Medication or Meditation?

Medication or Meditation?

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I don’t know about you, but my first choice is always meditation and herbal remedies rather than Western medicine. I have found for my body that using what Mother Nature has given us is what seems to be most healing for me.

And I wonder sometimes if we have gotten so used to just the idea of taking a pill to fix something we forget that we have the our own power to listen to our bodies and find out exactly what is needed. Instead of masking symptoms and not listening.

In my journey to vibrant health, I have relied on, and still do, meditation to heal myself. It is through meditation that I can truly hear what my body needs. And that has been so life saving for me i many instances.

It is interesting that we have not been taught how to access our own body needs. This is a practice that has served me so well. I truly hope we all take the time to sit with ourselves and listen deeply.

When we choose meditation and peace our bodies truly live in vibrancy.

There are many options to learn how to meditate if you are not currently. From YouTube to a yoga studio . The simplest method is breathing and being so aware of your breath and how it feeds your body on every level.

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There are many instances in life where the only option is medication to help you through something, or to help fix something inside you.

However, it is easier than ever to simply turn to prescription drugs for the simplest of things. In fact antibiotics have become so overused and our bodies so used to them that half of them are useless now.

Medicine used to be a last resort, and there are still many cases where there are plenty of natural remedies that can help you through.

You should always put your health first, so once you have tried a natural remedy for a lesser illness, and the illness is still persisting, see a professional for help.

Menstrual Pain

It’s the worst and it sucks but it’s something us ladies have to put up with. But that doesn’t mean that throwing more chemicals into the hormonal mix is the right answer.

One of the best and natural remedies for menstrual cramps is bananas; the potassium and vitamin B6 helps you to not retain water, which reduces bloating and relieves pressure off your uterus. You can also help your body with chocolate – yes you heard us!

Eat the chocolate! The endorphins that you get through eating chocolate helps to alleviate the pain – as does exercise.

We’re not suggesting zumba on day one, but moving around as much as possible will help you to work through those awful cramps.

Also cramp bark is many times recommended by midwives to alleviate cramping during our periods.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux affects more people than you realize, it might be a once in a blue moon thing some most, but for some people it’s a daily occurrence.

If it is caused by an underlying medical issue like a hiatal hernia, then medications might be needed. People often turn to tums or PPIs, for example, when choosing medications to deal with their acid reflux,

but there are many natural remedies which can help in this situation. Things like organic aloe vera, organic baking soda in water, or even just changing your diet can have amazing effects on your body.

Also slippery elm as a tea helps.



We all get them and they are all truly uncomfortable. But life goes on and so must you  the best cure for a headache is sleep.

Nothing about of painkiller will equal the healing property of a good long sleep  you can also help ease the pain with an ice pack either to the forehead or on the back of your neck – depending on where the ache is.

The other great and simple thing that can help is to drink plenty of water. Headaches are more often caused by dehydration than anything else.

You can also try mint tea if you headache is linked to blocked sinuses.

Also a bit of valerian root in capsule form will alleviate the pain.



Which brings us onto the common cold. It’s rotten when you have a cold, and each symptom is a battle by itself.

Again sleep is your best friend. But so are mint tea – for clearing the sinuses, honey in water water – to heal your throat, ice packs for your head, and heat.

You can literally sweat out a cold, however you do need to make sure it is a cold and not a virus or the flu before you bundle up in a blanket with a hot water bottle.

You also need to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to keep you hydrated at all times.

Another great natural antibiotic is thyme. Using thyme and sage as a tea a couple of times per day will help to get rid of a cold and sinus infection.

If you put up a pot of boiling water and  drop sage and thyme into the boiling water and then let yourself breath in the vapor from this, it will also alleviate the pain.

Also it has been recommended to try capsaicin, or better known as hot sauce to clear up cold and flus.

Urine infection


Two words: cranberry juice. Drink a lot and drink is fast. There is an active ingredient in cranberries that can prevent adherence of bacteria to the bladder wall – particularly E. Coli.

Having cranberry juice in your diet can even help prevent a UTI in the first place. But a huge contributor to not getting UTI in the first place is simple, good hygiene.

A great pain soother for a UTI is heat, so sit on a hot water bottle for a while – just make sure not to overheat your undercarriage, and gents – direct heat to the testicles can kill your little soldiers, so it’s best to leave this treatment behind.

Drink as much as you can – it might hurt to pass it, but your body naturally wants to expel the bacteria, so the easier you make that process for you body the better.


Stomach Aches

An upset stomach can be caused by an array of different reasons, but most of them can be healed with the same things.

Heat is a big one – a hot water bottle for ten minutes should help the pain, and changing your diet to include mint, plenty of fluids, and vitamins C and D can help to ease the upset completely.


There are so many more ways to truly heal ourselves than just taking a pill. And when we listen to our bodies we will out exactly what is needed to bring about health and ease and comfort.

What are some of your favorite remedies?

In peace and gratitude,

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  1. Ariel,

    I am with you, I think if there is an herbal alternative, rather than traditional medicine, I would rather use that method. I suffer from acid reflux at times and I will definitely give some organic aloe vera a try the next time and see if that might by a new remedy I could use. Thanks for the information!


  2. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for addressing and giving valuable tip on the difficulties we often face. Very helpful post.

    Related to headache the solution you gave is very easy and helpful “The other great and simple thing that can help is to drink plenty of water. Headaches are more often caused by dehydration than anything else.”

    Your Friend,

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