LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, do we accept the challenge?

LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, do we accept the challenge?

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In my community, there is constant conversation about living in spirituality. And I have to admit it is a lively topic. We are what we choose to live. The challenge is, there is an element here of hierarchy.

How can one be more spiritual than another? Is the monk who sits on a mountain top more spiritual than the mother who nurses her sick child?

To me, Life as a spiritual journey, is everyone’s calling. Do we indeed accept the path or the challenge?

Big question.
But in that there is also the concept of spirituality. Does it truly exist?


To me spirituality has nothing to do with organized religion. It is the way we choose to use our spirit, our hearts.

The dictionary defines it as: the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

That is the beauty of spirituality. The quality and concern with our ability to connect with our higher good, for no other reason than the simple goodness of connection. And although it sounds easy to define. Is it easy to live?

Each action we encounter is another option to be our best, caring, compassionate self.

When does this practice become automatic? When we no longer see it as an externalized concept but accept it as our truth. Then the self draws in the divinity of the connection. It becomes our standard rather than our possibility. And that gives me great solace. Does it to you?


Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true as defined by the dictionary. And it depends on each of us as to whether it fits our needs and hearts.

Spirituality to me, is not defined by dogma. (But it can be if we are not choosing true heart- centric self living.) I can choose to not follow any dogma that is laid down by an authority that does not feel like truth to me. It is not the rebelling against dogma, (but it could be), it is knowing where our own truth lays.

And knowing that is sacred space.


Living our spirituality is also an oxymoron at times. If we have to constantly think about it. Then it becomes an item of distraction. Just another thing we use our minds instead of our hearts to address.

Mooji, a teacher of higher consciousness, talks about spirituality as another construct. That we end up putting ourselves in a box with it. Because we use our thoughts to define it, rather than just be it.

Instead, if we choose freedom, then our self can rise to the awareness of true consciousness, which is the self. And according to Mooji, nothing else exists except for the connection of the self to divinity. There is no thoughts that truly belong to us. Because thoughts are externalized.

Or as he says, even though the philosopher said, I think therefore I am. That is not true.

The truth is I am ,therefore I think. So the only original part is the I am the self. The self came before the thought.

So when we live in this freedom from constructs of thoughts that are externalized we are then living in our highest awareness. Or to put it in everyday terms. If I have been taught that I need to eat potato chips, that is just something that was planted outside of me. That is not original to me.

So it is not a thought that is needed. It was just acquired. Not in my best interest. But well sold to me. And I bought into it. So I accepted it as a known entity. And potato chips taste good. So it was an easy sell.

But does the idea of eating potato chips serve me? No. So that brings us to consciousness.


In our seeking for our connection to the Universe, there is that part of us that is full awareness or consciousness. It is in inviting this awareness to come reside and asking everything else to leave. So just when we are entering a sacred space we take off our shoes,

It is the same for entering deep inside our self. We leave everything else as the constructs they are by the door. They are no longer needed.

Doesn’t even the thought of that give you a great sense of openness and freedom? We are not our thoughts. We are not externalized. We are not constructs or labels. We are not artist or dentists. That might be what we do, but it is not who we are.

Who we are is the consciousness of what is originally ours. And the only thing that truly belongs to us, is our beautiful inner self.

To me consciousness is the deepest well of our connection to the universal divinity. Actually we don’t even have to ask it to come, it is already our beating heart. It is just knowing that we are.

Consciousness is the breath of being.

We reside in complete freedom in the being-ness of the self. In this space there is no label, no construct. Just being.


Life as a spiritual journey is the ultimate oxymoron in some ways. Because it assumes there is the need for searching. When in reality all is within the stillness.

As long as there is a sense of searching then there is a sense of something missing. As Mooji says, there is nothing missing. Accepting the freedom within is knowing there is nothing else we need.

And there is our door opening. Accepting the simpleness that there is nothing else we need to look for. It is deep within the stillness of our inner self. Everything we need and so much more. It is the ultimate connection to the soul of our divinity.

We do not have to make it difficult. It is a choice. Freedom from our external tyranny. And jumping into complete inner love.

I would love to hear how this resonates with you.
Does it make sense to you? How do you see your sense of spirituality?
Again, so many thanks for being here.

May you know the depth and glow of your own loving inner self.

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