years.

Unless they naturally disappear, you’ll have to deal with their bipolar disorder and find a way to cope. Well, the best coping mechanism is to be brave and say “I don’t want you in my life any longer.”


People that don’t take this step end up getting dragged down to rock bottom. As the saying goes, misery loves company and they’ll have no qualms projecting on your life.

Surround yourself with the people who emit love and happiness for the sake of your health.m

bad vibes

Set Restrictions

The savvy readers among you will notice a problem with the tip above. There are some people you can’t remove from your life even if you want to.

Family and friends are fair game if you want to go the whole hog, yet colleagues and bosses are a separate entity. Unless there is a change of job, there is no way to avoid them because it will impact your work life.


Of course, their constant tone is affecting your career at the moment, which is why a compromise is essential. People of strong will and character can adopt the “ignorance” technique. In simple terms, this is where you realize that their personality is negative and then ignore pretty much everything they say.

Still, the constant remarks can be tough to zone out completely, which is where limits come into play. Set restrictions by distancing yourself from the conversation. You can do this by avoiding them in the office, or you can use psychology.


When a negative colleague tells you about a hard-luck story, ask them about their intentions. What do they plan to do to change things and bounce back? Usually, the question is too hard and the conversation will move onto a new topic.


Pick Your Battles and don’t do Bad Vibes

Life is a minefield, and negativity is everywhere. Like the song, you’re stuck in the middle with clowns to the left and jokers to the right. Unfortunately, the people on your right are out of reach. I

nstead, you’ve got to deal with the clowns that can’t stop moaning or dropping not-so-subtle insults. The human thing to do is bite back and to fight your corner as you’re not a pushover.


However, the problem here is that it lets in the negativity every time there is a confrontation. By engaging, you’re allowing them to set the tone and infect you with their bad vibrations.

So, pick the battles by choosing when to stand your ground and when to opt for flight over fight. There is nothing wrong with smiling and offering a shrug as opposed to getting in the middle of a battle.


What you’ll find after a short while is that they’ll seek out a new sounding board. Negative people want validation. When you don’t give it to them, they get bored and seek fresh victims leaving you to be positive.

After all, it’s a great day when there is zero pessimism in your world.


bad vibes


Spot The Signs of Bad Vibes


This post has focused on people and their contribution, but they aren’t the only causes. Relationships, in general, are vehicles for negativity, even if you haven’t noticed it yet.

Smoking is a perfect illustration. Yes, full-time smokers are addicted and need a nicotine hit, but they also smoke more depending on their mindset. Stressed and tired people go through a few extra cigarettes because they think they help.


Alcohol is a similar relationship, and you can learn about the emotions linked with drinking by following the link. Once you have spotted the signs, it’s time to go back to tip #1. Like you did or plan to do with negative people, bid these harmful substances adieu.


Start by cutting down – don’t go cold turkey – and gradually move forward.


Be Proactive no more Bad Vibes!


The final tip is to be proactive. When you feel negativity getting you down, do something about it and take action. How? Start by doing the things which make your life and smile and feel good inside.


A cool tip is to make another person giggle. There is nothing like the feeling of when you did some good in a person’s life.


Are you picking up bad vibes? Which methods will you use to erase negativity?

In peace and gratitude,

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