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Have you noticed that once we notice something, we see it everywhere? For instance, a blue car. Suddenly there are 5 blue cars passing by. Why is that? What is it about the concept of consciousness that draws that to us? It is our vibrational energy. Some call it the Law of Attraction. Others just intuitively know that our sense of consciousness is dependent on what we choose to see and hear. Apparently there is an art to the journey of conscious living.

And when we agree to find it, we are on our way to thriving.
Do you know what I mean?

We always have the choice at each moment to turn inward and see our own guiding light.

Finding that peace and joy. And stepping into the higher energy of peace and ease. Consciousness is the agreeing to see and take responsibility. It is the joy of stepping into love and acceptance.

It is also the letting go of all that does not suit us in ways that are respecting our choice of conscious living.

connecting and loving


These words have certainly had a lot of buzz lately, haven’t they? So what does it mean to live consciously? It is a very wonderful question. It allows us to come to a place where we can truly look at our choices and lives.

To me living consciously means that I am totally aware of how I am choosing to interact with myself and my world in ways that are in the best and loving interests of all. That I am stepping into the reality of each choice having to be based on respect, love and healing and connection. And that I am living in this moment. I am fully present.

It is allowing the song of our heart to step forward in its truth and be our guide.

And connection is the big word here.

For knowing, we are connected to each situation we encounter brings great responsibility and accountability in a way that is very loving. Understanding we are connected means we have made the agreement to be in this space with love.

So in other words, as a very basic example, for instance I am walking down the street, unwrap a lozenge and throw the wrapper on the ground. That is disrespecting Gaia. To me, that is not conscious living. Does that make sense?

We all have, at each moment the choice of respectful, loving ability to alter and uplift our world. Isn’t that amazingly powerful? We have that choice and power. The question is, are we willing to use it?

And it is the old adage, it starts with me. It starts with all of us in how we interact with everything in our daily lives. From the homeless freezing person we pass each day and choose not to see, to the simple sharing of a smile.

I just love this sense of knowing, we are changing our world just by our simple choices of conscious living.

What do you do during your day that heightens your own heart and connection?



Yesterday, I was awaiting a friend to come hang out. I was really looking forward to spending time together. When she arrived, I was amazed to see that her usual sense of ease, was completely gone. She was in an angry state. And very agitated. I wondered what she needed to let go of all this stuff she had somehow stepped into.

We both had choices at that moment.

Was it my responsibility to give her ease? Was she willing to let go of the scenario?

And it dawned on me. This was her internal choice. The only thing I could do was let her know that I was truly seeing and hearing her.

Living in these physical bodies, we are prone to things happening. Whether we choose to step into it, is how we are going to get through this challenge. As drama happens, it does not have to belong to us. It is just happening and we can wave to it as we allow it to pass by. We see it. We deal with it. We let it go. We do not have to claim it.

And certainly our stories are just stories. They are not who we are.

So with my friend, I made the conscious choice that the most loving thing I could do, was just to bear witness. I made sure she knew I heard and loved her. It was not mine to step into her drama or for me to think I had to fix it. It was her journey to her own sense of truth at that moment.

But as humans, we do acknowledge that getting through dilemma and life’s challenges is something that does indeed happen. Here again, we get to determine if we are going through it with grace and compassion. Or totally step into the doo-doo. That is where our truth lies. That is also where our choice is.

How often do we make the choice to get into what does not really belong to us? And how often do we know when to step back from our own decision to not bring drama to our lives?

For when we live consciously, drama is not a part of the equation. That is not loving. That does not mean we do not respond appropriately to circumstances. It does mean we do not have to take it on.
So how do we live consciously and thrive?



Finding our Inner Truth, our life search and grace is in finding what is really our deepest inner truth. We have so many ways to get to this place. Through meditation and shedding of perception of external living, rather than internal life.

Gratitude, this is the big one! When we live in gratitude, our entire beings change.

Choice of accepting responsibility and accountability.

Living in loving, meaning that each choice we make we can live in loving. We walk in love when we live in kindness to ourselves and others. And when we are loving, we are fully present in this moment.

Letting go,meaning to let go of all that does not fill our heart. Letting go of attachments, external stimuli and concepts that are not our truth. To knowing, we do not need any sense of control.


In our journey to consciousness it is the willingness to open our hearts. We serve by honoring ourselves and others. In that agreement to honor, we step into the path of loving. Without boundaries or definition or attachment.

It is such an interesting journey though. For we have to be willing to let go of all that we thought we knew. We no longer live in a space that is societal or externally driven.

It is an internal sense of compass. We know the beat of our own inner truth through each choice we make every moment of every day.



I wonder at times if we have become so inundated with information that we begin to think that is our path? In reality, that is all just noise to distract us from the absolute joy that is our birthright. The ability to turn off what is happening on the social external level allows us to step inside and see our own beauty. In this beauty lies our simple joy and happiness.

