Nourish Your Soul, 7 Hacks

Nourish Your Soul, 7 Hacks

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Nourishing Your Soul is the best way to know that our lives are on track. And the nourishment is not the externalized process of self care. It is truly the inner most sense of listening to our soul. The question is how do we do that? Let’s talk about this.  Here are some great tips.

Self-care is the new fashion accessory you need to be wearing .There is nothing more powerful than looking after your body, mind and soul on a regular basis. And it will improve the quality of your life.

nourishing your soul

When you take time out of your busy life to look after yourself you will start to exude an air of confidence that you will have never had before.

You are probably aware of several non-medicinal health tips that will help you to flourish each day. Now it is time to put these into practice and really start to love yourself again.

When we are ready to nourish our soul there are the physical ways and the deep inside ways. Finding our own inner peace is the most valuable way to begin. For when we find that space, nothing rocks our world.

  1. Posture and Poses can impact your Soul comfort

Your body can start to take a turn for the worse when you get older and you start working at a desk every single day. Even if you’re not based in this type of working environment it is important to improve upon your strength and posture as often as you can.

Look in your area for certified Pilates teachers and book yourself into a regular one on one class. The instructor will be able to provide you with tailor made advice to suit your body. You will soon start to feel stronger and healthier, the more often you do this time of rehabilitating exercise.

  1. Mindful Meditation for Your Soul 

Every morning before you go to work, try and spend five to ten minutes clearing your mind of negative thoughts. If you have had a bad night’s sleep or are feeling under the weather a small amount of meditation every day will allow you to think positively for the day ahead.

When we also learn to live in the moment truly amazing changes happen. Do read this article to see how to make these changes that feed your soul.  

Meditation is the way to change your neuropathways.Did you know that?  More on meditation here. 

  1. Happy Hydration

Drinking an abundance of delicious mineral rich water every day is the best way to keep your skin glowing. Try infusing it with fresh mint and fruit to change up the taste; you will feel 100% better for it.

Also coconut water is perfect hydration for the body.It has the same nutrients as our plasma does. So it is full of electrolytes and nourishment.

nourishing your soul


  1. Magic Medicine

Next time you have a headache try and resist reaching for the painkillers; instead you should try and find a nourishing food to help with your symptoms. Bananas can help with headaches and whole grains are said to help with stomach pains, so use food as your medicine next time you are suffering.

And there are also amazing homeopathic remedies too like Arnica. Have you heard of it or used it? It has no sides effects. And is very quick acting. You can take it both internally and externally. It has amazing properties.

  1. Terrific Time Out

Everybody needs a few moments to themselves every day, no matter how busy their schedule it. Perhaps you use your morning commute to read your favourite book or your take a long walk in the park for some fresh air during your lunch break. Do an activity you love for just half an hour a day and you will feel much more positive.

  1. Smart Sleep

The best way you can care for yourself is by getting a good night’s sleep as often as you can. Turn off your cell phone, dim the lights and allow yourself to recharge properly every evening.

  1. Perfect Pampering

A beautifying day is exactly what you need sometimes. Forget the glass of wine in the pub after work and go home to indulge yourself in a hot bubble bath, a cleansing face mask and a candle lit dinner for one.

From Pilates sessions to eating a fulfilling nutrient-dense meal, you can practise self-care in a number of different ways. All of the ideas above will help you to refocus your mind and care for your body in a way you never knew was possible. Start to love yourself, maintain your beautiful body and take time to make yourself feel happy every single day.

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Nourishing your soul is a gift we give to ourselves. It is our way of acknowledging that we do indeed count. And that means not just the externalized sense of self but the very deep inner truth of ourselves. When we take the time to find out what our soul is really asking for, it is easy to insure that is how we feed it.

So do take care of your health, your soul and your emotional well being. Sleep well, eat well and find options that make you smile more and enjoy your life. Your soul will be so happy!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

Living one heart-centric moment at a time

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