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When I was very ill, I found a new group of friends…

meditation and


I needed to learn that my body was only part of my experience.

I did not want to be defined by only my physical.

Learning to rely on meditation and visualization took me to heights I could only dream about.

So on this page we will be sharing techniques and ideas to foster great inner growth and peace!

Let me know how these options have worked for you.





  1. Hi, again, I’m on an Apple Ipad and I don’t see your page on sharing the tips and tricks to visualization. Oh, yes, I see, I see what you mean.

    I’m to share an experience about myself with you, and others, with respect to wishes, dreams, and hopes, having a chance for them to be more than just hopes, wishes and dreams but a real reality.

    Ariel, thanks for sharing YOUR MESSAGE that meditation and visualization techniques are NOT for the gurus, the gifted, NOR a preselected group, but for the everyday joe. My goodness, it does not get any better than this.

    Life is about to change for me, dramatically. (You have NO IDEA, but than again you do.) The sky is much brighter and I can see much better, where there was darkness, I can see rays of light. I can really see that. See the process has already started, Ariel.

    I got this one.

    Here is my experience to date: Since 2006, being a total of eleven years, I’ve been waiting for an answer or better than that for a breakthrough.

    I ONCE believed that meditation and visualization techniques were evil, a waste of time, and as already expressed, only for the gifted gurus, and the authors that write about it, AND that I had to accept the deck that I’d been handed in life which was to live with unfulfilled promises with having a zero chance for recovery or restoration.

    Call it whatever you like, BUT THAT HAS ALL CHANGED as of today which is September 01, 2017. (One being the number of new beginnings.) How ironic is that?

    Year 2017 is to be my best year yet! A new beginning! I like that.

    And trust me up until now it’s been a roller coaster, but you see, I’m very stubborn and have been waiting for the green light so to speak.

    Ariel, your story through your own words and eyes have enabled me to truly believe for my wish.

    I do believe that I have a choice to be the CEO and spiritual leader over my circumstances, and my life; not the other way around.

    I have no closing salutation because there are no words to express my gratitude.


  2. Life is so different when we allow ourselves out of our boxes…isn’t it?
    Thank you for showing me that my journey was also worth it…just so I could connect to you!
    As for meditating…I use it even for simple moments that feel large. So I take a deep breath and just feel the calm. And it changes the moment. And no more roller-coaster moments!

    Knowing that I am centered and my own space of breath is feeding me, I am then honoring myself, my spiritual belief and the universe.
    Thank you Becky!

  3. Hi Ariel,
    I love using visualisation and meditation techniques. I do both every day. In fact, before I started my online business I was visualising every day and asking the law of attraction to bring me what I needed to become who I want to become. The secret was actually believing I was already that person. That very next day when I finally ‘got it’ I stumbled randomly across Wealthy Affiliate and it changed my life.
    These kind of experiences now happen to me all the time, but only when my head is in that space of believing. It really is amazing.

    1. Dear Stefanie, I am always amazed at how easy my life flows when we are in belief.Thank you so much for saying that. Because I have found that it is the “awe” that really allows us to find new paths, new strengths, and open hearts..yes? I agree, aren’t these experiences mind boggling? I am fully living in gratitude now.
      Would love to hear what visualization techniques work for you. I have great hope that soon all elementary schools will start teaching meditation and visualization to young children, so that they will have these as life long skills.
      I also did the same about my online business. I wish you great success. Thank you for being here!

  4. Hi Ariel, I have speny much time reading your well designed material.
    Some succinct, and the blog a wonderful experience, I enjoyed the read.
    I will follow you in the future if you let me know of new material.


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