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I need mental health help, what should I do? If someone you know or love is asking this question, please do take it seriously.

mental health help

Although in most societies mental health is still seen as a stigma, and it sometimes takes crisis for people to come out of the shadows to truly discuss the situation.

Just like a broken arm needs tools to heal, so does our mental health. Asking for help, is vital to getting the help one needs to be safe and thriving.

So here are some things to consider when someone you love needs mental health help.

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mental health help

MENTAL HEALTH HELP, there are resources.

It’s all too easy to brush mental health issues under the carpet and pretend that they are not affecting us. However, recent research in the areas suggests that by acknowledging the emotion and the trouble that we are going through, we will have a much better chance of coming out the other side and continuing on to live a full and happy life.

With this in mind,  check out the post below on some of the most serious mental health issues and what to do if you or someone you love is being affected by them.

mental health help

Addiction is a Mental Health Help Issue

Addiction is a significant problem that many people suffer from in the modern world. People can be addicted to all sorts of things such as alcohol, legal, or illegal drugs as well as the less obvious stuff such as food, exercise, and even approval.

And addiction is now classified as a dis-ease. So if  you do need help it will most likely be more affordable with health insurance. But whatever the cost, figure out what you need to get the support and mental health help . It is vital for your well being. 

People can get addicted to all sorts of things.  

It is important to remember that addiction isn’t a matter of willpower though, in fact, it is an illness that requires treatment just like any other.

To this end, considering checking yourself into one of the many drug rehab centers or day clinics that have been set up to help those will addiction problems can be helpful.

After all, you will need the emotional support and the psychological coping mechanisms, as well as the desire to get clean, and a properly devised and run program is something that can provide this for you.

For many people the use of the 12 step method has brought about great help. If that does interest you do seek our Alcoholics Anonymous. There are chapters in most cities and towns. With private meetings and anonymity should that be something you need.

mental health help

Anxiety, Don’t ignore it! Get mental health help

Anxiety is a word that is bandied about a lot these days, but for some, their bodies fight or flight reaction can get so out of whack that it stops them doing ordinary things and living their life.

In fact, it can permeate into all areas of their existence including their work, education, relationships and even hobbies.

This negative effect is what makes anxiety such a critical health issue and one that needs to be dealt with rather than ignored.

Luckily, there are some fantastic therapies available for anxiety including CBT and ERP.

These therapies focus on getting used to the feeling an anxiety attack produces thereby training your body to no longer react in such an extreme way. Read more about this here.

mental health help

BiPolar -please seek mental health help!

Lastly, bipolar disorder is a form of depression that swings from one extreme to the other. It can be particularly devastating for someone suffering from this condition.

The emotional experience is so strong in both positive and negative forms that it impairs their ability to make decisions and interact with people in an everyday way.

Bipolar is always something that needs to be addressed by a trained medical professional.  As there are different types that can respond to a variety of medications in various ways.


Also the use of dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT as it is also known is a popular method of treating this disorder.

DBT can work partially well because it teaches suffers how to better regulate their emotions, providing them with the ability to be more stable and achievement a more manageable and positive quality of life.


If you have not yet tried meditation. It is a most calming and relaxing way to give your head and your body a chance to find some peaceThere are many forms of meditation to try. Yoga offers options. Tai chi is a calming balancing methodology. And using our breath is a truly wondrous quick acting antidote to anxiety. 

If you would like to do some reading on the topic, here are some ideas.


mental health help


I really hope that we as a global community will get to a place of compassionate grace in dealing with mental health help and support. It is important that our well being always come first. No matter the cause of reason.

Getting support for all that we need, is not a weakness. It is a strength and an act of courage. So no matter what is going on, know you are worthy of all the mental health help you need. 

I wish that any of us dealing with these issues will find comfort and ease. Do find out what are your resources in your city. And do not hesitate to ask for mental health help. Your mental health is important. And you matter.

After all, there might be people depending on you. And we always want our loved ones to know we are really going to be there for them. But most importantly, we step into the accountability of our heart. And we do what we need to be well, because nothing matters more than our health. 

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO, Success-full-living.com

“living one heart-centric moment at a time”

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  1. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the detailed post on “I NEED MENTAL HEALTH HELP, WHAT SHOULD I DO?” You have covered many valuable points and provided great solution. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for sharing “If you have not yet tried meditation. It is a most calming and relaxing way to give your head and your body a chance to find some peace.”

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    1. Hello Paul, Yes indeed mental health is just as important or more so, physical health. Thanks so much for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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