How to Keep Your Cool at Work, Living our Inner Peace

How to Keep Your Cool at Work, Living our Inner Peace

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Living our Inner Peace, even if we are at work? Can we do it? 


living our inner peace

No  matter the circumstance, we all want to figure out how to keep our cool to insure we are living our  Inner Peace. And that is a life skill that helps us to not be frustrated or easily annoyed. 

Especially when we are at work, it is a times a stressful situation that calls us on to really take a step back and figure out how to stay in our own Inner Peace. 

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Life, and trying to live Our Inner Peace

Life is full of difficult decisions and one of the hardest is choosing what to do for your career. You’re expected to know from a fairly young age what you would like to do for the rest of your life, and there is an unprecedented amount of pressure on young people to make that choice early.

Going through high school, you’ll be gearing all your subject choices and college major picks toward what you want to do for a living. Have you realised yet that you may not even know what you want to do at that age?

You may decide not to go to college and gambol around the world until you’ve found what you want to do. The unnecessary pressures that we put on ourselves and on young people today to find a job and get an education is a huge contributor to those who end up going back to school later in life to do it all over again when they realise what they ACTUALLY want.

Unfortunately, many people get to the career that they’ve studied for and worked for only to discover it’s not what they want at all. This can lead to feeling trapped, unhappy and as if it’s too late to change your mind.

Full-time work takes up most of our waking hours, meaning that we are spending more time in the workplace or doing things to work harder more than we are spending having fun and enjoying ourselves.

If you’re in a career that turns out not to be what you thought it was, there’s every chance you are going to end up living a life of regret, with a career that is affecting your health.

What does  our Inner Peace look like? 

Your inner peace comes from satisfaction in all corners of life. And it’s not true that if one thing is going wrong. The other things in life will start to improve.

The overall goal is happiness, not desperation. And spending time in a place where you feel desperately unhappy, can have severely negative effects on your health and the rest of your life.

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be in our inner peace

A lot of people choose to continue on in a job that they hate. Thinking that for the pay, the hours or the people. But choosing this isn’t going to get you that inner peace you crave so badly.

Choosing to move away from a job, because of your health means that you need to understand, how it could be affecting your health, before you make that leap.

The phrase ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ comes to mind. But if you have exhausted all avenues to make your career better and more fun, then you need to consider that you need a new career. Not a new outlook.

With it being so important to understand how your job is making your health deteriorate, check out the list below.

Discover how your behavior in your job is disturbing your peace and hurting your health. 

an alarm clock does not always give us our inner peace

Working Overtime and just living our  Inner Peace

It’s easy to get bogged down in the workplace deadlines that you are given. Pushing past the end of the working day to cover these deadlines is easily done, especially when you are immersed in a given task.

However, when you total up all these hours – usually unpaid – you could be spending far more time in the workplace feeling more pressure than you are out in the world.

Research has shown that those who push the time limits and work for more than fifty hours per week are often the ones who are on the receiving end of reduced mental wellbeing and worse physical health.

If you’re working that hard, you’re losing time with your family, skipping regular meals and are likely depressed. You could also find yourself on a prescription of candesartan as you combat high blood pressure as a result of the stress put on your body by the work you are doing.

Those extra hours will also be adding time to your commute and taking time away from loved ones and social activities; these are both just as important as those deadlines.

You could choose to change your career to suit the shift patterns that you need, or you could choose to honour the contract that you signed for your job and clock off on time, every time.

taking the time to see the flowers of our inner peace

Sitting Still.

Being in a desk job isn’t just a pain in the butt, but in the spine, neck and head. Jobs that mean you’re still at a desk for a period of time can contribute to any number of health issues. That tension headache that just won’t shift?

That could be down to your posture being horrendous as you slump in front of a screen all day. There are conditions like diabetes and heart disease that are greatly attributed to a lifestyle that is wholly unhealthy.

At the same time, you’re likely dealing with intense physical pain from the constant position you are in. Your health is so important, and if you aren’t moving through the day you are going to be putting yourself in pain.

Squeezing in lunch time yoga or even a walk around the block a few times can help get your blood pumping to all the right places.

You can even have the chance to breathe in some fresher air than what the air conditioning unit is pumping through the office.

taking a moment outside is our Inner peace

No Breaks, Is not Living our  Inner Peace

Every single job in the country will offer you a break if your hours are long enough to warrant one. The problem is that people get so immersed in what they are doing, they can forget that they are not in a jail cell; they are allowed to get up, walk around, say hello to colleagues.

You may be in the workplace, but you are an adult and you are allowed to leave your desk outside lunch breaks. Taking a few moments away from your screen can reduce anxieties and eye strain.

It can also give you a chance to put more into your day than just your job. Many employees are drawn to companies that offer remote working opportunities, because they then could fit in some more holistic care into their working life.

If you are currently in a role where you feel guilty for leaving your desk, then you need to address this with your superior so that you don’t feel like you are trapped.

our inner peace and commuting

Commuting, Stress or being in Our Inner Peace?

It’s a stressful time of day, commuting. Having to travel to and from work a sizeable distance can add the time to your day. And I am sure that you would rather be spending doing far more enjoyable activities.

