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live love believe
Lovely words. They give me peace. I can say them almost as a mantra. For in their sacredness they offer us the road map to our heart and a larger sweeter life.

For many of us, as we walk through this awakened period of life, we seek that which internally feeds us.Yes?

In our consciousness, there lies a space that is fed by our inner knowing of how we live, love and believe. And it is the inner beckoning of our being that leads us to the place that we find this love.

The love that we walk.

I am not talking about romantic love. Although indeed, there is no separation. We are all worthy and wanting of that. But rather that ticking inside of our heart of hearts. The tick of our own inner compass. That feeling that is the driver of our lives.

What is that? And how do we give it the respect and honor it deserves?

So simple is the answer, or perhaps simple complex?

By truly listening. And honing our level of awareness. That means when we hear our inner voice, we do not disregard it. We honor it, we act accordingly. And that in turns hones our level of awareness to a higher frequency of live, love and believe.

live at sunrise


As we walk through our daily moments we can know instinctively if we are living through our heart. You know that feeling of peace and ahhh. That is the space that we strive for and want to move into. Without condo fees. Just simple knowing.

I just adore this space of being. It means I am totally free to fully breathe in the beauty of the moment. I can just live it fully. And it feels so expansive.

I am sure you know what I mean.

And it is almost like a tiny creek burbling through the forest, full of simple joy. All it knows is to flow.

And that is the possibility of how we can also live.

water drop peace

You know the saying” go with the flow“, has taken a lot of ridicule.

But in reality, if we were all truly living in the flow, there would be no conflict.

Can we imagine the possibility of that?

That makes me, well, beyond jumping for joy. We just allow ourselves to be so that others can easily be in their own flow.

And what could be more lovely than that? A bliss-ed out world? A world that is truly connected in compassionate grace. Sign me up for that!

Example: BEING aware of my surroundings.

  • I take in the breath, the beauty, the chatter.
  • taking it in I am merely the observer.
  • living through the moment in the expression of just seeing with gratitude and appreciation
  • THERE IS  no need to react.
  • I am just being my own flowing creek. Softly meandering without taking down any stones.

woman divinity


When we walk in love, everything is so simple. There is no space for judgments, or constructs, or preconceptions. We have no need for conflict, opinion or strife. We simply execute each step with love. In this space we are acknowledging the dignity that we are love.

We accept that loving ourselves is the stepping stone to being able to give fully to others without constraint.


  •  forget to sleep
  • use words that judge.
  • love if I am not willing to be love. And that is the big one.
  • Willingness to be in the flowing path of love. Or perhaps a commitment is a better word?

My poet crush Rumi, (oh admit it, you are crushing on Rumi too), talks about our inner love of self. You are not the drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean. So if within us there is this ocean of encompassing goodness, possibility and love, why would we even think of not tapping into it?

Doesn’t that just make us feel so empowered? Here within my own temple of self, I have an ocean. An ocean that holds everything I could possible be or dream of. And I can choose to be the keeper of this ocean. To purify it, feed it, and love it.

I can live in the glorious space of heart-centric living.

How do you see your inner flow?


Living in belief means we know truly what we know. We step into it. And we live it, through our language, our actions, our service to others. There is not a constant need of questioning or analyzing. It is such a deep knowing that indeed we are part of the Universe. And so it has us in its sight, we are loved and cherished.

In this place, there is not a space of wavering, for we know in the deepest part of our hearts the truth we are and how we live.


  • In each of our lives we are presented with opportunity that some times we tend to walk away from.
  • When we are in belief, we know these options are gifts.
  • And so we fully embrace and accept them, without doubt or questioning,
  • There is no need for thinking we are not worthy or cannot achieve the gift.

heart belief
When we are not in belief, we find every reason to discount the gift. How often do we do this to ourselves? How are often we denying the gift that the Universe wants to bestow us with?

I know that for some time, I did indeed live that way. I just assumed nothing was as I wanted it to be. It took a moment to realize that if I could accept the offering, it would change my world.


The dilemma is we are not always willing to see if it does not meet our criteria. After all, I wanted a rose but instead I got an orchid.Right? Arggh, we really know that story don’t we? It does not fit our externalized socialized picture of how we wanted it to look.

I often think of the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. Have you seen it? In the end she got everything she so desired, but was surprised it looked nothing like she expected or wanted it too.

A perfect metaphor for our lives, yes? And when she accepted the beauty of it, she was at peace and very happy.

universe showing up
The Universe showed up for her.

And when we are in belief, it shows up for all of us. Just as we need it, not as we wanted it. Grin.
But what a great sense of humor the Universe has, yes?

