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throwing out arms in gratitude
Did you ever think there would be a day when we would throw our arms out to the Universe and just gleefully say THANK YOU? Well, I am learning how to live in the moment and enjoy life in amazing and loving gratitude. Sounds a bit lofty. But in reality it is heart openingly sweet.

I am finding that so much is changing for me, just because of this simple word. I have written about gratitude before.

But I think it worth restating that gratitude has been found to change every aspect of your life. From our blood pressure to our psychological health. And even to our relationship with ourselves and others.


So how do we live in this moment and enjoy gratitude?


This is what I have found out. Each moment is a testament to how we choose to live. And so its a choice. Every moment. That is amazingly empowering, isn’t it? We get to decide how we want to live in each moment. Talk about “adulting.”

We have been so externally indoctrinated in thinking that things happen to us. Instead of realizing we have the power to not be impacted by external situations. For instance, take simple things like an example of driving a car.
We are driving down the road and someone cuts us off. Uh oh, choice time. Do I wish the driver a day of horribleness or say something crude?

Or can I choose at this moment to realize, the driver is just not living in the present? Or in their higher power? And perhaps they are in a hurry due to an emergency, I have no idea of what is powering that driver. And it is not mine to judge. Nor does their behavior have anything to do with me.

But here is the great part of that, I do know what is powering me.


empwering gratitude

And so I choose to just not respond. Because it is an external situation. And all that truly matters is my internal compass. Does that make sense to you? It is about being compassionate to others externality or situation but without it being something that draws us in.

I do not have to react to a knee-jerk statement. I do have to be compassionate. Because that gives me the ability to see the world in a gentler and kinder way. And the other part of that is I do not want anyone else’s drama. Do you?
That does not mean we do not stand up for ourselves.

But in reality it also means, when we are bathing in our own sense of gratitude, those around us react differently. They are aware of a different light shining. And they will act accordingly.

You know what happens when we just instantly smile at someone? Oh yes, that lovely return smile. Well, it is just like that. Sending that exchange of vibrational energy to go straight to someone’s heart. And that instantly diffuses the moment. And quite intentionally connects us immediately to being totally and gratefully in the beauty of now.

It is so very powerful. Do try this next time someone wants to share their drama with you.



How often have we seen others reacting to another in a way that is just a bit surprising? I often wonder if we are really wanting to put out that kind of energy. I know for me that anytime someone starts telling me a story that feels like it is just revving up the engines of drama, I am apt to say. Do you really want to swim in that drama?

After having discovered that life does not have to be so externally dramatic, I am just not wanting to be in the lead for an Oscar.

Even in daily situations, like working, We have choices, While others might be inclined to stay focused on the politics and interactions of co-workers. I feel like that is a waste of my energy.

I do not want to get caught up in that kind of exchange. So I just smile and walk away. And I do not like holding on to the story.

story tellers

Do you know what I mean? When we feel that someone has not acted in their best interest to us, we keep the story going by retelling it. How many times have we done that? Where does it get us? Only deeper into the depths of the drama. Does that even feel good?

Nope, not to me! So I make the conscious choice to be present in my comfort zone of no drama.

But I have to say it is always amazing to me how we are easily led down the path of drama. So the choice is how do we want to feel deep inside our own truth? If the answer is living in the beauty of gratitude, then we know we are choosing to not respond in drama. But rather we choose to not respond or just send loving blessings.


inner truth


That brings us to knowing we can change this moment at any time. Simply by choice. And its an inside job. At each moment we use our sense of inner truth to live that moment of deep knowing we choose to be the best of our self,

So what does that look like? The best of our self? I think you might know that feeling. It comes when we realize we have not engaged in the smaller moments of the little self, but instead in the sweet moments of the higher self.

Just as simply put as being so easily offended by our family members, as we live in defensiveness. How often do we act first especially with family before we think and remember we love these people?

I have started saying to myself prior to any conversation, I am living in deep love and gratitude.

peace and love

It makes such a difference. I do not have reactions that make me cringe. Instead, I am much gentler and kinder.
We know we can make this change. It is our choice and our living in the knowing that we are fully connected to our highest selves at all times.

We no longer need an invitation to participate. We just join in.
If you are willing, try this mediation to help see our choices and light of gratitude.

meditation of lightness



In this meditation/ visualization we are giving ourselves the new path of living in constant gratitude and peace. So whenever we are in a moment of not being sure of what choice we need to make, this meditation might be helpful.

Here goes! Just a fast simple exercise.
If you are able to stand, do so with your feet about 12 inches apart. If not just plant your feet on the floor as you settle into a chair.

Open your arms to the universe and see a golden glow.

That glow is your deepest heart.
Breath into the space of your heart. See the blood flowing and glowing,
Say out loud. I am the bearer of gratitude and love.
Feel your chest expanding and a sense of openness filling your heart.

Do this 5 times.
Did you feel the opening and joy coming in? What did it feel like to you?

open heart

Living in the moment also means how do we choose to start our day. Here is a program of morning ritual mastery to jumpstart our use of gratitude, love and success. Please click here.


Living in the moment is the ultimate gift of living. For at each moment we have the capacity to savor all that is coming our way. Especially when we know it is in our best interest.
Feeding our lives through gratitude, is the path of connection to our deepest inner self

Do we want more success? Think gratitude. Do we want more love? Think

gratitude. Do we want more connections? Think and live in gratitude. It is simple and yet simple complex.

thank you

There are times we have to hear things that are not easily swallowed, especially if the messenger is not exactly who we want to hear something from. Yet it is the gift of gratitude to choose to hear it and see it.

Living in the moment of complete gratitude, is overwhelmingly satisfying. It is the ability to see and let go of all that no longer matters. It is the choice to fly. It is the choice to make our lives sparkle in simplicity and love.

Gratitude, the act of thankfulness is the pathway to complete serenity and joy.

I heard the teacher Matt Kahn teach, just saying the word gratitude changes our vibrational energy.

So here we are..the choice is at our beckoning.  Say the word gratitude several times during your day. And see what happens in your world. Does that appeal to you?

When we choose gratitude, we are choosing that each moment of change is within our grasp. So it beings with each of us. Kindness, compassion, gratitude and love. Here we go!

Share your stories of gratitude here. Let’s start a community of yes we can live in gratitude.

In peace and gratitude,

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  1. This was an refreshing article. Your life sounds really peaceful. I going to try living in the moment, choosing not to be part of drama today

    1. Hello Leonie! I am so happy you stopped by! Oh do let me know how your world is going in the moment. It truly has changed mine. I look forward to speaking to you soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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