Life Advice For Teenagers, heading for College

Life Advice For Teenagers, heading for College

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Life advice for teenagers as they get ready for college, is also a hard time for the entire family. Here are some ideas of how to get through this time period. 

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Growing up as a teenager can be a wonderful combination of extremely exciting and yet constantly terrifying. You go through a lot during your teenage years, and it can often be hard to really gain a sense of personal identity. Then, when you come towards the end of these years, you wind up making the biggest decision of your life; college or no college?


A lot of teenagers go to college when they finish school at the ripe old age of eighteen. This then throws a whole host of new life challenges into the equation as it’s time to finally be more independent and move away from home. Needless to say, this can be a very scary time for teenagers as everything is brand new to them.


Here is some handy life advice for any teenagers heading to college. So, if you’re a teenager and you’re reading this, then it’ll be very useful.

Likewise, if you’re reading this as the parent of a college-bound teenager, then it’ll come in handy for you too. Share this advice with your son/daughter, or get them to read this article themselves. Either way, here’s the advice:

life advice for teenagers


Peer Pressure, great life advice

College life is vastly different to regular school life. When thousands of students get together in the same setting, all havoc can break loose.

Drugs and alcohol will inevitably form part of college culture. If you’re a parent reading this, then it won’t be nice to hear, but it’s just the truth. There’s nothing wrong with going to parties and getting drunk from time to time.

However, my advice is to never give in to peer pressure. Only drink if you want to drink, not because someone forced you to do so. This can be very hard to do, particularly if there are dozens of fellow students all urging you to drink or try some drugs.

Don’t let the peer pressure get to you, as this is when things can spiral out of control and lead to massive regrets and mistakes. It’s natural to have a fun time, but have that fun time on your terms.

life advice for teenagers

Always Have Support Structures On Standby

A support structure is pretty much anyone/anything that’s there to help support you during your college years. For many teenagers, their parents are a big support structure.

They know that they can give their parents a call whenever they’re struggling, and some handy advice from home will keep them going strong. It’s always a good idea to have support structures on standby, just in case you need them.

I’m not just talking about parents either, it’s handy to have the contact details of various groups or companies that can help you deal with various problems. As mentioned earlier, college life involves a lot of alcohol and drugs.

It’s almost unavoidable, even if you don’t give into peer pressure. That’s why you should have support structures in place to deal with any drugs/alcohol problems if you feel like you’ve started depending on them too much.

You should get contact details for treatment facilities like The Arbor just in case. If you learn about The Arbor here, you’ll see they have youth support capabilities. Similarly, make sure you have the number of any organizations or charities that help with mental health issues.

Again, this could be a problem for college students, so it’s good to have support structures in place as a safety measure in case you feel lonely or depressed.

Don’t Lose Sight Of Why You’re There

life advice for teenagers

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the extra goings on that happen during college. You meet new people – you may even spark a new romance – and you have lots of extra-curricular activities.

A lot of students lose sight of the main reason they’re in college and become consumed by everything else. Sure, they have the time of their life and create memories they’ll never forget.

But, they end up failing their exams and don’t get the diploma they needed. Remember, you’re in college to study and get a diploma, not just to have fun. You pay a lot of money to stay there, so you need to ensure it doesn’t all go to waste.

Keep this in mind during the exam periods where you may be tempted to stop studying and go do something more fun. Don’t lose sight of the reason you’re in college; or else the experience will have all been for nothing.

Learn How To Manage Your Money

Finally, it’s absolutely essential that you learn how to manage your money properly. For a lot of teens, this is the first time they’ll have disposable income, and the first time they actually need to pay for things.

As a result, it’s easy to not know what you’re doing, and spend all your money within two weeks of getting to college. Any parents reading this should make it their responsibility to teach their child about money management.

Help them learn what they should/shouldn’t do, and set them up with a student bank account that comes with an overdraft to help them out. For all the teens out there, you can still do your own research and Google various tips and advice for college students like you. And that is also valuable life advice. 

I’ll start you off by embedding a video above this point for you to take a look at. The main concern is that you try and save as much money as can be. If you’re lucky enough to be on a course that doesn’t require many hours of studying or attending lectures, then you could search for a part-time job.

life advice for teenagers money balance

There are many around campus, or in the local shops around where you now live. Even if you work one day per week, it’ll still provide you with some extra student money.

And for your college student there are so many ways to make money online. Students are finding working online to be a potential gold mine for them.Click here for more options. 

This can be a scary time of your life, but it can also be the best time too. If you learn how to keep control of your life during college, then you find the whole experience is ten times better. And that helps to pave your way to making great choice in your life.

Valuable life advice and life management skills.

Parents, show your kids this article to help them prepare for their new stage of life.

SUMMARY, Life advice for teenagers,

As you go through yet another life path, it is important to know that you always have the support and structure you need. And learning how to navigate through the life skills you will need to succeed in both college and life.

So parents, do have those conversations, from peer pressure to money management. Because in the long run, every step our children take helps them to find their own balance and skill sets, yes?

I wish all of our college students Bon voyage! This will be an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy it. And know  you are so capable of making life a grand adventure with compassionate grace in each step.

What do you think parents?

In peace and gratitude,

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