To me, belief is different from faith. I think our faith can change. It can also be defined and structured by dogma. But our core belief never wavers.

Does that make sense?

i believe in me


When we agree to live in this space, it sometimes takes a minute to acknowledge we are not buffered by the external going on’s around us. We are not part of the dailiness of drama or crisis.

  • Rather, we are part of the giving.
  • We are the giving.
  • We live the giving.
  • Giving to ourselves first.
  • So that we are filled up enough to give to others.

Stand or sit, whatever is more comfortable for you.

Take three large breaths and exhale slowly.

Close your eyes

Feel your breath as it travels around your body.
Now visualize a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

butterfly in flight

  • it stretching to feel its new wings.
  •  its awe at it own metamorphosis
  • he sense of beauty it offers
  • Now feel yourself as that living, loving beauty.
  • Hold that thought that sense of wonder and awe.

That is live, love, belief.
Open your eyes.
Take a breath

Say live, love and belief, my world is full.

Let me know how this works for you please!

And if you want to start your morning with a meditation that offers seeing new options in our lives, please do click here. Morning Ritual Mastery. It will be the path to new thoughts.

beauty of the universe


Live, love belief, the trinity of happier living. When we choose these three ways to live everything flows. There is no disharmony. So give yourself a gift. Live love and believe that all is happening as it needs to be.

And the creek inside of you is finding its flow and sweetness. Just let it be.
Would really like to hear how you live, love and live in belief.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder of, living each moment in heart -centric love!

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19 thoughts on “LIVE LOVE BELIEVE

  1. Dear Ariel, Tried the exercises you suggest at end of your article. After closing my eyes, I didn’t feel my breath traveling around my body and I didn’t visualize the butterfly. The reason may be that my wife was watching TV and she asked me to join her. My subconscious mind was in TV. I will try this in a peaceful day.
    I can image that you live in a such beautiful world using the powerful meditation. Thanks for the nice work.

    1. Hello Anthony, so many thanks for stopping by. I do hope you will get a chance to try again in a quiet space. And when you do, please let me know how it works for you. Life is indeed very beautiful when we allow in live, love and belief. in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hello Tania, so many thanks for stopping by. And I am so pleased that you enjoyed this piece. I do hope deep breathing brings you many moments of peace and harmony. It is the choice we make, yes? In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Very nice. Three very powerful words to live by.
    I have used slow deep breathing for many years, but I will also apply the meditations that you suggest.

    1. Hello Bill, so many thanks for stopping by! Let me know how the meditations work for you please! They are very powerful works indeed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Hi Ariel. I really enjoyed reading this post. I agree that in the fast paced techno driven would we live in we need to make a conscious effort to get in touch with our inner selves. How can we help our young children develop the habits of live, love, believe?

    1. Hello Zola, so many thanks for stopping by. I think that if we do not take the time to get in touch and stay in touch with our inner selves, we are not truly living our lives. That is a great question about our kids. that has to come from their role models.We strive for compassionate interaction, modeling of truly loving and showing them that what they think matters. We just have to live it. NO matter what. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel, live love believe, really great words, the reason why I opened this article. Very powerful too. With this concept, we have all doors open in life.
    I live with my small family and this concept lets us have a harmonious living together. Respecting each other is just a result of loving, living and believing.

    1. Hello Stefan, I really so agree with in respect and compassionate grace is living, loving and believing. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your small family sounds just lovely. And yes, i have found in my life that live, love and believe, allows my world to flow in the most beautiful Universe. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hello Ngain, I am so glad you stopped by and that you enjoy this site. It is my heart to share our lives together in peace and possibility. Thanks for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Thanks for the wonderful article. Flow with Flow and positivity are two mantras of a successful life.Living in harmony with universe must be the ultimate goal.One must have the belief that only best will happen and in case of result do not match the expectation we must accept the result as the best possible option at that time due to past and present karmic effects.

  6. Good ways towards boosting mental health which is as important as physical well being. And for sure believe in yourself is epitome for successful life.
    Helpful post for anyone seeking positive vibes.

    1. Hello, so many thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your very kind words. I agree, when we step into our own truth, so much happens for the good. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Hello Arie,
    I just want you to know that I am guilty of stalking your site – you have some great articles that I have enjoyed reading and sharing. Thank you. Yes, this article is so ‘on the money’ about self-love, self-belief, and living life on your terms. It is good to check in occasionally on one’s life and see where one’s direction leads. Thnx for the reminder.

  8. Hi Ariel, I love living in the moment and going with the flow. You are right that things can be so much smoother and peaceful if more people did try to do the same, when possible. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Tara, and it starts with us, doesn’t it? If we can be this.. then we share it with others and the world changes.. wow.. powerful. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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