IS SUCCESS AN INSIDE JOB? 11 Ways to Show Up for Yourself

IS SUCCESS AN INSIDE JOB? 11 Ways to Show Up for Yourself

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showing up for yourself

I know that sounds a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Because after all, to create, or bring life to anything means it has to start from the inside. But does it really? Are we willing to give ourselves credit for the choices we make? Is success an inside job? How do you see it?

For instance, when we see very successful people we are often dazzled by their vision and then their material possessions. And so that makes it feel like its all externalized. But in reality, it took a seed of internal courage to forge that specific path. Each successful person had some come to god realization that what they really wanted was going to take internal fuel.

Arianna Huffington suggests that although we have traditionally thought that success it money and power. She it suggesting that we need a Third metric for the lives we truly want. And she calls that the four pillars. Well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.”As she says in her book Thrive.Click here to purchase a copy of this amazing book.



The fabulous late great Maya Angelou said that success it liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. I can really resonate with that. Does that make sense to you? Because when we are feeling good and liking ourselves amazing things happen. It feels like we are truly in alignment with the Universe.

Sir Richard Branson explains success, as the more you are actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel..

So how do we decide for ourselves how we are going to determine and see success?

internal success


For so long it seems that we have externalized the concept of success. It was what our parents wanted for us. That sense of financial security. Perhaps it was out of their sense of history and loss of financial comfort, that led to the determination that success is only material and financial. I think that many of us were brought up on this thought.

And certainly the media does a great job in making us think that a McMansion and luxury car are the answers to our woes. And should we not have that, we are less than perfect.

Isn’t this a disservice to the depth of our souls? If only externalized success was the answer, would we be happy?

It seems ‘no” is the answer to that question.

Although we know that money cannot bring happiness, we all certainly want to have a go at it.

Yet haven’t we heard over and over again, that when people have arrived at their financial goals, they still feel lacking in something.

And what is that illusive something?

external success


Deepak Chopra believes success it a matter of constant growth. And he is not referring to physical growth,grin. But rather that internal striving for understanding, learning, growing internally, spiritually. He speaks of success as an expansion of happiness and the self realization of worthy goals.

I am beginning to get that spiritual growth is the illusive something we are truly searching for.

It is the crown of our longing and yearning. For when we are in the space of truly knowing our deep inner self and how we are connected to the Universe, the puzzle pieces become a completed picture.

So how do we rise to internal success? It is the place where we are willing to sit in stillness. Ask the hard questions of the Universe. Be willing to know that the process of discovery is the foundation to our inner joy.

There are many interpretations of what is internal success.

For me, I tend to go for a more global definition. When we are shining our internal light, through love, giving, non judgment and compassion, we become fed by simple things. We can see the happiness in just being.


choosing joy


Imagine that there it nothing we need to externally strive for, when we have made the choice to just be fully present in love. We can understand that we are being fed on every level. We are fully engaged in our lives down to our cellular level and out to the ethers.


I know that I am feeling most successful when I am giving, inspiring, creating and living in my own sense of loving.
That does not mean we let go of our daily life. It means quite the opposite. We truly dive into our daily life, through giving and being.


I think living this way is  finding the buried treasure we have longed for. Does that make sense to you? How do you see it?

the best gift is you


What it your definition of worthy goals? Is it financial or internal? Are we willing to expand our definition of success to that which truly feeds us on every level?

That it my goal. I want to live fully in my own sense of being engaged, spiritually flying, giving and whole, and financially secure.

What does that look like? Great question. And how do we choose to live it.


I think it safe to say that most of us try to do good each day.

However, that might look. From giving an unexpected gift to holding a door for someone. We do good each day without always realizing what we are doing. And that simple goodness may actually change someone’s day.




1. Doing good for our self and community
2. Being spiritually healthy

3. Living compassionately and heart- centrically
4. Engaging in ways that foster Inspiration and empowerment and kindness
5. Taking time to meditate

6. Re-evaluating our core values to ensure alignment

7. Making choices that are in our best and highest good

8. Finding our purpose

9. Living in gratitude

10. Opening our hearts to our own amazing inner symphony

11. Creating and creativity


no music no life


At the deepest core of our being it a space that opens to the connection of the Universe. It it in this space of expansiveness that all it possible. Choosing to access this opening is the core to our own insight of living in success.

So let’s take a moment, find your comfortable sitting space. Shake out your body and then let it rest for a moment.
Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Feel the rise and fall of your breath throughout your body.

Direct your breath to your heart. Visualize the breath of life, your breath, dancing in waves of beautiful colors all throughout the parts of your heart.

Take those colorful waves and see them floating through your body.

Now allow the waves to float out beyond your physical body. See the waves as they dance around you.
Feel the energy.
Feel the joy.
Feel the peaceful movement.

Pick one particular color of the energetic waves that feels most soothing.

Now see that color wave branching out far beyond 5 feet of your body. This is your success color wave.

rainbow wave
See it swirling out further and further until finally only your color fills your view.
Breathe into this color.

Know it is your ability for all that you need to succeed.
This color, whatever it is, its your specific symbol of success. Claim it.

It is at your beck and call whenever you need it.
Try doing this meditation twice a day. You will start seeing a difference in how you respond to your own sense of success.

I want to hear how it guides you. So please share!

success go get it


When do we feel most successful? For me it is much more spiritual, than physical or externalized. For you, it might show itself quite differently.

I am feeling most successful when I am engaging in giving to others, when I am in my place of peace, when I know that I can inspire myself as well as others. And especially when I am creating. Does any of this work for you too?

I have found that in my own practice of using meditation, i can access my own inner vision of success, and feed that vision daily. And that vision grows with each day. It begins to thrive within the breath and love of my heart. I can actually feel the expansion. Have you tried this?

To be of service it not just a set of external doing, it is our internal doing that allows for the giving of self. It is to me, the core of success.

Success in my mind, is truly an inside job. Knowing that we are ready to step into the depth of our self, see our own truth and then live it. To me that is success.

And that belongs to each of us individually. There is no right or wrong. There is just the simple definition of how we each choose to live our own concept of success.

May we all thrive. In peace, joy, gratitude, giving and success.  However we choose to define  and live it!



I want to know how you see your success. Please do comment below


So many thanks for being here!

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