A typical eight-hour day can easily turn into twelve-hours away from the home, simply by tagging on the commute.

Commutes that are longer than twenty minutes are often to blame for employee burnout. They can also be stressful when you are on a time limit to get into the office and getting home again.

Delays getting into work can see your blood pressure rise as you worry about being admonished for tardy time-keeping, even if it isn’t possibly your fault.

Ideally, you have the type of company to work for that isn’t strict on this type of thing, but let’s be honest, to a business, you are expendable.

eating food that does not add to our Inner Peace

Bad Habits that do not add to our Inner Peace

Being in a role that you hate can help to foster horrendous habits with your sleep, eating and general health. How many times do you get up to drink water? How many times have you refilled your coffee and grabbed a sugary treat from the kitchen?

You see, being stuck in a role that you hate can make you turn to junk food. As if to fill the void of the life you feel you are missing out on.

Drinking coffee all day  is not the answer!  In our trying keep our eyes from closing.In fact, sitting in  front of the computer screen?

Nope, it is only going to make you strung out and anxious.  Is it worth it? Absolutely not. No job out there is worth piling on the weight in stress and doughnuts.

There is not a job in the world that is worth a moment of your time, if it’s going to foster bad habits. And then  make you feel disgusted with yourself.

It’s not just junk food, either. Bad habits such as losing patience and your temper on the regular can crop up as a result of being in a role that just isn’t for you.

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sleep deprived does not add to our Inner peace

Lack Of Sleep does not add to our living our  Inner Peace.

When you worry about deadlines, co-worker relationships and the way that your boss treats you. Your sleep will be disturbed. There is nothing more painful to your health and well-being than a lack of sleep.

Burning the candle at both ends doesn’t keep you lit. It keeps you exhausted and awake.

Make sure that you are putting it down. And instead, working on getting a proper night of sleep every night. If you are worrying about your work, you won’t be sleeping.

Getting to the bottom of your workplace issues is the best way to ensure that you get better. Either fix it or quit it – it’s your choice. After all, living our Inner Peace is truly the way to love our life, isn’t it? 


Living in our Inner Peace no matter where we are, is a committment to our self. It is knowing that at all times we are ready to do that which will bring peace. 

And it is hard with our responsibilities to at times stay in this space. But the reality is when we step into living own Inner Peace, amazing how our lives change. 

Do please check out my new book on Amazon on Inner peace as the guide to finding that space. 

I wish you great peace, comfort and ease. 

How are you managing your work life and your own sense of balance? 


Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time 

10 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Cool at Work, Living our Inner Peace

  1. Great article, Ariel! There have been times in my life where I’ve known inner peace and other times when I’ve been far away from it. I’ll take the inner peace scenario any time. All aspects of what can hinder inner peace mentioned above are what have kept me from attaining my natural balance.

    Thank you for these insights.

    1. Hello Sue, I so do hear you! And you are so right, we get that choice. I too choose inner peace.. it gives me great insight and easy love with all aspects of my world. So glad you are here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Great article, Ariel.
    Living in a world where the pace seems on constant ‘go’ – this is a well-timed article. We all need to ‘stop and smell the roses’ on so many accounts. Yes, meditation is good. It is regretful that people associate the word with ‘stillness and fear’ – a meditation can take so many forms! The underlying principle is simply to take out! To regroup and then continue.
    Thanks for sharing and nice ebook. Much success! I supported your cause.
    Love and light,

    1. Hello Michelle, so well said. We do indeed need to take the time to use our breath and find our space of ease. When we are in that we space all of our world just floats. doesn’t it? So many thanks for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Hi Ariel,
    Great reminders here to seek that inner peace for our overall wellbeing and happiness in life. Life seems to speed up the longer I live, and I want to seize every precious moment.
    Meditation, or tuning in to my inner being and my Spirit guides and God Force, really helps me.
    Thank you for this post – alway the right time to be reminded and get pointers on how to find peace.

    1. Hello Annie, Thanks for being here. I think I always need reminders lol. And I so agree, I have no idea how time just speeds by. And it also makes me feel more cognizant of the moments as they go. KNowing how precious they are. So living my peace gives me the choice of really seeing each moment in a different light. Sounds like you have all the pieces in place. Me to for meditation. It really gives me my sense of expansive living. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. I discovered that for my inner peace at work, I pretty much need to work for myself. Not saying I don’t get along with people. Just saying they tend to be rubbed the wrong way when I meet new people. That and I really need to work on my sleeping habits.

    1. Hello Brit, thanks for stopping by. And i hear you, life in all its forms really needs to be addressed, doesn’t it? And finding that place of inner peace does indeed give us the strength and backbone to know that we can be anywhere and keep our peace,yes? Thanks for your comment. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. Ariel, I agree that working long hours can be stressful and lead to health issues. That’s a great suggestion to go out for walks on your break to get some fresh air and light exercise. I need to try to add that to my routine. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Tara, I so hope you do. It makes my day so much more productive and focused. So happy you stopped by. Thank you! And that is the part about working from home, we can always work. So building in time that is not work related is truly important. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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