For it is undisturbed by the ocean waves of all that is churning around us. Choosing to live in joy and happiness, is really not as hard as we have been programmed to believe. It is actually a very simple formula.

For instance, once we have acknowledged the heart of our truth, it is stepping into that space. Meaning we have let go of all the attachments, constructs and judgments of our inner and outer world. Once we figure out we do not have to interact, that is does not reflect our truth, amazing joy floods our being.

I know once I got to the place of letting it all go, I felt like I had shed a hundred pounds! I felt a lightness that I am not sure I have ever experienced. Does it mean that I can do it 24/7…unfortunately no. I am unbelievably human..grin.

But at least I know the path now. And I am doing it more than not. But yet again, it is a choice; A very conscious choice to live in a space of joy and happiness. I know now that I am not the whirlwind that might be outside of my heart. And I do not have to participate. In fact, my choice is not too.

So to me, joy and happiness is always just a choice away. Are we willing to make that choice?

What is your method of being in your joy and happiness?




Find a place to sit in quiet space.


Let yourself take 3 breaths.


Shake out your arms


Place your hands in a comfortable position.


And close your eyes.


As you are breathing, see colors. Whatever colors show themselves is just perfect.


See yourself wrapped in these colors. And then see the colors whirling around your body.


Then see the colors grow larger as they float out beyond your space.


In this moment everything is possible.


Say these words,


I am the Universal flow of goodness, joy and abundance. I am able to share inspiration and to be inspired.


I welcome in all that are coming to me in their highest good for my highest good in ways of loving and connection of joy and ease.


I live in gratitude.


My path is illuminated by a beautiful glow, flow of ease and conscious intention of choice.


I am love.


Try this once a day for a week and let me know how it works for you. And in fact, while you are going about your daily life, try and say some of these affirmations.

I want to hear about your experience, please!

you got this

And to change up your morning ritual try this meditation package that will help start your day in ways of peace and clarity.



Conscious living is the ability to choose what speaks to the song in your heart. It is living in the connection of responsibility to our inner truth. And those are not just words. It is the path to living easy and lovingly. When we take this step into the depths of our heart, we are choosing to take on the life we know we were meant to live. What could be better than this?

In this moment of choice, we take the reins of our lives and completely change the trajectory. We can opt to leave the stress and anxiety behind us and instead pick up the hug of our inner truth .

We make this pact with our deepest self to be fully present in this moment. For this moment is all that truly exists.

This is our moment to make that choice. And we get to make that choice over and over again. It does get easier once we have acknowledged that we are willing to live consciously.

Making that choice is reaffirming that love is the best and most simple path. So I wish that for all of us.

May we live from the inside out!

May love be our connection.

May we always know we are just a choice away from a sweet life.
What is your choice today?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder,, living a heart-centric life





9 thoughts on “JOURNEY OF CONSCIOUS LIVING, 5 Ways to Thriving

  1. I enjoyed reading this and we share many beliefs or knowings. I liked your story of your friend who was angry and you giving her the freedom to walk her on path and to not interfere with it. That was a great experience for both of you especially your understanding that it was not yours to fix.
    I find many people have trouble with conscious living because they are not living in the now. They are living in the past or in the future. To live consciously you have to be living in this moment, in this now.
    I will be back to read more.

    1. Hello Bo! So many thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you enjoyed this article. It is indeed true that somehow we think this moment is not worthy of our attention. When in reality this moment is all that is real. So I really hear you and so agree. When we make the pact to live in this moment we are truly honoring our own truth. Thank you for your very lovely and encouraging words. May you be blessed. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. I love your topic. I practice mindfulness everyday and others emotions can be an empathic trap if we allow it to be. I am on the road quite a bit and have a meditative breathing routine that I practice while driving that brings me to a state of peace.

    1. Hello Stacy! You do practice daily? That is really wonderful. I can imagine the changes it has brought to your world. Would love to hear about it. I like the idea of breathing while you are long as it is not distracting..grin!Be safe.. I am so glad you stopped by. Many thanks and much joy to you. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Loved your ideas on conscious living. Never really thought about it before. Also, I will be trying out your steps of meditation. Great post by the way.

    1. Hello Maggi, So many thanks for stopping by. I am really glad the post gave some food for thought. I would really like to hear about what your experience might be like for you.Looking forward to chatting soon! Thank you so much for the encouraging words. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. This was a great article! I enjoyed reading it. When I read, “I know now that I am not the whirlwind that might be outside of my heart,” it gave me the chills. That’s one quote I will definitely remember always! And it comes in the time when I needed it the most.

    I am going to definitely be plugging this into my life. Thanks for writing this article!

    Much love!

    1. Hello Becca, so many thanks for stopping by! I am grateful for your encouraging words. I wish you joy in this journey of life. I know you will find all that you need. Open hearts are the light of the Universe…hope we get to chat again soon. May blessings shower you in peace and ease. ariel

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