One in Four People Live in Chronic Pain, Does it have to be?

One in Four People Live in Chronic Pain, Does it have to be?

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chronic painArghh Chronic pain. Doesn’t it just so impact every part of our being? And many times there is no cure in sight. We are just told to grin and bear it. Or prescribed medications that just make us foggy and tired. So what is the answer? Do we truly have to live this way? Are you one of these statistics?

I have certainly been in that statistical group. It is not how any of us really want to live. So I became the contractor of my own health. Do you know what I mean? We have to become our own researcher and advocate for what truly works for our bodies.

And while we are living in that pain we need to truly listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Chronic Pain and What It does to Us

Chronic pain is the number on cause of long term disability. It also impacts every aspect of our lives.

According to The National Health Institute, the stats are staggering.

Did you know that chronic pain impacts more people than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined?

Isn’t that an amazing number?

chronic pain

So what defines chronic pain?  Its pain lasting for more than  3-6 months. And it can be a dull ache or stabbing heart rendering constant pain. And usually it is really hard to treat.

People in more intense chronic pain are actually seen as having shortened their life span by 10 years. It is that debiliating on every level.


What does chronic pain do to our mental health?

So just picture this, we are in a constant state of pain. It is hard to think, because the pain is stepping forefront. The impact on our daily being is phenomenal. It stops us from participating and even worse we become isolated and depressed.

And often experience weight gain also. And not rested well balanced sleep. That in itself is just miserable. And how often are we prescribe opioids that are not only helpful but then end up being our addications?

So our mental health is highly impacted. We are not wanting to have any social life . And on top of that if we do, guess what our topic of conversation is?

Chronic pain is also associated with higher rates of suicide.

And the worst part is that after a bit, people don’t really believe that you are really living in pain. As if we want to make up pain? So that becomes another harrowing experience.

chronic pain

Not being  heard. And chronic pain leads us to more inactivity. That does not allow us to raise our endorphins or serotonin as easily.

Is this really how we pictured spending our lives? In such pain and possibly resenting those that are well?

I don’t think so, do you?

Well years ago, I was one of those people. I was so isolated and depressed. I was living with an incurable neurological disease that completely altered my life. And no one had any solutions or help. I learned the hard way, what it meant to be my own advocate and researcher.

Options for chronic pain? 

What are the options for chronic pain ? In the western medicine modality, mostly opioids or some form of psychotropic medicine. And then only the symptoms are being treated, yes?

Never is the holistic problem solved.

There might be options for hypnosis. Or now all over there are cropping up pain management centers. And its mostly based on pains and learning to accept living in pain.  Really?

And here is the point that I think is crucial. We all feel pain differently. Some of us have much higher thresholds. Whatever the threshold is, it still exists. It is very real.

If that person dealing with pain is found to be smiling, people assume the pain no longer exists. That is not true.

Do get emotional support from family or friends. Do seek a therapist if that might help to just talk about it.

Do consider doing meditation and some form of light exercise.

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain? 

Oh yes yes yes! CBD oil has the properties to cut down on inflammation. That inflammtion is causing the pain.  And its Mother Nature’s healing gift to us.

CBD oil gave me back my own life.  

And so I am on a mission here. I want to create a world where chronic pain is alleviated. Where we can find ways to live in ease and comfort. And its here. CBD oil to the rescue.

Changing the Future Outcome.. is the company that is making this happen.Don’t you just love the name? Its says it all. WE can change the future outcome. We do not need to be living in this horrendous box of pain. So if are living under this box, let’s get you out of it. Right now. Click here 




And also  CBD oil is fast becoming so popular that it is expected to be in every medicine cabinet with months. So are you willing to get out of this dark box?

Unlike prescribed medications, there are no side effects. No addications. Nothing except pure natural healing goodness. 

Summary on Chronic pain

Do we need to live this way being in chronic pain? No !

There are so many of us that are living in unremitting chronic pain. It has robbed us of our natural tendencies and light. It is causing us to lose our jobs, and our will to live, sleep and be social.

The choice to use CBD oil is without risk And yet huge benefits. So I am asking you, are we willing to live like this? Or can we just go to this website and order a CBD product and re-enter our lives?


I so hope you will join me in this mission. And since it will be 2.1 BILLION dollar industry within a year, why not consider becoming a business owner for CBD oil? That way we can become healthy and wealthy together? 

Talk about changing lives quickly? Yeah this is so how it will happen. And I want you to join me. But mostly I want you to live the life you were truly meant to live. Not in the pain box.

So here we go. .ready to be in life again without pain!

I am here if you have any questions. I really hope you join me . Life is too precious to live it in darkness.

And why wait for something to happen when we can make it happen NOW?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

Living one heart-centric moment at at time

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