Learning How to Receive, and see her sister Serendipty

Learning How to Receive, and see her sister Serendipty

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how to receive

HOW TO RECEIVE? And Sister Serendipity.

We all try hard to give and be of service. But the question is, how well do we do with recieving? I mean, what happens when we are on the other side of this coin? Learning how to receive is a big job.

At least for me, is it for you?

Do we accept the gifts of recieving or do we find ourselves feeling diminished?


So I have had this moment lately of being ill. First being in the hospital then being at home. And in all honesty,  not really doing great at caring for myself.

And I knew I needed to ask for help.

Me, ask for help? That is tantamount to accepting a compliment! Grin.

how to receive

Hmm, I am the giver. I do not see myself as the one to receive.

Umm, think there is a bit of a divide here?

Giver vs how to Receive

So really I don’t even want to to have this conversation. I mean really I don’t want to have this conversation. Grin.

I don’t want to acknowledge asking for help.  ( ahh my childhood expertise of whining just took over..did you notice that?)

And I don’t want to acknowledge a bit of egoic loss of independence. Can you feel me on this?

learning how to receive

But changes are happening. And I have to bear witness to them.

The Giver Part in Learning how to Receive

You know the giver part. We do for others because, well, we just love doing for others, yes?

And it feels so good. There are even studies done that people who give more, live longer, happier, thriving lives.

Well, I am in for that, are you too?

So I do give, in my own way. I would love to do it more. In fact I would love to spend every single waking moment giving and hugging hearts.

But uh oh,  that does not help that I need at this moment some help.

learning how to receive

How to Receive

So two days ago,  several  conversations started happening that I did not expect. And guess what the topic was? Yeah, you guessed it. Receiving.

And I started connecting the dots and seeing how there is this amazing thing that always happens in my life. And for sure it happens in yours..Serendipity!

learning how to recieve

Sister Serendipity

I adore Sister Serendipity. You know the moment you think of something, and it appears? Or you have this amazing coincidence that you realize is not a coincidence at all.

Rather the Universe gifting us with new insight and love.

In my world serendipity happens a lot. And each time it comes my way, I am totally awed. And reminded of how grateful I am.

But let me tell you this story. Ready?

Lesson on Receiving

I was journaling about the need to understand what was going on in my body. And a wise friend suggested that perhaps this might be the time to accept help. And learn how to ask.

And I was not a happy camper.

But it was suggested that when we receive we are also giving the other the gift of giving. Yeah, I had heard that before. Still not quite convincing.

But ok. I get it. When we are presented with options, and we can give that to others, well we then need to just say thank you, yes?

As if on cue, things start happening. Yeah really!

learning how to receive

The lessons on learning to receive begin…

Shortly after this conversation, my neighbor stops by. He says just write me a list and I will go get your groceries.

Umm, really?

But well, I canot do that because I don’t have cash on me to pay him.  It would feel not right to do that. And he doesn’t get this vegan gluten free no sugar thing, so it would be a really hard shopping trip for him.

And well, because, well it would feel like I am taking advantage or something.

Ah those excuses we use. … all because it comes down to, uh oh.. ego and worthiness???

Oh no, who said that?

Ego and Worthiness? In learning how to receive.

For me its also so difficult because I am temporarily back in my wheelchair.  I thought those days were over.

And being in my wheelchair  makes it a bit more problematic to cook and do self care.

Especially when my energy is so limited.

So its really tied into my own self image. How do I see myself in the chair vs out of the chair?  Am I just being needy?

Or am I being harder on myself and judging?

And because I need help, does that make me any less worthy or unproductive?

learning how to receive

Hey I thought I had resolved these questions years ago!

But here it is showing its ugly head again.

And my wise friend had asked me  the precious day, are you the one who has given yourself permission to not be perfect? And has learned to walk in the beauty of that?

Wow, does that resonate with you too?

SURRENDER. That is the lesson. Isn’t it? 

So before my neighbor left, he said. You are always there for me, you listen to me, you see me. I just want to help. Is there any way you might let me do that? Just because I want too ?


He leaves.

An hour later, I get a text, another friend wants to just stop by. Great. She was the one who found me on the floor and called 911 two weeks ago.

I know she needs to see me to know I am doing somewhat better.

She walks in the door, with a package in hand. She says read the card first. Ok.

The card explains this is a prayer quilt. The threads that are hanging are the prayers. Her elderly mother, it seems,  makes these for those that are ill. And she is 700 miles away.


Wow! Some one made me a  gorgeous prayer quilt?  I am not quite taking this in…and yet floating in gratitude. I am speechless. I don’t know how to express fully my thankfulness.

learning how to receive

Receiving? Am I getting a lesson in receiving? 

Another hour passed, and my neighbor comes back with a take out container  bowl of  vegan lentil soup and fresh green juice.

What? And how did he know that I have not eaten since yesterday?

Then while I am resting in bed, I hear a knock at the door, and the door opens.

In walks a third friend. with a steaming huge pot of homemade veggie soup!

Ok, Sister Serendipity, I hear you!

I am getting this learning to receieve, really over the top now!

Story still not over, my friend John calls.  He says, so I was thinking about you not being able to recieve …and I said wait I have to tell you what happened today.

After I told him the events of the day, he said. Do you need any other proof that at all times the Universe has your back? Especially when you are willing to be open?

Really? Can you just please hang up the phone now?

But really. It was the most amazing day of being and accepting that I am loved. And allowing that love to really flow to me.

I did not redirect the love anywhere else. I just sat in awe of how amazingly beautiful these gifts were.

