I AM COMMITTED TO MY LIFE, and this is how!

I AM COMMITTED TO MY LIFE, and this is how!

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I turned on a burner and was surprised to hear the fire alarm go off! Why would that have happened? Then I saw the culprit. Unbeknownst to me, the burner had crud on it.

Smoke filled my kitchen and I could not get the fire alarm to stop yelling at me. Finally, waving a kitchen towel at the fire alarm, it all ceased. I opened the door, the windows, turned on the exhaust fan.

And slowly the smoke dissipated.

So, then I had to decide. Am I committed to cleaning off this burner so that I can get this pasta cooked, or will I just ignore the cruddy burner and use another burner?

Then it hit. Was I committed to cooking this pasta? Was I committed to my life?


I could not just look away. Not only was I hungry. But if I did not decide to clean up this mess right now it would only show up later. So, out comes the cleaning tools. And I just dove in.

I am going to get this cleaned up because I do not want to deal with it later on. And I need to let go of the frustration that it just cut into what my plans were.

So, the process of cleaning up the burner was a bit time-consuming. It also showed me my own sense of determination. No longer willing to let things sit, I jump in and do what is needed.

I am committed to having things in my house work as they are intended.

I showed myself I have chosen to take responsibility. This metaphor is something we deal with on a daily basis.


Huh, did I really want to look at this question? Yes indeed I do! Because,  here is the rub. When I walk away from my own commitment, I disappoint myself. But, on the other hand, if I commit, I am totally empowering me!

There is nothing I cannot do. Whether it is my blogging or my relationships or pushing myself to exercise longer. Everything is going to be messy.

There is no perfection, lets get that elephant out of the way. When I make the choice I am saying to me, yup I can do this!

Because commitment comes with clarity and it is sister, focus.


Just the act of saying I am committed to me, gives me such a surge of power. I can feel it course through me at the cellular level. I know have the joy of clarity.

Yes I will do it. Yes, I am committed to it. Yes, yes ,yes. If there was a moment when I was dawdling and not quite sure, reminding myself I am committed brings me back to sister focus!

Suddenly I can see the next steps. I can feel the growth. I am living the commitment. I can even go so far to say, I am living my dream. I am putting myself out there.


Clarity with focus and commitment allows me to find my path. And stick to it. I no longer am the leaf blowing in the wind awaiting that huge gust to determine where I will land.

Nope, when I commit to me, I see the path. I am the path. I stay on the path.


We know how we feel when our determination and commitment take hold. We are more surefooted. No more wavering or second guessing.

This is it. I did my work. I made my decision. this is my commitment to me.

I know from going through this experience, (so many times), how unbelievably freeing it is. The weight of indecision is gone. My mind is clear, focused and strong.

That does not mean though that everyone around me will be happy or even notice the changes.

So although I feel like I just climbed the highest mountain top, the reality is, it is my reality, . Not anyone elses. So no expecting a medal or kudos. Not even a chocolate bar.

Instead, we carry this source of knowing in our deepest recesses of can- do- it- ness!

And I have to let go of the thought that everyone else is on my same page.

That is a big no- no. I have made that mistake of thinking others saw my new commitment and determination. The truth is perhaps some saw it but did not comment.

And others definitely saw it and did not appreciate it because it meant I was somehow changed or different. Or not so freely available.

And we cannot ever expect someone to come along with us. It is not their journey. This one is a one way ticket to self-determination.

Whether or not someone approves, is not our journey.

When we choose to commit and approve of ourselves,  it is the journey of a heart-centric amazing life!


Simply? Ask yourself.  Am I committed to this fill in the blank.

Wait for the answer.

Then just do it!

Bon Voyage! This is one awesome journey.

Tell me please how you are choosing to commit to your own self and plans. Comment below.

Best wishes,

Founder, success-full-living.com, living in one heart-centric moment at a time!







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