I STEPPED IN POOP TODAY, life lesson #3,589…and counting

I STEPPED IN POOP TODAY, life lesson #3,589…and counting

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Have you  ever stepped into poop? I stepped into poop today.

compassionate heart


Yup, I did that today! I stepped into poop while out for my morning walk. And I started to giggle.

Of course, I stepped into poop, because it was another lesson in not paying attention to my path.

Oh thank you Universe, for making sure not only that I saw it, but I actually had to experience it! NOT!

I know you are laughing, dear reader.  And, I also know, you know exactly what I mean.

After all, when our heads are not focused on the present, we get caught in the stepping into poop. Arghh!


And that is exactly what happened. I was busy trying to help out a friend who probably did not need my help. It became a distraction. It became so consuming.

I even stopped everything I was needing to do. My body was not happy. You know that feeling of I felt heavier, not in my flow? As if a boulder had totally blocked my ability to raft down the river.

So, it made me have to notice my choices. As well as my steps, apparently!

When we step off our path, we are no longer aligned with our own purpose.

Sure, sometimes the detours are exactly the life lessons we need. But if we are constantly detouring, we are not seeing the path that is ours.

And when that happens we are taking on that which is not ours to wear. And then of course, we end up stepping into poop.

step into poop

There is a beloved Polish proverb; “Not my circus, Not my monkeys”.

Have you heard that one before? I am starting to get what that means. When we think we have to interject ourselves into someone else world or need, we take away the gift that person is waiting for.

And we take on something that is not ours to claim and so we have stepped into poop land.

Why do we think we need to take on everyone else’s dilemmas? Isn’t that just gall?

Do we really think we are the only ones who have the answers?

That does not mean we can’t listen and be compassionate. It does mean we are not responsible for making their world turn right side up.

Uh oh, Life lesson number what? I can’t count that high!

Now I think that sounds a bit calloused. Because in the perfect world of ego, oh yes, let me save you she says!

How is that working for you?? I am not even wanting to go there…

step into heart instead of step into poop

I want to be here you, but not step into poop

What I am really trying to say is that yes, I love that I can be the one you talk too. And, I hope that I am indeed a loving listener.

That does not mean I have to buy front row tickets to attend your circus.  Not that I am not interested. But that I want to give you is the chance to not step into poop.

So that you can figure out what your next clear steps are. See what I mean?

Big difference. I don’t have to get into your stuff or fix it.  I have noticed, I can barely fix my own stuff. (And apparently cannot even see my own path…grin.)

In fact, when we interfere, it stops the others’s process. So I am learning to listen and guide. But I do not want to be the one who steps on toes of oncoming life experience.

It’s just like saying to someone “you need to do  this”…well no, that is not true! They can figure out what is needed.

My perception is not their answer. And if I interfere, I am taking away the possibity of self realization to one’s own work.

Which then brings up the question of compassionate caring.


I am a big one for compassionate connections and caring. Knowing, I believe one of our major life’s purposes, is to foster connection with compassion.

Each day I want to connect with another, to share a smile, or hug. I intentionally work hard to make sure my language is positive, compassionate and loving and inclusive.

Do I always do it well? umm. Nope!

In my haste to be compassionate am I actually stepping on toes? There is a boundary issue here, right?

Oh that stepping into poop keeps showing up, doesn’t it? 

Uh oh! So what is compassionate caring vs interfering, or stepping in poop?

Well there is always the mother- in- law test. Arghh. As one, I am so aware of this. Am I saying too much, offering too much advice?

It is such a great test, as it shows the boundaries of compassionate loving. I can care for and love you without having to insert my foot in my mouth or step into poop. Oh, and still be loving.

And umm. I can, but how often do I really do this?


stepping into poop is a dead end

Interfering on the other hand is downright invasive. And I know I have stepped into POOP on this one too.

You know the feeling?

I am immediately aware of overstepping my boundaries just by the look on my son’s face..like Mom, did you really say that?

Oh yes,ouch, ouch, ouch!  The withering look from your adult child. It stays burned in you mind, lol.

On the other hand, when I am in a space that I can just see their process and respect it, interaction is fun and easy. No fear of anyone being judged or devalued.

And oh yeah, I missed that stepping into poop.

COMPASSIONATE CARING FOR SELF or not stepping into poop!

What is compassionate caring for myself? How do I define that one? Ahh, the walk in the park that feels like we are in total alignment. That really sounded good…yes?

In reality, it’s hard work.      not stepping into poop

It is the process of asking ones’ deeper and higher self, is what I am doing in my highest good? And really listening for the answer, rather than stepping into preconceived ideas.

Compassion is on so many levels

It is the physical, the emotional, spiritual and multi-dimensional. I am compassionate to myself when I realize I am pushing too hard and have to take a break.

Do I realize I am compassionate to myself, even when I have not acted in my best interest?For,  I am compassionate to myself when I no longer judge myself, but rather use discernment.

And, I am compassionately caring about others, when I know that I am being highly present in this moment, and aware of the other and not my ego.




So in order not to have that occasional mis-step into poop land, I must learn to keep my eyes directly on my path.

It’s a commitment I have to make to myself. She says as she stumbles and twists her ankle.

Ahhh, it’s a continuous learning process indeed!

Here is to all of us keeping our eyes on this incredible moment of our path. Eyes wide open, hearts listening. One step at a time, respecting this sacred path to love ourselves and our path. And to stay present each moment.

Tell me all about you experience with compassionate learning please! Or your,umm, stepped into poop moments.

Leave a comment below.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder,CEO, success-full-living.com,

living one heart-centric moment at a time

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6 thoughts on “I STEPPED IN POOP TODAY, life lesson #3,589…and counting

  1. I love your transparency…

    I would like to say more, but I need to go clean my shoes… grin

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Ariel, what a title! And you took the metaphor to amazing heights here…from self-acceptance, to being of help without overstepping (!) to boundaries, in and out. Love it!
    I’m still giggling, even while getting your wise thoughts.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Annie, I know I really had to get over myself to use that as the title.. but the truth willed out..lol And it is the process of living, isn’t it? I am so happy you giggled through it.. I enjoyed writing it.. and reliving that moment. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Hello Ariel, I love the ‘mother-in-law test’…an original of yours? LOL
    In any event, how wonderful? Isn’t it bliss when you get a phsyical reminder that makes you check your spiritual steps? Your analogy says it all!
    Yes, and I love the circus analogy, the Polish proverb. Priceless – if you get the drift of what is being taught by the Universe.
    Yes, there are boundaries, lessons, reminders, all a part of life and its endless displays of living and learnig and being teachers and receivers at the same time.
    Great article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Hello Michelle, yeah i have lived that both with my daughter and son.And I am not a fan of the withering look. LOL. So I did indeed coin that.. And yes it feels to me that each step is a reminder of how committed we are in our lives. And how stupendous is it that we are both teachers and learners at any moment? Life is a fabulous journey of self discovery and amazing connection. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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