Living with chronic conditions? Hmm let’s find answers.

Living with chronic conditions? Hmm let’s find answers.

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Back and Joint pain, living with chronic conditions

Chronic pain is the most common long-term condition of all. One-in-four people live with it, and the most common types are back pain and joint pain. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most effective ways of treating it.

Nowadays, office work is one of the greater risk factors, with poor posture being a big contributor. 

Taking regular breaks from the desk and investing in ergonomic furniture, such as supportive chairs and desks with adjustable heights can help you get a lot more comfortable and avoid the risk of developing chronic back and joint pain.

Also, have you tried meditation? It allows for more oxygenation into our bodies and relaxes our muscles. In fact you can even do a walking meditation. 

Diabetes is living with a chronic condition

There are two types of diabetes. The less common type 1 diabetes is mainly caused by viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune disorders, and chemical toxins in processed foods.

living with chronic conditions

Type 2 diabetes is much more common and mostly caused by obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and a bad diet. As we grow older, our risk of diabetes increases, too.

Living with diabetes requires constant management of the condition, such as eating carefully, monitoring blood sugar levels, and planning and scheduling your care and medication.

Exercise and diet are the two key weapons in fighting your risk of diabetes. An annual check-up can help you see if you are borderline diabetic, as Healthline shows, which gives you a fighting chance of avoiding the diagnosis, too.


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As varied as it is, cancer is still a major risk. There are constant break throughs in research, such as the immune-oncology work of places like Hera BioLabs that could result in new treatments which may, in time, make us all safer from cancer.

There are different major risk factors for different kinds of cancer. Smoking is now well-known to play a major role in the development of lung cancer and liver, for instance.

living with chronic conditions

However, general lifestyle improvements such as limiting alcohol, staying at a healthy weight, and eating healthily reduce your risk of cancer across the board.

Regular cancer screening tests are essential, too. Your chances of recovering from cancer are much greater when you can catch it early.


Memory conditions, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, are the most common condition affecting our minds. As shows, keeping a healthy brain can improve your chances of avoiding it.

This includes proper nutrition with a diet full of vitamin K and more raw fruits and vegetables, keeping the brain active by learning new things and exercising it with brain training, reducing stress, and being more socially active.

A whole range of risk factors including genetics apply when it comes to chronic conditions, so there is never a way to completely eliminate your chances of living with one.

However, healthy lifestyle habits also play a huge role in treating the condition, so becoming more active in your own care is always recommended.

 Summary, living with chronic conditions

Our bodies are so susceptible to many intrusions, from minor scrapes to huge daily changes. Having lived with chronic dis-ease for most of my adult life, I so know how not fun this is. 

And its important that we take charge and be our bodies own contractor for health. That means we learn how to advocate for ourselves. We learn how to speak up and we take action. For we know our bodies so much better than anyone else, yes? 

living with chronic conditions

When it comes to the body living in chronic conditions, there are so many ways to help ourselves. From making sure we sleep well, to knowing we are what we eat.

For instance I found that what worked for me might not work for others. But that food truly impacts our bodies at our cellular level.

So deciding to take charge of our lives and change our foods, truly changed mine. Getting rid of toxins, processed foods and for me wheat and sugar truly made a huge difference. 

CBD oil is fabulous for getting us out of pain and into thriving. It works with our natural body systems as part of the endocannibinoid system to rebalance us back into our natural homeostasis.

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What have you found works for you in living with chronic conditions? Do you truly listen to your body? Or do you ignore what is going on? 

Light the Path,

In peace and gratitude, 

Founder, CEO

living in one heart-centric moment at a time 

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  1. Wonderful post about incredible products. My CBD oil products have helped decrease my glaucoma, decreased the tremor in my left hand and given me “calm” on those hectic days of my management job. CTFO also has weight loss products which have aided me in a 14 lb. weight loss over the past 6 weeks. Yeah, I’m a believer…absolutely!

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