Pay Attention! 6 Symptoms You Should Never Brush Aside

Pay Attention! 6 Symptoms You Should Never Brush Aside

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We all have moments when we are not exactly sure what is happening in our bodies. It is important that we figure out what needs immediate medical attention. And getting the information we need dissipates  any fear or worry from the situation.

So rather than be in fear, take action and do listen to your body!

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No one knows your body better than you do. You feel every ache, every niggle and every change that goes on. You can’t help it; the more you delve into a healthy lifestyle, the more you notice when things don’t feel quite right.

Paying attention to what’s going on within ourselves is how you learn what’s right and what’s wrong for your body and once you feel something change, you soon know about it.

Listening to what’s going on in yourself physically is how you can detect and prevent different ailments. If you aren’t listening, you’re delaying getting the help you could desperately need.

There are a lot of things that we can solve ourselves and not need the services of place like Denton Combs, but then there are others that we cannot manage without help.

Heart attack signs, symptoms of an issue with your thyroid and other symptoms that quickly develop are all things you need more than just RICE to help! Here are six symptoms you should never ignore in your body:

Chest Pain. Seems like an obvious one, really, but you’d be shocked how many pass off chest pains as nothing. Lingering pain in the chest doesn’t just hint at a heart attack, but also blood clots or heart disease. This needs attention!

Sudden Headache.  We’ve all had tension or stress headaches brought on at work or home, but a sudden severe pain in the head needs immediate attention to rule out aneurysms or burst blood vessels. 6% of people could be living with an unruptured brain aneurysm and not know it, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Sudden Confusion. We’re not just talking about losing your keys. Sudden confusion or a massive change in personality can indicate a brain bleed or an oncoming stroke. Seeking medical help if you notice this in yourself or a loved one is something that needs to be done straight away.

Weight Loss. Not weight loss that happens over time, but a sudden drop in weight could point toward you needing a doctor straight away. Cancer often presents with a massive drop in weight and exhaustion, so if you are concerned, see a doctor right away. If you are eating healthily and trying to lose weight, then great, but you’ll notice the difference between a few pounds and a massive drop.

Short Breath. Physical activity and being generally unfit can cause you to lose your breath, but if you find yourself trying to catch it just walking from one side of your home to another, you need to be seen. An inability to catch your breath could be anything from asthma to pulmonary embolism. Don’t wait to be seen.

Constant Exhaustion. Work and family life can make us knackered, but a prolonged exhaustion points to something more. Anaemia, hypothyroidism and even cancer are in the loop here and it’s better to go for a blood test and find out it’s nothing than wait.

Listening to your body has never been more important. Keep your ears open and paying attention to any changes.

And learn to really listen to that inner voice inside of you that tells you when something does not feel right. It is important to not ignore that voice. And we never want to make situations worse by living in anxiety and worry. So do take all the steps necessary to make your life flow with ease and great health.


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8 thoughts on “Pay Attention! 6 Symptoms You Should Never Brush Aside

  1. Your choice of 6 symptoms you should never brush aside are all vital and if ignored can lead to severe complications.
    Nipping things in the bud can prevent serious consequences.
    A good article to alert people to not be complacent and take action if any of these symptoms are experienced.

    1. Hello Tania, thanks so much for stopping by. That is the key isn’t it? Nipping it in the bud. I hope we all learn to do that. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hello there, Ariel.
    Thanks for this article. You know, these ‘little signs’ are so ‘common and normal’ that people easily ‘take them for granted’ and as has been said – you push them aside or give them no real credence. We need to heighten our sense of awareness – it can determine the thin line between life and death.
    Reading this article just reminded me to be more attentive, not just for myself but for those around me – strangers as well as those I care about.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Michelle, it is truly about being attentive, but then again isn’t that our metaphor for life? How often do we just skate through instead of truly paying attention? Thanks so much for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Hi Ariel. This is very sound advice especially for me as I typically wait until symptoms get really serious before I act. I fortunate to have a wife who is very perceptive. I suppose its the mother instinct. She will notice almost immediately when something is not right with me and persuade me to act.

    1. Hello Zola, well you are extremely lucky to have that good woman by your side! It is important to really care for our health. When we don’t it will let us know in ways we do not want to know…thanks for being here, in peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Thank you for your great insight on these issues. I know too many people that had aneurysms and could have been helped if they sought treatment sooner. I will be sure to pass this along.
    Wish you the best success,
    Jim (wolf)

    1. Hello Jim, I am so sorry to hear that many people do not seek the help they need. Thank you so much for stopping by. And please do not ignore any symptoms. In peace and gratitude,ariel

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