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Today I received a phone call about the unexpected death of a friend’s younger brother. Ahh, these break your heart moments. We all know these sad calls. We cannot make it easier, we cannot fix it. All we can do is offer our love and our hearts.

And I am not sure how it works for you. For me when I hear that a life was shortened, it allows me the moment to look even deeper inside. It brings me to place of wonderment, gratitude and awe. If indeed, each moment is a gift, do we see it and treat it that way?

Or do we just brush it off, and go plowing ahead in search of busyness tasks?
Ah, there is that age old question again. Is life a journey or a destination?

I am beginning to see that perhaps it is about the way we go about our lives. What is truly important? Making our goals and reaching them or living in the moment and savoring? Being free of labels and constructs?

It seems to me that at one time or another we are all at that marvelous cross roads. That moment when we are willing to commit to that which we truly know is our truth.

It then makes this question deserving of our entire attention, doesn’t it?

Here are 7 questions to help us road map our choice of seeing our lives, as a journey or a destination.




1. Do we see our lives as going towards a trophy?

2. What are our fundamentals principles that we will not compromise?

3. Are we willing to see our lives as fulfilling and full of inner self freedom?

4. Do we choose to look inside, conjure dreams and accept awe and discovery every moment to find our own truth?

5. Are we willing to change our course when we see a different path that calls to us from our inner self?

6. Do we acknowledge or miss the moments that truly count, like connection and love?
7. Is life an example in finding and accepting that we can be living joy?


joy and awe


You know the proverbial carrot that is being dangled? I think of that as the trophy approach. Whether it is for reaching our financial goals or finding our way. Always searching for the bling, the shiny object. Sometimes even blinded by the gold. Thinking if only I had gazillion dollars I would be so happy.

Really? Or if I can find enlightenment my world will be perfect.

What about this moment? What is sweet and soul satisfying about this moment?

The person on their death bed, never says, I wish I worked more hours. But how many of us say, I wish I had spent more time with the ones I love?

And therein lies what I think is the core of this exploration. Are we in it for the external chase only?



That is an important question in our quest, don’t you think so? What is my life about?

And sometimes I am not sure it is the “purpose” we are searching for. In truth, I believe we are looking for ourselves. That leads us to our heart of hearts. Where are we in our hearts?


I find myself using this term constantly. To me, it means that we have consciously chosen to determine how we respond. That each interaction with ourselves and others is fused into our being heart-centric.

Rumi says’ your heart knows the way. And that is the point that I think we are at times not willing to trust. We know instinctively that our heart of self, knows the way.

How often do we actually give our externalized self over to the deep inner place that heals and knows?


Just imagine if we lived our lives in that way. Allowing our inner guide to light our path. No longer would it be a question of what to do, or what if, or I wish. It would just be the beauty of now. The constructs of all that we thought we needed, would no longer be necessary. It would make this time be so much easier.

We could literally see that indeed, we know what is important. And everything else is just possibly a maze of experiences that hold up our actual living our own truth.

Would that not be truly impactful to live without holding on to anything?

To do that I think would be the ultimate freedom. I am guessing Universal Love would be the driving force. And we are merely the vehicle.

.rumi your heart knows the way


The answer of life being a journey or a destination is ultimately our own personal view. It is the road map we choose to use. The yellow brick road of our own defined experience, so to speak. Whether we believe in soul contracts, (that before we were born in this body we contracted for certain experiences), or that only this moment is real.

Whether this just is a moment of virtual reality, and that our thoughts are nothing that matters. They are just pesky nuisances that we allow more credence than they are worth.

Or that we know finding our deepest self is the only journey to truth.

love is something

We still have to determine how this interaction with our daily life shows itself. As a race or a marathon. At each moment of choice, to be fully present and loving. It comes down to the inner knowing of what music our core heart beats to, as it courses through our deeper self.

So here is our decision. This is our line in the sand.
Do we stand for our true inner selves ?
Do we stand for externalized expectations?


path of life

Whichever we choose, it becomes the path that defines this space in time as our journey or our destination. And perhaps there is a moment when even those terms are no longer viable or give the meaning we are wanting. For after all, they are just words, if our hearts are not involved.

Do share with me your journey to your self. I look forward to hearing your path.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, living one heart-centric moment at a time

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