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You know the John Lennon song about Give Peace a Chance? It truly touches my soul.  And the concept is what I want from life.

This is so much more than a song. It is the mantra to finding our own truth.  It is my hope that somehow we will find our way to this place.

I know he is singing about a world without war.  But for me, it is not just about the external peace, as much as my own commitment to internal peace.

Imagine all people living in peace, to do so, it then has to start with me.


Is it me looking though my rose colored glasses in hope that we can actually do this?

Or can we truly imagine all people living in a space of internal peace?

Growing up a little bit after the hippie period, I really felt the optimism and possibility that universal thinking and stepping into social  consciousness was viable.


I think about this often. And like most of us, I think we are so ready for peace to no longer be a word, but a life style.

At least I am. I have lived long enough to now know that peace is an inner job. And it has to start with me. There is nothing I can ask of others until I am ready to live my peace.

Do you know what I mean? So what are our obstacles to peace?


So thinking through this concept, I am drawn by how we define peace. Is it as an impossible mission? Do we just assume that we are all not in a space of wanting peace? Or do we just accept that peace looks different to each person?

I would like to think that we all get that peace is a tangible living energy. And knowing that it is energy, we are more than capable of transmitting it. What are our obstacles to accepting peace as a viable way to live?

And are we willing to take on the responsibility for our own inner space of peace? The obstacles to living peace are a choice that we each have to be willing to make.

If I am using language that is less than peaceful or loving, I am not being in my own peace.

If I am constantly judging, I am not in my own peace.

If I am not willing to be kind or compassionate, I am not in my own peace.

If I think I have to fix others I am not in my own peace.

If I am allowing my ego to run my world instead of my heart, I am not living in my own peace.

And all of these questions pertain firstly to our inner workings.

If I  am not willing to do this for myself, there is no way to living in inner peace.

Does this make sense to you?

So what is peace?


Peace has many definitions. For instance the dictionary defines it as freedom from disturbance, as in quiet and tranquility. There is also the peace of freedom from violence and war.

Wikipedia describes peace in all forms from external to internal. It is also stated as the lack of fear of violence and conflict.

It is so interesting that in most cultures there is a word that is used as a greeting that wishes peace. In Hebrew it is Shalom. In Muslim cultures it is Salaam.

And these words mean even more that just the act of peace, it is also justice and loving kindness. The word Namaste is translated as seeing the love,divinity and peace within each other. What could be a more beautiful and kind thing to say to each other?

The concept that these words have been used in millennium has to say something about our forever striving for internal peace, doesn’t it?

Buddhists believe that once there is no longer suffering, peace will prevail.

And then there is the internal peace. I don’t know what you think, but for me the inner peace is where love and goodness truly resides. In this space of inner peace, we have peace of mind, no judgment and calm.

We are not uprooted by the ocean around us.

What does peace of mind look and feel like to you?


I love this thought. Living in peace is to me the ultimate letting go of our ego, our external values and our judgment. We just live in the sense of this precious moment.

The sensation of simple joy and happiness is not even needed as definers. Because they then, become thoughts. It is just the internal state of being.  It is the perpetual state of now.

Have you felt this before?

It defies description. But I will try.  In the perpetual state of now, there is only peace. There is no conflict, no judgment, no need for interaction, it is the perfect meld of just bearing witness. It is the eternal connection to our inner divinity and universal flow.

Living in internal peace, is accepting simple joy and kindness as our way of being.



Start in a standing position. With your arms at your sides

Take 3 breaths.

Say; I live and love in my peace. I live and love in my peace, I live and love in my peace.

Feel your body relax.

Let the sensation of of calm flood through your body.

Let go of any thoughts.

Raise your arms to the sky

Stand like this for a few seconds.

Then lower your arms and  stretch out to the sides

Feel the sense of expansionism

This is the place that peace thrives.

Try this 2-3x per week.

And at other times during your day, just repeat the mantra

I live and love in my peace.

Your world will be calmer and more peaceful.

Let me know how this works for you,


If you are ready to start your day in a different way, full of peace and clarity please do click here.


It is my hope that we each decide to take the leap to internal peace. Just imagine the world as a place where we no longer see differences but instead we just see the love pouring out from everyone’s heart. That to me would be living in internal peace.

There would no longer be high blood pressure, or stress. Instead it would be just calm and ease. Did you know there is a country called Bhutan and their GNP is happiness? They all thrive in inner peace and happiness Doesn’t that sound like a space we could easily move into?

We have to then let go of judgment or opinion. Our guide of choice is our inner peace.

Choosing to step into our internal peace, gives everyone around us the chance to also experience calm. It is an exponentially growing possibility. For we would feed off  and share each of our own beautiful vibrational energy. And there we go. We have achieved inner peace and we are spreading it to make the world a place of peace. May it be.

How do you see yourself in this picture?

I would really like to hear how you see living peace .

In living peace and gratitude,

Founder,        the online community to share our inner growth



18 thoughts on “IMAGINE ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN PEACE, It Starts With Me

  1. I definitely agree with your presentation, believing for sure that peace should be the ultimate goal of everyone on the planet. How sweet it is to think of living peace; however, living in a constant state of peace is not always possible when one is faced with dilemmas which automatically draw out conflicting feelings and thoughts that force us to make the best decision, neither of which is going to be desirable. This type of situation also causes one to wonder at the reasons people have when they obviously want to cause drama. Unfortunately, any decision is not likely to be endorsed, thus causing a snowball effect. Any thoughts on this.

