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Today I yet again, realized that this work of life of ours, is not ever a finished product. That the high we felt yesterday was really just a remnant of yesterday. Today is another blank slate waiting for us to show up and be .

And therein is the rub…to be!

How am I in being today? Am I in a place that does indeed show what is in my best interest ? Or am I malingering in a space that is not going forward.

That thought was so not comfortable!

So here is my testament to knowing that starting something new is like the metaphor of Sisyphus pushing the huge boulder up the hill, only to have it constantly roll back down.

It’s all dependent on our belief system.

I believe that I am capable of pushing that rock forward.

But therein also lies a dilemma because I see it as a rock. As something that is blocking me.

Ahh, blocks! Blocks that stop us from going forward. Because we are choosing to see the block rather than the path.

So here is my wondering, as it meanders toward somewhat of an understanding. I know you are chuckling at this point.

What if we gave up the idea of even having blocks in our way? That each step we take is divinely inspired and forward moving?

What does it take for us to accept that all of this is in our best interest.

Ahh there it is. Our best interest.

But surrender. Surrender to what? Arggh…
Surrender to the concept that indeed we are worthy and in able hands.

That means we let go of control. Are we willing to do so?

Ahh, she wonders as she pours herself another cup of tea. Am I truly willing to let go of that which has been hanging on to me for decades?

I mean really, my body is pretty accustomed to carrying this load. And its so familiar.

But then again, do I truly need that baggage? So how do I surrender?

Ahhh! In theory, it seems to easy. Just let go. Just go forward. Do not be a slave to our own thoughts. After all, thoughts are fleeting and not necessarily in our highest good. We can let go of thoughts.

Oh no, are you talking about surrender?

Surrender, the word is something daunting and contemplative. Surrender to a warrior is an act of dying., Surrender to a spiritualist is the act of giving ourselves to the divine connection.

Interesting that so much import is put into one word!

Surrender or die… Surrender and live in the flow..what do we choose to do?

As we go through this journey to our own making, are we navigating with open hearts or closed doors?

I wonder. I wonder that often in fact. Am I truly surrendering, if indeed I am constantly choosing to analyze and reflect?

So here is my new promise.

Today I am living in surrender. There is no judgment, There is no going backwards.

Today I am seeing that one step in front of me is the path to my letting go of resistance and being in the flow.

Because there is where I truly believe my highest self sings and soars.
So in good faith and love, I am surrendering today to the flow.

I know now that I do not need to ask what does the flow look like. Or what should I do about this situation..nope … I am just in the flow.

I am grabbing my inner tube and allowing the Universe to float me down the river of flowing consciousness. Seeing the joy of each moment as ease sets in.

Or perhaps in true flowing, I probably do not even need the inner tube? Yeah, let that one go too. No need for another vehicle.

In this moment I can declare success. Success of choice. Success of knowing. Success of letting go. Success of possibility. Success of flow. Success of living in a heart-centric space.

Success of this very moment.

We redefine our relationship with success because it’s not always a value added dimension to our lives. Especially if we use it as judgment.

If instead we see success in daily moments of joy and connection, that allows us to appreciate each step.

I would like to think that the more I practice this awareness, the more I have let go of burdens that are not needed. The more I can just smile in observation, rather than judgment.

Let’s try this exercise for today:

I trust the Universe to guide me in my highest good.

I surrender totally.

I am living in the belief of flow.

I am fully committed.

At this moment I am stepping off a scale of judgment that held me hostage. I am now fully free to feel, see and know that I am successfully living in my own heart- centric symphony. And at any moment of this experience I am free.

Because, I choose no harnesses.

Wow, that is powerful!

Do you feel that this is something that would matter to your world? Let me know what you think. Please comment below.

Enjoy this amazing new moment.








2 thoughts on “MY DAY OF SURRENDER

    1. Oh Katherine! So many thanks for being here! I am so glad it resonated with you. I welcome sharing our ideas and finding out how to connect dots anytime. Best wishes, in peace and gratitude, ariel

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