My mentor, Bo Tipton did a Facebook Live on filling up on our  own ponds.

And I was so aware that now I do indeed have a resevoir. Or at least I am learning how to have a resevoir.

And I wonder how often do we not know that loving is coming our way? Without any agenda, just giving.

I learned that receiving is just as lovely.

So now how do I say thank you for all these amazing gifts?

I learn to be okay with asking for help.  Without any judgment or excuses. Just a simple heart felt beautiful thank you.

And that is how easy it is. Why in the name of the Universe do we think it has to be harder?

Yeah really! Because we are taught to give, not to receive. Well I think that is misinformation, do you?

And an injustice! Learning to accept  love that flows back and forth not just out, that is our moment of true self love, yes?

After all, we need that pond to keep thriving and feeding those inhabitants don’t we?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO Success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time!



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16 thoughts on “Learning How to Receive, and see her sister Serendipty

  1. Hi Ariel!
    You got me, I enjoyed your post so much. I felt like I was reading the script for a movie or a novel, I was visualising every thing you wrote. I agree on the point of receiving makes the giver more fulfilled and grateful that they could help somebody else. I’m looking forward to connecting with you more. All the best and be blessed!.

    1. Hello David, I am so happy that you popped by. And delighted you liked the post. It was quite a joy of an experience for me..and accepting it all. I also look forward to connecting with you. May your world just flourish in joy and peace! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. What a lovely, from the heart post, Ariel. I so agree with you that learning to receive can often be harder than giving…and yet, how awesome to know you are loved just for being you, and not just for what you do for others.

    1. Hello Annie, thank you so much! Isn’t that the truth! And yes, I was gifted with the most amazing blessings..and we are always getting those every day..aren’t we? in peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Ariel, I so loved your post. I have happy tears reading about your day receiving meaningful gifts. I especially love that your friend brought you a homemade quilt from her mom.

    I can relate to your photo on “accepting compliments” that it can be difficult to accept and then your mind may wander and think, maybe they are crazy. But overtime I have learned the joy of giving, and thus the joy of receiving too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Tara, Aww thank you so much! It was all such a day of seeing gratitude indeed. And learning to just say thank you is probably the best thing we can learn..yes? So happy you popped by. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. I think the most beautiful feeling in life is giving and thanksGiving. Giving enhances the soul, expecting nothing in return. However, if I look at my life, good things always come back. We are not perfect, sometimes we make mistake, but our goodness people feel. Thanks for the excellent post. All the best.

    1. Hello Maja, thank you for popping by. I am so glad to see you here. I so agree, giving does enhance the soul. I so like the way you put it. And as long as we live our goodness, life is so much sweeter. yes?
      IN peace and gratitude, ariel .

  5. Ariel,
    Having spent three months in a chair last year has taught me a lot about myself and how to receive other peoples gifts.
    When I needed a leg walker, my dad drove two hours to bring me one. This was the last time I seen him before he passed.
    Learn to be thankful while others can still be thanked, you don’t know when they will no longer return.

    1. Hello John, oh what a lovely story. Thank you so much for telling it to me. And so you know the difficulty in learning how to recieve when we have spent a lifetime giving..yes? But what a gift you gave your Dad that he was able to be there for you. And each day you are so right, I live deeper and deeper in my gratitude and blessings. And yes, only today is what we have.
      Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me.
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Receiving is a subject near and dear…

    While you would like to receive something sometimes, you hesitate because you don’t want to feel obligated, or you might not use it, or you are just not used to people paying attention to you, or you would rather not have the attention, and so on. I have used them all.

    But you are right–the pleasure we bring to others when we do receive something is worth it, and the “thank you” is sufficient!

    Ariel, you are blessed to have such great friends who care about you!


    1. Hello Tanya, is it really? Why is that? Because its also hard for us to do? Its not taught..is it? And you are right, its an obligation or feeling we are taking advantage or being manipulative ..none of which is true.. as we are always in our own giving mode. yes? It has been such a huge learning curve for me. And I am so grateful for the beauty it has brought.
      Yes indeed I am blessed. And each day I remind myself to walk and honor this gratitude and bestowal of blessings.
      I am so glad you are here.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Great article, Ariel.
    AND I just love Sister Serendipity…she really has a way of showing up to remind us (make a point) and we need to take notes and more importantly execute…I am guilty. Yes, love to give but challenged to receive, however, I am working ‘through’ it as it happens.
    Get better soon and in the meantime, remember, your acceptance of anything being offered is your helping that person to be blessed as well.

    1. Hello Michelle, so happy you are here! Thank you! Me too, serendipity is just magical..yes? And I am learning that receiving is just as sacred as giving. Whew, that was a hard lesson, LOL. But I am so grateful for it. And living in the blessings. I am working each day to get stronger and healthier. I know I will be strong soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. I can relate to your story, Ariel. Asking for help and receiving help – I find both hard to do as I do not wish to cause any inconvenience to others. As I grow older and wiser, I understand the need to ask and to receive. Rejecting help can cause the giver discomfort too. Give and receive. Receive and give. Isn’t it the same? Most important, everyone is happy. When you are happy, I am happy for you!
    Take care,

    1. Hello Sharon, so glad you are here! I know its such a learning curve isn’t it? After all when we are taught to give it feels uncomfortable to receive. Yet you are so right, and I so like the way you put it.. ultimately give and receive are exactly the same.. because we are giving in another form. Whew! See thanks, you made it so much easier. I am happy for you also. And so glad we are getting to share.
      in peace and gratitude, ariel

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