    1. Hello Tanya!
      I am so happy to meet you. When we choose peace, it means we choose it for hopefully every moment of our day. In the words we choose to use, in the way we interact. For me when people want drama, I am just aware that is their choice. It has nothing to do with me. I do not have to participate. I can just bear witness or just excuse myself. And I send them love and blessings in the unseen. That way we start our own love revolution as Matt Kahn says.

      I know as humans we are never even close to perfect in our interactions, but I always have hope that we make choices that reflect our deepest inner truth not our external need to socialize. And choices are only based on the positive or negative if we endow them with that thought. Do you agree?

      And I have no attachment to an outcome. For it is merely a story. And a story is just something that might happen to us, but it is not part of us. Nor is it our heart truth. Does that make sense? Hope to chat soon. Thanks again for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. I can agree with this post. I think in order for us to first accomplish peace as a whole we must each obtain peace within ourselves. I think that is why we have war, fear, and conflict, because of the lack of peace within ourselves. I war with myself every day and I find it hard to obtain peace until I can pray or meditate. So I agree that all people living in peace it starts with us. Thanks for giving me something so deep to think about.

    1. Hello Melissa, so many thanks for stopping by. It is lovely to meet you. I think you said it so very well. Peace has to start from within. And when we realize we do not have to war within ourselves, we have reached a place of such ease and peace. For we know there is nothing more loving, than loving ourselves. No need for attachments, opinions, or small self thinking. Anything that is a construct is not in our best interest. And peace is our natural state of being. We just have somehow forgotten that. I wish you great ease. And I hope you will share with me as your journey progresses. In peace and gratitude,ariel

  3. I love this! I have just started to read up on the law of attraction, what you ask for is what you get. This definitely ties up into making a choice to find peace. Eventually, if you continue to ask for tranquility the universe will grant you with it.

    1. Hello Daybelis! It is lovely to meet you. And thanks for stopping by. And when we also make the choice to be in tranquility, our live changes. And what we believe or hold on to also shows up. I wish you a great journey. I hope you will share more of it with me? In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. This post really makes you think twice of our everyday living. I will keep this in mind, this could also help ease up all the everyday stress that one experience . Enjoyed reading this!

    1. Hello Stina! So many thanks for dropping by! I know how we can let stress take over. I have learned it is a choice. I wish you great ease. Do let me know how you are faring. I am so glad you enjoyed it. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. If everyone became more self-aware and follow their hearts with no fear of doing so, the universal energy that connects us all will shine so bright. Everyone should try to discover their destiny.

    1. Hello Maurice! Wow, so well said. Many thanks! I hold that space! It is lovely to meet you! Thank you for stopping by. I am guessing you are discovering your destiny? What does it look like to you? In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. Dear Ariel,

    Thank you so much for making my life so much joyful. Since I discovered you, I read and wait for the next article. I was too shy up to now to leave you a comment, also because English is not my mothertongue. But today for the peace of my heart, I give it a try, to say how much I agree with you. Every evening and every morning I feel soo deeply grateful for the calm in me and the peace around me. In our physical life I find it extremely difficult to deal with the noise and the hurtfulness of violence. In the present time, peace within might be on the top of our focus.

    I am looking forward visiting you soon again,

    Take good care in the meanwhile,

    1. Hello Francoise, I am so happy you stopped by. I am so encouraged and touched by your beautifully caring words. Thank you! Your English is lovely. Please do not be shy! I hope we talk again soon! You are so right, when we find that peace inside of our hearts, there is nothing more we need. We do not have to participate in all that is going around us, because no matter what, we have found our peaceful spot. That is where our divinity lies and where our heart sings. Creating our own heart song is the elixir of a sweet life, don’t you agree? I do hope you will share this journey with me more often. And feel free to share with your friends. I am so grateful you are here. I wish you great joy in your heart and abundant blessings in your soul. In peace and so much flowing gratitude, ariel

  7. Thanks for this Ariel. I love the meditation practice and totally agree that peace in the world needs to start within each of us. Focusing on peace will bring us more of that vibration and your words will hopefully resonate with many people. Thank you for sharing your insight and advice. Gail

    1. Hello Gail, thank you for your kinds words. I am so happy you stopped by. I have this vision that one by one we will indeed do all that we need to bring our own peace into the world peace. I used to have a bumper sticker on my car that said peace zone. I imagined that each block that I drove was exponentially expanding the zone of peace. You are so right, it is a choice as to how we use our thoughts.. I do so hope you are right.We all deserve peace, internally and externally. Again, many thanks for commenting and being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hello Eli! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Wonderful to meet you. I hear you. We do live in a world that is based on fear, stress and anxiety. Meditation is a fabulous way to alleviate all of that. If you haven’t tried different forms, I would highly suggest trying even breath work. Which means just to focus on your breath. Take three deep breaths and release. And feel the difference in your body. Feel your body relax. Know you can do this multiple times during the day. It will work. And it is our breath that gives us life. So honoring and focusing our breath changes our thought patterns too.
      And our thoughts are just things that pass through us. We do not have to keep them or accept them. When we live in faith and inner knowing, there is no fear, anxiety or stress. I wish you a lovely journey to your inner heart. It will give you all you want and more! I hope this might help you? Do let me know how you are. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. Thanks very much for sharing such a great and peaceful article Ariel. I really love your style and the peace waves that radiate from it while reading. I am definitely going to experiment your Living Peace Meditation recipe and will come back here in a few weeks to report.

    I wish you the very best and I look forward to reading more of your
    great articles.

    John ツ

    1. Hello John! I am so delighted you stopped by. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Do let me know how the meditation works for you. I hope we get to chat again soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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