Know What You Can Change And Accept What You Can’t

Know What You Can Change And Accept What You Can’t

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How often do we wish that there was a way to change things about ourselves? Not the spiritual changes that we know we can change, but perhaps the more physical ones.

So what are our options ? And how do we see the changes happening ? Well read on to get some ideas.

And know that who we are is just fine too!

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In life, there’s a lot of focus on change. After all, the main point is to grow and adjust, is it not?

As such, there’s a lot of focus on the ever-changing current of the seasons, and your life through the ages.

Sometimes, this desire for change is a good thing. Wanting to move on from an unhappy workplace could lead you to a career you enjoy more.

A creeping need for change could also help inspire you to leave an unhappy relationship. In fact, you can thank good old change for the majority of significant life decisions you’ll make along the way.

This is so true. When we are presented with changes in our lives it is the Universe’s way of saying hey, do you want to be happy? And it is our choice to let go of all that is not working so we can make room for all the joy that we deserve. So do go ahead.

Make that change and life is going to be just fabulous.

But, in some instances, focus on change can lead to unhealthy thoughts. One such area is appearance. It’s natural to want to change things about the way you look.

Sometimes, it can even be healthy. But, often, hateful thoughts about appearance aren’t positive. After all, it’s crucial to be happy with yourself above all else.

And, it’s impossible to be happy with yourself if you spend too long fixating upon the things you want to alter.

Does that mean you should stop considering your appearance? Not at all. As mentioned above, changes here can be positive.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there are some things you can alter, and some you can’t. To help you understand that a little better, we’re going to look at some examples in each category.

The things you can change

So, what can you change? Or, perhaps a better question should be, what healthy changes can you make?

We’ll start with the kicker – weight. The majority of us would change our weight given a chance. An excellent way to judge whether you want to change this for the right reasons is to consider whether your health is suffering.

Measure your BMI. If you’re already in a healthy category, you shouldn’t worry. If not, it’s a sign that change might not be such a bad thing.

Apparently this is an important issue. So do take the time to get this taken care of. Because this is something we do have full control over, yes? And if you are noticing there are changes that need to be made, walking is one of the best ways to help hasten these changes. So get walking and laugh while doing it!


Then, there are changes like dying your hair or straightening wonky teeth. Dying your hair may not have any real benefit, but it isn’t harmful either. What’s more, a new color could boost confidence.

Have you noticed a more recent fad lately of really far out colors for hair? I think it is so much fun. And I have noticed that those that do it, seem to be really carrying themselves as if knowing they were willing to take some chances and just have fun.

Thinking maybe I might try purple!

When it comes to changing your wonky teeth, though, there are health benefits to note. If this is something which worries you, contact a company like Whitlock Orthodontics and address the issue.

As well as putting your mind at ease, a straight set of teeth will stay healthy for longer. As such, this definitely falls under the healthy change category.

And not only that straightened teeth will enhance our ability to smile more, it also means we will be taking the time to insure that our teeth are healthy. Which is really important to our all over health. And that is something again that we are fully accountable and able to take charge of, yes?

The things you should accept

Then, there are appearance matters you should accept. These include weight when you’re already healthy, or fundamental changes, such as a wonky nose.

While there is surgery available for such thoughts, it’s crucial to ask whether that’s what you need. Often, people go through extreme surgery, only to find out the issue is more mental than physical.

In this instance, practicing self-love is sure to serve you better than a surgeon any day.

If you are really wanting change in your lifestyle and life, consider being a blogger . Become your own boss and help others. Come join me.


In life there are so many changes that happen. And no matter what they are, in the end there are gifts attached to it. And when we are really wanting to make changes it is important to decide how to make those changes in a way that is in our best interest.

Knowing what we can change and what we cannot change is so vital to our wellbeing. As we do not want to obsess over things that are time wasters. So perhaps we are not looking exactly as we picture. But if we are the epitome of health and let our live shine.

We are then always quite beautiful. Yes? Don’t you agree? I know that when i see an unexepcted beautiful smile, it changes my world at that moment.

So go out there and just smile away until you can feel your own light and love, ok? Just do it.

And let me know what you think of your body and what you can change and cannot change.

In peace and gratitude,


living one heart -centric moment at a time!


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  1. What a lovely balance you strike with this article, Ariel. Some changes can be a benefit, some can just be fun- and isn’t that a benefit? Are you really tempted to go with purple hair? Too funny. Perhaps you and your grandgifts could try matching streaks?

  2. Dear Ariel,

    Nice thought provoking title for the post. You explained it detail. Yes I do agree with your great post. Change is vital for our growth. The only thing will not change in this world is change itself rest of the things will change. Thanks a lot!

    Your Friend,

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