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You know when things in life serendipitously happen

and you are just struck with awe and giggles?

I have had so many moments like that. And I am sure you have too. I think living in serendipity allows the universe to show its love.

On this page we can share moments that create hope and joy and shared smiles.

As a wheelchair user I have experienced amazing feats of people coming forward to help. I am always awed and grateful.

For instance, one day I was out tootling (my word for being about town in my chair) and I went down a street that I had not tried before. I was just smiling at people and enjoying the gorgeous day, when to my utter surprise the sidewalk completely narrowed and I was stuck! I could not go forwards or backwards, there was no curb cut out to get into the street.  I sat there  in stunned silence thinking ..huh..what do I do now?

And no one was in sight!

Within seconds, I was surrounded by 7 people, of all different ages and backgrounds, none of whom did I know.  Without a word,  they literally lifted the wheelchair with me on it, and carried it to a safe place so I could just continue on! Serendipity? Am I living in serendipity?

Now was that not an inspired moment of serendipitous connection? I was completely speechless! And then before I could even say thank you, they all disappeared!

Awed and somewhat flabbergasted, I looked around thinking, did I just imagine that? The kindness factor was so overwhelming that it totally changed my day!

Everyday I  carry that unexpected kindness with me. I am still in awe just writing about it. Can you imagine 7 people just morphing in front of me, there to just make my journey easier!

How perfect is the Universe?

What experiences  of serendipity have you had?

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  1. Hi Ariel. What an amazing experience to have had. I don’t believe in coincidences, only in moments that we create ourselves and in moments of help from the universe. It sounds to me like you experienced a moment of universal consciousness helping you out. You can call them whatever you want: angels, energies, your higher self, or just strangers who you manifested to help you out. Whatever you want to believe will be right for you. I just think it was amazing. I love the idea of this site and will be back to see you soon. Have a great day.

  2. What a great idea for a site! I would love to share one with you. We had a lot of water damage done to our house and had a worker over giving me an estimate for over $17,000. I was in utter shock and disbelief. Once the guy left I was in tears. We do not have that kind of money. I had to pick my daughter up from school in tears. I was at a stop light making a right and a gentleman in a car looked at me with the biggest smile. I mean my whole body ‘felt’ his smile. I still remember that smile and I am forever grateful. It may sound little, but he changed my attitude with that smile.
    Good luck on the site!

    1. Hello Gail,
      So many thanks for visiting. It is lovely to meet you. I so agree. I believe that the Universe is here for us. And so it is my trust that whatever we needs always arises. It is an amazing phenomenon!
      I look forward to visiting with you soon! In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Colleen! So many thanks for visiting! I love your story. Isn’t it just so heartwarming to know that everything we need comes to us?
      And that this man may never know how his smile and heart showered you with such peace and clarity. Yet in this simple yet beautiful gift we can all see our connectiveness.
      It is so lovely.Thank you so much for sharing this story! In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hello Maurice, thank you so much for stopping by. I so agree with you. And once we have allowed ourselves to move into that space of divine Universal connection, our world is blessed and flowing, isn’t it? Just imagine if we all made that step??? Yes, that is the world that I am stepping into and wanting. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Ariel,
    I am always inspired by your posts. There really is so much good out there. I think sometimes people just like to focus on the bad things. I remember one time being in New York and I was crossing the street and the sidewalk dipped without me knowing and I fell. I was instantly picked up by five or six helpful strangers and helped back to my feet.


    1. Hello Lisa, I love your story! I know exactly how you feel. It is amazing how these “angels” just show up, isn’t it? LIfe is so beautiful when we see it that way, yes? Thanks so much for stopping by. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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