LIFE STORY ESSAY, what is our legacy of our life?

LIFE STORY ESSAY, what is our legacy of our life?

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What is our story?

I was talking to a friend today, and we were talking about how we did not think to ask our parents about how they saw their lives. Or what their most early memories were. Which led me to a place of wondering how many times have we not taken the opportunity to truly honor each life of those we love.

How would our own life story essay look? For instance, I know that in my life, should anyone ever ask me, lol, I would probably need a moment to think about it. What do I want to be my legacy? Or better said, how am I at this very moment still writing my life story essay?

Huh, that gives me pause. If each moment of my life is a captured moment of me, how am I showing my love, my compassion? My own essay of this is my world, my life, my truth, my gifts.


That might indeed take me to a place that I am a bit weepy about. I know for sure there are things I wished I had done so much better. Oh dear reader, don’t we wish at times we had do-overs?

I wish as a single mom I did not have to work such long hours and miss meetings at my kids school. I wish I had not so much worried about cleaning the house, but instead just plopped on the couch and hugged my babies more.

Do they remember the times we did crafts together, or packed picnics and took off on hikes? Or the extraordinary conversations we had over dinner? Do they remember popcorn and tea parties? Or do they remember the times I must have failed as a parent? Or maybe by the grace of the universe they remember it all?

Do they think of me as the feminist who fought and lobbied for others as well as their needs? Do they know and accept that at the time I did the best I could do with the circumstances we were living through.

Did they know how adored and loved they were and still are?

Now that they are all grown, I get to watch and observe them. I am in awe of their constant ability to give so much to their world and their families. They are fabulous people with so much love and global vision. They have each created their own world order. With each moment being encapsulated with their own heart talk and connections.

There is a huge chance that I was not mindful as a young mother. I was too busy multi tasking.

And I have to forgive myself for what I did not know. At this moment I am aware of the practice of mindfulness. But I was not always.

I have given myself permission to understand that each path that I took is exactly what was needed. In fact, it is the connecting the dots of our lives.

So I wonder how do we write our life story essay?


Intent is defined as the act of intending, purpose. So my intent this day, (and change it daily if you wish,) is to make this day lighter for someone. So first off, I have to be in a lighter space. So, whatever it takes to get me there, is my first act. Then I might just start internally by smiling at a stranger. Or making someone laugh. Or complimenting from the heart. Or a lovely hug.

And actually I had a really sweet story yesterday. I was out for a walk, and was amazed when a person I do not really know well, ran up to me and wrapped me in a bear hug! Besides being astounded at the hug, his words to me were so sweet. I am so happy to see you out of the wheelchair, he said!

I was bowled over and so very grateful. He has no idea of just noticing that, filled my heart. And he validated that indeed I was seen! So without even knowing it, his spontaneous reaction completely changed my heart!

That is the kind of intention that I seek, that is and needs to be second nature. That we acknowledge another’s life or struggle or joy. I think of it as a chain reaction of goodness.

And do we take the time each day to truly define our intention? I wonder sometimes, if I get busy with my own stuff and forget that I am connected to everyone. Or forget to smile.

For instance, does my daily interactions mesh with my higher thoughts of heart-centric living?

In wanting to make the world a more inclusive loving space, do I live that each day?


As we age, I think our thoughts go to our life story essay. How do we want to leave this world. Did I do anything to truly make the world a sweeter, kinder, connected place? And that is not ego speaking. That is heart speak.

For each moment we have the chance to do better, be kinder, and be so very present in our mindfulness that change just happens around us. And each moment is a choice. And each moment is done just by each moment. The mountain was built by one tiny rock growing into another rock. Step by step.

So here is an exercise, would you try this with me please?

Take out a piece of paper.

Cut it into a heart shape.

Write down 5 things that define how you want your legacy to be seen and remembered.

Example: kindness, grace, compassionate, achievements, living in present mindfulness, however you see achievement.

And then take each example and write a blueprint for how we want that to define our life.

If we choose grace, how do we live it and show it?

And if you choose living in present mindfulness, does that mean we are showing each moment our complete attention and love?

Affix the heart somewhere you can see it during the day. Train yourself to look at it and ask am I doing this now. And if you are, kudos! Extra ice cream today! Celebrate the heart of who you are. Yay you!


There is a space deep within that connects us to our own divinity. In that space lives all that we could possibly ask for. Whether or not, we have chosen to access this gift during our lifetime is the curriculum. But I am sure that many times we did it without even awareness. For in truth, I think our nature is basically nurturing and loving.

So for all the times we might not have accomplished or tended to others in a way that was in their or our best interests, there is no need to beat ourselves up. There are still so many more times, that indeed we did do goodness.

Write and live your story with joy and love! You deserve it!

And don’t leave out the messy parts. That is what makes us human. And sometimes adorable! And incredibly, sweetly, vulnerable.

Shine your light. I can see you, oh beautiful one!

Do let me know how this exercise works for you. And I would love to hear how you would write your own legacy of your life story essay! In fact, feel free to share it here!

We are the heart of the universal good!

In this moment we are connected by our own choice of being  universally present.

Thank you for being here!







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