Non Medicinal Health Tips

Non Medicinal Health Tips

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As we go through each day we might need a bit of a recheck at to how we are doing. Non medicinal health tips and changes can help us to navigate easier and with more vibrancy. And it does not take so much more effort to vitalize our health.

We all have times in our lives where we feel down in the dumps, or just generally unwell. This can be due to inadvertently neglecting ourselves in day to day life, or even because of stress that has accrued over a long period of time. 

non medicinal tips for our health

It’s important to look after your general well being so that you can continue to provide for your family, succeed in what you’re aiming for in life and most importantly, live and long a healthy life.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to pack yourself full of medications any more than you need to, so take a look at these non medicinal health tips that will have you feeling like an entirely new person!

Put yourself first as a non medicinal health tip!

When you have children or other commitments in your life, it can be easy to neglect yourself and put everything else first. After all, isn’t that what being a parent is about?

Regardless of these facts, it’s important to make sure that you’re at your very best so that you can continue doing everything you do for everyone for many years to come.

non medicinal health tips

You need to make sure that sometimes you put yourself first so that you don’t end up in a position where you’re spiraling mentally and completely fall apart.

The rule of thumb is that we cannot take care of our children if we are not taking care of ourselves first .And that is a major non medicinal healing tip.

Here are some ideas on how you can put yourself first:

  • Give yourself the time to go for a relaxing bath. Something as simple as having that little bit of time to soak your troubles away can make the world of difference. The warmth of the water will relax all of your muscles and help you drift off into a natural sleep much easier than before.
  • Prepare meals for each day so that you don’t end up giving in and bingeing on the nearest packet of crisps or chocolate when you’re hungry.
  • More often than not, the reason for people feeling so down in the dumps is because of the foods they are putting into their body.
  • Junk foods release chemicals into your brain that throw the chemical balance of your brain out, making you feel depressed and also more short tempered.
  • You will also notice that junk food brings your skin out in spots, you have larger dark circles under your eyes, and that you might have gained a few pounds.
  • Prepare healthy and nutritious meals so that you’re giving yourself the best chance each day to feel your best!
  • Whenever possible, make sure that you’re cutting negative and poisonous people out of your life.
  • People that put you down, make you doubt yourself, and generally don’t show you respect aren’t worth having in your lives.
  • This might not be easy, especially if that person is a boss at work, but you should try and work out ways to get out of this situation.

non medicinal healing tips

Consider distant energy healing

Many people around the world have found relief to many different ailments through using something called distant energy healing.

It’s basically sessions that guide you through things that you can do to make yourself feel better both physically and mentally.

Check out this qigong healer’s facebook page and see for yourself how you could benefit from the service, and to also read more on how it works.

Speaking of energy healing, you may want to consider investing in items that could help you deal with anxiety and stress.

Himalayan pink salt lamps are all of the rage at the moment as they are renown for helping people who suffer with anxiety keep calm without having to turn to medication.

non medicinal healing tips

Also healing singing bowls, have you heard or tried these?

non medicinal healing tips

Another bonus? They look great too, so you don’t have to worry about an unsightly item lying around your home.

Look at what you’re putting into your body

More often than not we’re putting things into our bodies that are having an adverse effect on the way we are feeling.

We briefly touched on food earlier on in the article, but here are some things that you could be looking at for your health.

What are we really consuming besides food? 

  • The amount of alcohol you’re consuming can make a massive difference to your mental and physical health.
  • Try to cut down as much as possible and you’ll soon notice a brighter mood, healthier skin, and a much nicer looking bank balance.
  • Substances like tobacco or other illegal drugs are a big no no for obvious reasons. While they may make you feel good at the time, the effects they’re having on your body will come back and bite you sooner rather than later.
  • If you need help with quitting, speak to your pharmacist about how you can obtain free help with quitting drugs and tobacco. Another instance where your bank will thank you as well!
  • Consider adding extra vitamins and other nutritional goodness into your diet. If you don’t feel like you can obtain this by changing your diet, then you can get hold of supplements that will massively help change the way you’re feeling on the inside and the outside.
  • More often than not, people notice a change in their skin, hair, nails and mood just by taking the right vitamins.

  • Make sure that you’re getting enough water each day. It’s a widely known fact that we need at least 2 liters of water a day to feel at our best. Yet so many of us neglect our bodies and don’t give it what it’s craving.
  • Up your water intake for some fast and noticeable changes in the way that you’re feeling and looking!

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As you can see, when you’re not feeling at your best it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pump yourself full of drugs.

Many ailments can either be relieved or solved by simply taking a long hard look at what you’re doing to yourself, and also opening your mind up to receiving distant healing.

Give these non medicinal health tips a go and you’ll soon begin to notice changes for the better!

And if you need any other ideas on finding peace, do check out more blogs here. 

What did you think of these suggestions? 

In peace and gratitude,

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  1. Hi Ariel, there is a wealth of information in this article. Any natural (non-medical) thing you can do for the benefit of your body, mind and soul will aid in healing. Your tips and suggestions are priceless.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Sue, so many thanks for stopping by. I agree. We are connected we are not fragmented parts. So healing has to be wholistic indeed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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